segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Thunderbolt to Aqueduct Thunderbolt1 mile537 ft137935176
2Falls Creek XC 1 (Descent) The Vortex1 mile396 ft115026393
3Patrol base to McKay Rd The Generator3,631 ft268 ft90918970
4Falls Flow DH full run. Thunderbolt1 mile571 ft84416536
5A Little Rocky, A Little Rutty Big Fella3,289 ft343 ft79218593
6Aqueduct to Top Jumpstart1 mile261 ft4637970
7Lot 20 A Great Alpine Rd Climb Fainter Fire Trail1 mile537 ft2783260
8West or east? Fainter Fire Trail1 mile730 ft2212680
9Simmonds Creek Rd Climb Fainter Fire Trail1 mile397 ft2202610
10Opt up? Fainter Fire Trail2 miles452 ft2202630
11Bomb down to the Horse yards. Fainter Fire Trail2 miles941 ft2162600
12Strap on the Body Armour Fainter Fire Trail2 miles1,004 ft2142540
13Bogong Jack - Spring Saddle Fainter Fire Trail3 miles648 ft2022440
14Simmonds Creek Road Climb Fainter Fire Trail2,569 ft368 ft23290
15Simmonds Creek Road Climb Fainter Fire Trail3,020 ft416 ft22290
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