Mountain Bike
Berm Twister1,660 ft-126 ft-7.6232
Buildwas Lane1 mile-19 ft578 ft7.2217.3
Coalmoor Shortcut3,842 ft-68 ft59 ft-0.2194
Golf Links to Limekiln3,379 ft-30 ft98 ft1.961165.2
Hole in One2,885 ft-258 ft6 ft-8.734244.9
Into the Woods1,368 ft108 ft7.912201.7
Let it go2,293 ft-204 ft12 ft-8.399250.2
Limekiln Berms3,018 ft-70 ft17 ft-1.8242.5
Limekiln Descent3,424 ft-331 ft-9.668260.6
Limekiln Steps3,131 ft-252 ft-8.049237.5
Maddocks Hill XC1,614 ft-8 ft10 ft0255.2
Maddocks XC2,736 ft-25 ft13 ft-0.4256.8
Missing Link1,337 ft159 ft11.902250.2
New Works Byway3,566 ft-31 ft103 ft2248.5
Over the hill2,016 ft-52 ft45 ft-0.488207.9
Question Mark868 ft-167 ft-19.245237.1
Round the back1 mile-178 ft112 ft-1.1249.3
The Limekiln4,170 ft-262 ft-6.3248
The Oracle3,181 ft-345 ft-10.849248.5
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