segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Ranger Station Downhill Sheltowee Trace5,140 ft341 ft29814653Morehead
2Sheltowee: Hwy 801 to Lakeview Ridge Sheltowee Trace1 mile339 ft29214613Morehead
3Sheltowee Trace Exit Descent to 801 Sheltowee Trace1 mile402 ft23111752Morehead
4Morehead Ranger Station Climb Sheltowee Trace1 mile380 ft1405022Morehead
5The Bluff - Trailhead to Reclamation Loop (Full Trail) The Bluff1 mile194 ft1006697Prestonsburg
6Briar Pit Briar Pit2,139 ft137 ft844014Prestonsburg
7Lodge View (Top to Bottom) Lodge View2 miles133 ft825725Prestonsburg
8Burning Tree (Pipeline to the Rock) Burning Tree3,108 ft79 ft784445Prestonsburg
9WHOOPS Claylick Loop Access3,600 ft24 ft684265Greenup
10Fern Gully (Downhill) Fern Gully5,023 ft195 ft673634Prestonsburg
11Feathered Indian Feathered Indian2,398 ft169 ft644024Prestonsburg
12horse trail downhill part 2 (ends before rock on jenny wiley trail) Multi-Use Trail (Greenhouse to the Jenny Wiley Trail)4,510 ft336 ft624504Prestonsburg
13Multi-Use Trail (Green House to the JWT) Multi-Use Trail (Greenhouse to the Jenny Wiley Trail)5,023 ft340 ft614450Prestonsburg
14Eddie Munster (DH Segment) Eddie Munster1,085 ft105 ft603983Prestonsburg
15Ridge Tygart Michael Tygart Loop Trail - South3 miles273 ft581934Greenup
16Arrowhead Trail to Parking Lot (Downhill) Arrowhead Trail3,820 ft170 ft573375Prestonsburg
17Eddie Munster (Lodge View to Nine Toe) Eddie Munster3,044 ft138 ft573774Prestonsburg
18Arrowhead Trail (Climb) Arrowhead Trail3,332 ft142 ft564415Prestonsburg
19Lakeside Tygart Michael Tygart Loop Trail - North1 mile62 ft552192Greenup
20Burning Tree (The Rock to the Pipeline) Burning Tree3,508 ft75 ft534035Prestonsburg
21The Escalator (Downhill) Escalator3 miles299 ft471473Prestonsburg
22Escalator (top to 1st exit, ends @ MIKES PIPE) Escalator2 miles238 ft451633Prestonsburg
23Horse Trail Downhill(starts at entrance ends at last climb) Multi-Use Trail (Greenhouse to the Jenny Wiley Trail)3,937 ft311 ft442750Prestonsburg
24The Escalator (Climb) Escalator2 miles261 ft44873Prestonsburg
25clay lick climb #3 Claylick Loop Trail1,360 ft142 ft43951Greenup
26Claylick Ridge Road Climb Michael Tygart Loop Trail - North1 mile278 ft42951Greenup
27Reclamation Loop to Mikie's Berms (Reverse Bluff Climb) The Bluff2,974 ft178 ft39851Prestonsburg
28Cave Run Trail South Climb #2 Cave Run1 mile430 ft39651Morehead
29Fern Gully (Climb) Fern Gully3,731 ft158 ft28813Prestonsburg
30Red Downhill Connector1,330 ft202 ft26841Greenup
31Clay Lick shortcut loop Claylick Loop Trail5 miles144 ft25943Greenup
32Cave Run Trail North Downhill #1 Cave Run1 mile503 ft25470Morehead
33Warehouse Road Climb Michael Tygart Loop Trail - North2,939 ft280 ft19371Greenup
34Michael Tygart Loop_Priutt Fork Michael Tygart Loop Trail - North1 mile204 ft16291Greenup
35Buckskin West Climb Buckskin Trail2,610 ft340 ft16170Morehead
36parking lot climb Michael Tygart Loop Trail - North1 mile273 ft7150Greenup
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