segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Fountainhead Redesign - Exit Trail Loop 11,782 ft65 ft30471782028Springfield
2The Drop Loop 1715 ft48 ft30091851616Springfield
3Roundy roundy first descent Loop 12,140 ft52 ft30041811821Springfield
4Climb @ end of first loop Loop 1657 ft52 ft29851670512Springfield
5First Swoopy Downhill Loop 11 miles94 ft29641752019Springfield
6So enduro...BRO Loop 23,987 ft107 ft29021623216Springfield
7Picnic2Peninsula Loop 22,398 ft86 ft2766154559Springfield
8Fountainhead - Loop 4 - Loop 5 Bypass to Loop 4 Bypass Black Loop3,245 ft106 ft2660122765Springfield
9MORE trail Loop 23,457 ft57 ft26531436410Springfield
10Redisgn, old SOB Loop 22 miles91 ft26231393513Springfield
11Chain Breaker Loop 2352 ft14 ft24881975017Springfield
12Fountainhead - Loop 3 - Loop 6 End to Picnic Table Black Loop1,497 ft75 ft2176104337Springfield
13Wakefield Berm Climb ZigZag MTB Trail601 ft58 ft21711841514Annandale
14Fountainhead - Loop 4 - Start to Loop 5 Black Loop949 ft54 ft2098100468Springfield
15Fountainhead Redesign - Loop 3 - First Half - Picnic Table to Bypass Trail Black Loop1,752 ft72 ft203897198Springfield
16Lung Buster Hill Climb Black Loop1,178 ft115 ft2034943613Springfield
17Uphill rocks Black Loop610 ft41 ft200987545Springfield
18Berm going up! MTB Trail555 ft71 ft1893114242Annandale
19BLACK DH Black Loop1,867 ft116 ft1877725322Springfield
203rd Climb Black Loop2,106 ft83 ft186788477Springfield
21Another Climb Black Loop3,031 ft134 ft185484158Springfield
22Fountainhead - Loop 6 - Start to Finish Black Loop3,497 ft85 ft182784979Springfield
23Meadowood Climb South Branch Loop3,016 ft133 ft15471017823Springfield
24The actual yardsale trail Yard Sale3,108 ft43 ft1532774634Springfield
25Black Plague- All rocks, drops and options Black Loop6 miles255 ft1285429819Springfield
268 bridges loop CORRECT way MTB Trail3,869 ft29 ft1232781210Annandale
27Creek Crossing Climb Southside1,428 ft78 ft12141031417Reston
28Climb outta LFPk Rails to River3,028 ft85 ft111379266Reston
29Along Accotink Lake from the Marina Side towards Kings Park Cross Country Trail2,476 ft29 ft1111472212Springfield
30Top of Track to creek FlowJoe1,793 ft74 ft11051298416Reston
31the luge White Rabbit aka The Luge2,925 ft82 ft10901043722Reston
32Meadowood Downhill South Branch Loop3,290 ft125 ft1015408621Springfield
33Climb to soccer fields. Rails to River1,948 ft56 ft100183235Reston
34House to Creek descent Southside1,325 ft79 ft981640521Reston
35field to creek Southside2,499 ft66 ft971627812Reston
36Rocky stuff to new intersection Jawbreaker1,397 ft28 ft86376665Reston
37Fountainhead last loop Black Loop3 miles143 ft85138011Springfield
38sk8park to small bridge Ferlin's Folly2,710 ft62 ft83672907Reston
39Fountainhead - Loop 5 - Start to Finish Black Loop4,014 ft121 ft82639310Springfield
40Backside DH Rails to River1,647 ft69 ft802385913Reston
41Gravel to Paved Lake Fairfax Ferlin's Folly3,136 ft60 ft79071578Reston
42bowl climb MTB Trail1,165 ft32 ft75634113Annandale
43West of the Dam: uphill! Lake Accotink Loop2,073 ft40 ft73923342Springfield
44Trail #12 Doubletrack to Campground Rails to River1,554 ft43 ft72343605Reston
458 Bridges Loop MTB Trail3,448 ft28 ft71823241Annandale
46Road to Lake Fairfax Ferlin's Folly3,421 ft77 ft70547356Reston
47Bypass Pump Track CW South Branch Loop1 miles93 ft69732724Springfield
48Campground to Soccer Field Swoopy Uphill Rails to River1,697 ft37 ft67527505Reston
49bowl decent #1 The Bowl Entrance1,356 ft55 ft65925391Annandale
50Stinger Trail Stinger Trail1,741 ft48 ft626188811Springfield
51Cricketfield to Creek Descent SW Cricketfield601 ft51 ft61321876Reston
52Campground to road Ferlin's Folly1 miles75 ft60450603Reston
53Inlet Bridge to Sk8 Park Ferlin's Folly2,090 ft53 ft57836303Reston
54Deuce Chestnut Charlie2,662 ft63 ft500360910Reston
55bowl decent #2 MTB Trail1,181 ft24 ft49818773Annandale
56Accotink - Climb from creek near dam toward RR - Seg 6 Unknown Trail680 ft72 ft47613662Springfield
57Connector from Belmont Belmont Connector1,504 ft81 ft44511996Springfield
58New trail South to North Chestnut Charlie2,609 ft54 ft42723779Reston
59Meadowood CW Lap from Gunston South Branch Loop4 miles147 ft358135010Springfield
60Meadowood CCW Gunston Rd South Branch Loop4 miles146 ft2918664Springfield
61Down and up the fun bit MTB Trail1,125 ft28 ft2759170Annandale
62Gas Plant Quickie Unknown Trail2,098 ft44 ft2358381Springfield
63Meadowood Loop Only Old Colchester Start South Branch Loop4 miles143 ft2226700Springfield
64Meadowood lap South Branch Loop4 miles147 ft1835134Springfield
65Climb out of Accotink Carrleigh Parkway Trail1,615 ft123 ft18013113Springfield
66Pump track to turf field (N to S) Pumptrack Trail1,633 ft27 ft1333022Reston
67Pump trail exit clockwise loop South Branch Loop3 miles148 ft901920Springfield
68Accotink - Along Track and back to trail- Seg 5 Unknown Trail1,885 ft55 ft881391Springfield
69Pump Track connector to Road Pumptrack Trail2,309 ft35 ft811421Reston
70downhill along tracks Unknown Trail626 ft78 ft020690Springfield
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