segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1P2 DH pt.2 Pinhoti 24,256 ft271 ft208860747
2Wilderness Road Climb Pinhoti 21,844 ft37 ft208360692
3P2 Uphill Pinhoti 21 mile235 ft207360109
4P2 - Normal Downhill Pinhoti 22 miles657 ft205159079
5P2 Down Pinhoti 22 miles517 ft203558353
6Pinhoti 2 Pinhoti 24 miles651 ft2015570817
7P2 - Last Downhill Section Pinhoti 24,257 ft376 ft197256109
8BCPt3 Spur Gate to ST Start Bear Creek5,105 ft162 ft193350573
9BC Pt2 Upper Creek to Spur Gate Bear Creek Spur1 mile305 ft185044333
10Bear Creek Lower Singletrack DH to P1 Bear Creek1 mile424 ft184948108
11Bear Cr DH Gate>P1 Bear Creek2 miles573 ft184847817
12Old Ccc Camp Rd Climb Pinhoti 13,249 ft225 ft184149722
13P1 DH#2 Pt.2 Pinhoti 11,933 ft206 ft181247782
14P1 - Normal Downhill Pinhoti 14,401 ft438 ft181147686
15Pinhoti 1 Climb Pinhoti 11 mile462 ft181048418
16P1 DH#2 Pt.1 Pinhoti 11,753 ft202 ft180948461
17Bear Creek Enduro STG#2 - Pinhoti 1 DH to Creek Pinhoti 11 mile524 ft180648406
18Pinhoti 1 Pinhoti 14 miles585 ft1771469719
19P1 DH #1 Pinhoti 12,198 ft257 ft166842051
20Conasauga Rd Climb FS 68 - Potato Patch Rd2,308 ft282 ft156537583
21BC Pt1 upper to creek Bear Creek Spur2,500 ft199 ft155832853
22Bear Creek Lower Gennett Poplar to Parking Lot Bear Creek3,424 ft145 ft118226152
23P3 - Final Downhill Pinhoti 31 mile637 ft104324591
24P3 climb to false summit Pinhoti 32 miles671 ft100023885
25Mulberry Trail Climb Pinhoti 34,141 ft335 ft95722672
26P3 - CSauga Rd to 52 Dh#2 Pinhoti 34,068 ft341 ft93422402
27FS 241 Climb to Bear Bear Creek South2 miles167 ft91831554
28bear creek spur Bear Creek South2 miles196 ft90330700
29Pinhoti 3 - "Down" Pinhoti 34 miles556 ft901212711
30Georgia 52 Climb Pinhoti 33,085 ft274 ft89721812
31Pinhoti 3 - "Up" Pinhoti 34 miles694 ft877210317
32Bear FS DH Bear Creek South2 miles164 ft76918192
33Bear Creek Doubletrack to Overlook Bear Creek Spur3,941 ft294 ft75017681
34Conasauga Road Climb FS 68 - Potato Patch Rd1,620 ft351 ft4669131
35Conasauga Rd Climb FS 68 - Potato Patch Rd4,717 ft347 ft4218922
36Old Ccc Camp Rd Climb Bear Creek1 mile289 ft3957703
37Potato Patch (riding south) FS 68 - Potato Patch Rd4,347 ft385 ft2935631
38P1 Reverse - Big DH to Bear Creek Pinhoti 11 mile437 ft2314280
39Pinhoti 2 "Backwards" Pinhoti 24 miles649 ft2215051
40Carters Lake Flow Trail - to fallen tree Smooth Operator4,336 ft202 ft2205303
41BD1 Smooth Operator4,992 ft220 ft2205301
42CCW DH to Lake Amadahy Trail2,752 ft153 ft2039852
43Pinhoti 1 "Backwards" Pinhoti 14 miles584 ft2033662
44Carters Flow Top to Parking CW Smooth Operator1 mile218 ft2014533
45Amadahy CCW Second Half Amadahy Trail2 miles183 ft1999872
46Amadahy CCW First Half Amadahy Trail2 miles188 ft1989691
47Amadahy CCW-New finish Amadahy Trail4 miles182 ft1939312
48Amadahy CW Second Half Amadahy Trail2 miles178 ft17610533
49Climb up from MTB parking lot Smooth Operator4,536 ft145 ft1695031
50CW DH to creek Amadahy Trail4,102 ft175 ft16810344
51Woodring Amadahy Trail Amadahy Trail4 miles148 ft16710279
52Amadahy CW First Half Amadahy Trail2 miles181 ft16610123
53Ridgeway Single Black DH Ledges DH2,077 ft239 ft1473184
54Carters Lake DH Roots & Chutes DH2,170 ft277 ft1474566
55Tibbs First Half Milma Creek (atv)1 mile802 ft1051911
56Carter's Lake Cross Country Trail Smooth Operator4,851 ft142 ft761613
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