segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Moose Meadows to road Moose Meadow Trail3,104 ft185 ft1993050
2Moose Meadow Climb SB Moose Meadow Trail3,915 ft204 ft1963000
3KRUGER ROCK UP Kruger Rock Trail2,104 ft243 ft1431870
4Forestry for the boys Crosier Mtn (Garden Gate 931)4,552 ft564 ft1011340
5Us Highway 34 Climb Crosier Mtn (Glen Haven)1 miles702 ft981420
6Peak of Crosier down to 1st Junction towards middle parking spot Crosier Mtn (Glen Haven)1 miles388 ft971450
7Crosier Peak Decent Crosier Mtn (Summit 931-1)2,970 ft517 ft951150
8Crosier Peak DH segment Crosier Mtn (Summit 931-1)2,511 ft450 ft941160
9Crosier MTN climb from Glen Haven to 1st JCTN Crosier Mtn (Glen Haven)2 miles932 ft911330
10Kruger Rock Down Kruger Rock Trail2,386 ft252 ft851000
11Crosier Main Decent Crosier Mtn (Glen Haven)1 miles712 ft791120
12Stairs Stairs1,194 ft96 ft77990
13Unnamed Rd Climb Road 1203,341 ft315 ft751000
14Lions Gultch Lion Gulch Trail3 miles1,137 ft60740
15Lions Gulch Descent - Lions Paw to TH - 2017 Reroute Lion Gulch Trail3 miles1,133 ft59730
16Crosier Upper Rainbow Tr, Trench of Doom DH Crosier Mtn (Rainbow 981)3,806 ft474 ft56770
17Crosier MTN decent from 1st junct. to Hiway Crosier Mtn (Rainbow 981)2 miles1,179 ft50710
18Lions Gulch Ascent - TH to Lions Paw - 2017 Reroute Lion Gulch Trail3 miles1,130 ft40430
19Unnamed Rd Climb Lion Gulch Trail3 miles1,062 ft34370
20Us Highway 34 Climb Crosier Mtn (Rainbow 981)3,358 ft455 ft25280
21Main Way Climb Crosier Mtn (Rainbow 981)1 miles830 ft20230
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