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10 Minutes of HellTom Mays Park
1.1 miles
Agave BypassNorth Franklin Mountain
4,254 ft-367 ft
AltarTom Mays Park
2,737 ft-3 ft
Arroyo Park LoopArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
1.6 miles-152 ft
Baby HeadTom Mays Park
1.1 miles-361 ft
Beginner LoopNorth Franklin Mountain
5,168 ft-70 ft
Bike LoopNorth Franklin Mountain
11.0 miles-1,073 ft
Blue MoonNorth Franklin Mountain
1.5 miles-224 ft
Boulder Dash TrailNorth Franklin Mountain
5,133 ft-286 ft
Broke BackTom Mays Park
1.2 miles-238 ft
Broke Back ShortcutTom Mays Park
1,678 ft-58 ft
BrujosTom Mays Park
3,817 ft-97 ft
Brujos ConnectorTom Mays Park
1,861 ft-47 ft
Brujos StairsTom Mays Park
1,192 ft-77 ft
Cardiac HillNorth Franklin Mountain
2.2 miles-51 ft
Clyde's TrailTom Mays Park
1,174 ft
ConnectorArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
1,075 ft-3 ft
Coyote UglyNorth Franklin Mountain
1.5 miles-361 ft
Down UnderNorth Franklin Mountain
2.3 miles-222 ft
El RefriTom Mays Park
1.3 miles
Franklin Hills TrailTom Mays Park
2,600 ft-106 ft
Goons LoopNorth Franklin Mountain
1.9 miles-183 ft
Granola BowlTom Mays Park
3,412 ft-167 ft
Granola Bowl SouthTom Mays Park
965 ft-9 ft
Grim RoadTom Mays Park
1.0 miles-444 ft
Happy HillNorth Franklin Mountain
730 ft-50 ft
Hitt CanyonNorth Franklin Mountain
2.5 miles-536 ft
How NowNorth Franklin Mountain
4,418 ft-19 ft
La EspinaTom Mays Park
1,311 ft-134 ft
La Espina LedgeTom Mays Park
1,922 ft-46 ft
La Espina Suicide DropTom Mays Park
826 ft-151 ft
Lazy CowNorth Franklin Mountain
2.4 miles-70 ft
Lazy Cow ConnectNorth Franklin Mountain
178 ft-6 ft
LechugillaTom Mays Park
4,891 ft-1 ft
LechugillaTom Mays Park
1.2 miles-299 ft
Little MoabTom Mays Park
1.0 miles-227 ft
Little Moab AlternateTom Mays Park
724 ft-13 ft
Little Moab BackTom Mays Park
2,991 ft-235 ft
Little Moab ConnectorTom Mays Park
515 ft
Little Moab SingletrackTom Mays Park
1.3 miles-242 ft
Little Moab South ConnectorTom Mays Park
1,239 ft-34 ft
Lost and FoundNorth Franklin Mountain
2.3 miles-195 ft
Lost DogTom Mays Park
5,274 ft
Lost DogTom Mays Park
1.2 miles-153 ft
Lower LoopNorth Franklin Mountain
4,286 ft-117 ft
Lower Sunset TrailNorth Franklin Mountain
3.4 miles-361 ft
Mad CowNorth Franklin Mountain
2.2 miles-407 ft
Mayberry RFDTom Mays Park
1.5 miles-200 ft
Mayberry ShortcutTom Mays Park
1,363 ft-15 ft
Middle ConnectorArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
2,284 ft-2 ft
Milo's RevengeTom Mays Park
4,009 ft
Monk's TrailArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
2.9 miles-610 ft
Monk's Vertigo RidgeArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
1.1 miles-481 ft
Mule Shoe LoopNorth Franklin Mountain
3,029 ft-55 ft
Mundy's Gap EastNorth Franklin Mountain
2.3 miles-79 ft
Mundy's Gap WestNorth Franklin Mountain
1.7 miles-865 ft
No BuenoNorth Franklin Mountain
2,228 ft-149 ft
North Franklin PeakNorth Franklin Mountain
1.8 miles-2 ft
North Tin MineNorth Franklin Mountain
1,847 ft-54 ft
Northern PassNorth Franklin Mountain
4.3 miles-770 ft
Old Tin RoadNorth Franklin Mountain
1.1 miles
Polecat AlleyNorth Franklin Mountain
1.4 miles-262 ft
Rock ValleyTom Mays Park
787 ft-35 ft
Scenic DriveNorth Franklin Mountain
2.1 miles-313 ft
Shortcut 1North Franklin Mountain
1,000 ft
Shortcut 2North Franklin Mountain
2,257 ft
Shortcut 3North Franklin Mountain
1,965 ft
Shortcut 4North Franklin Mountain
2,211 ft
Shortcut 5North Franklin Mountain
1,134 ft
Sierra Vista TrailNorth Franklin Mountain
2.0 miles-205 ft
Sotol ExtensionNorth Franklin Mountain
2.0 miles-182 ft
Sotol ForestNorth Franklin Mountain
1.9 miles-208 ft
The WormTom Mays Park
1.2 miles
The Worm AlternateTom Mays Park
1,657 ft-1 ft
Thousand Steps North TrailArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
2,178 ft-419 ft
Thousand Steps South TrailArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
2,276 ft-670 ft
Thousand Steps TrailArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
1.1 miles-95 ft
Thousand Steps Trail AlternateArroyo Park & Nature Preserve
1,360 ft-2 ft
Tin Mine BypassTom Mays Park
1,844 ft-17 ft
Tin Mine HillTom Mays Park
1,846 ft-105 ft
Tom MaysNorth Franklin Mountain
1.3 miles-93 ft
Tom Mays ConnectorTom Mays Park
3,345 ft-144 ft
Upper Sunset TrailNorth Franklin Mountain
1.3 miles-318 ft
Worm ValleyTom Mays Park
1,745 ft-3 ft
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