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Lots of singletrack and ATV trails run through the park, which is heavily wooded. Lots of big climbs and long downhills, some jumps and obstacles made out of logs, stream crossings, tight switchback curves, and what appear to be either sinkholes or abandoned mine shafts (these are surrounded by orange fencing, but keep an eye out for them).
Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country
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Take Cedar Cross Road South from Highway 20. Turn right on North Cascade Road. FDR Park is a few miles out of town, and the turn-off is an unmarked gravel road. Park at the gate (don't drive through if it's open). Can be hard to find. The park can also be entered on the South end at the Dubuque Sports Complex on Nightengale Lane (a right turn off of Cedar Cross). Cross the creek and head to the treeline on the ball field. There are several trails.
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