segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Roots Extension Roots Extension3,476 ft391 ft158553986
2Cemetery Bypass Cemetery By-Pass1,386 ft112 ft1425926012
3Hypervent hard section Hyper Ventilation1,610 ft310 ft128443455
4Queen V Queen V1,987 ft131 ft1230843515
5Upper Hyper X Hyperextension1 miles906 ft119434051
6More Cowbell Swine Flu2,332 ft137 ft116948016
7Just Swineflu Down starting after Bench Swine Flu1 miles783 ft115846697
8The real Swine Flu DH Swine Flu1 miles956 ft1146449913
9Swine Flu Down Hill Swine Flu2 miles918 ft112944108
10Hyper Ventilation Hyper Ventilation1 miles764 ft1110328811
11Swine Flu - Powerline to Top Swine Flu1 miles465 ft110944943
12Shorty BBack Brokeback Ridge5,018 ft648 ft110627823
13Cunliffe Rd Climb Swine Flu2 miles806 ft109544185
14Lazier Lizard Lazy Lizard Connector4,796 ft238 ft109123405
15Power line to top of road Project 9 Access4,633 ft567 ft108626030
16Hyper Ventiliation Switchbacks Hyper Ventilation3,900 ft519 ft107431983
17Cattle Gate to Bench Swine Flu2 miles884 ft107242260
18P9 Lazy Lizard to top of road Project 9 Access1 miles682 ft106725610
19Brokeback Ridge Brokeback Ridge1 miles939 ft106427089
20Lazy Lizard - ILL Gate to P9 Climb Lazy Lizard Connector1 miles195 ft106329875
21Mushroom Head West to Lactic Ridge Climb Mushroom Head2,786 ft333 ft104025564
22A Section of CDT Coal Discovery Trail738 ft31 ft103933432
23Deadfall to 4Corners Deadfall3,559 ft144 ft102945027
24Upper Gorby Climb Gorby3,124 ft401 ft100924321
25Uprooted New Roots2,689 ft280 ft1001430810
26Lower Gorby Climb Gorby4,236 ft246 ft98727433
27Lactic Lactic Ridge1,862 ft251 ft97121200
28Kiddie-Up! Kiddy Up2,126 ft168 ft95052897
29Roots Climb Roots2,281 ft233 ft93729081
30Uprooted Warm Up New Roots1,781 ft184 ft91635251
31Stove Ascent Stove Trail1 miles565 ft89225168
32Verboten Verboten1 miles789 ft850177915
33Verboten - Enduro DH Stage Verboten1 miles787 ft84617584
34Mt Fernie Park Rd Climb View/Hobbit Trail3,714 ft276 ft82316344
35Red Tree Rd View/Hobbit Trail2,481 ft216 ft80616042
36Gorby Climb Gorby1 miles602 ft79917962
37Sidewinder Downhill - NEW Sidewinder5,145 ft433 ft743264411
38Rumplestumpskin - Section 7 Rumplestumpskin1,034 ft129 ft71627090
39Gotta get to the lift. Rumplestumpskin1,564 ft200 ft70726912
40Phat Bastard skid road climb Phat Bastard2,061 ft306 ft70229473
41Mushroom Head Up (From Phat Bastard) Mushroom Head2,401 ft299 ft69724495
42Vortex Broken Hip aka Space Unicorn259 ft20 ft69621992
43Sparling Rd Climb Phat Bastard4,290 ft399 ft68728952
44Real Kush Kush1,871 ft147 ft68315990
45Kush Kush1,976 ft132 ft68116032
46Phat Bastard to Black Betty Phat Bastard1 miles542 ft67928262
47Phat Bastard Climb Phat Bastard1 miles640 ft677278211
48Through The Trees We Go Top Gun180 ft29 ft67418901
49Red Sonja Upper Red Sonja2,988 ft490 ft67220821
50Eville Descent Eville2,885 ft388 ft65016922
51Red Sonja Red Sonja4,236 ft685 ft640196411
52Lower Red Sonja Phat Bastard1,863 ft248 ft62519151
53Mushroom Head DH to Red Sonya Mushroom Head2,501 ft282 ft58416572
54Project 9 climb, old school, road only Project 9 Access2 miles809 ft58411021
55R-Trail to Deadfall R-Trail2,106 ft34 ft58115463
56Sidewinder to ecoterr Sidewinder5,138 ft416 ft57618805
57Montane Long DH Montane3,575 ft355 ft57520300
58Mushroom Head Climb West Mushroom Head3,322 ft366 ft55814440
59Cedar Sprint Gorby Loop3,752 ft225 ft55610472
60verboten II Verboten1 miles746 ft5529980
61Eric's, no kidding around Eric's Trail3,358 ft456 ft55120149
62Montane Trail - Old River Rd. to Old Power Line Montane1 miles347 ft54918034
63SCsec1 Southern Comfort4,019 ft548 ft54812040
64Lower Kid's Stuff to Eric's start Kids Stuff2,316 ft79 ft54016753
65Danger Zone Dive Access Road332 ft54 ft53125410
66Cemetery By-pass DH Cemetery By-Pass1,024 ft93 ft51922496
67Middle Hollow Tree Top Gun304 ft25 ft51720640
68Lower Montane Down from Powerline Montane1 miles224 ft51717360
69Roots to Uprooted Roots1 miles446 ft51412342
70Angry Gilmar Happy (angry) Gilmar2,232 ft238 ft51113384
71Lower Contra Contra2,620 ft239 ft5009940
72Contra - Fernie Flow Trail Contra4,653 ft431 ft4969660
73Contra Contra4,125 ft435 ft4969700
74arctic walrus Contra3,656 ft411 ft4919864
75What's up Doc climb What's Up Doc1,975 ft177 ft48815725
76Eco Terrorist to Ridgemont Rd. Climb Kiddy Up1,730 ft174 ft48317431
77Uprooted 2 Uprooted1,715 ft221 ft47411170
78Old Goat down from Gilmar to Gorbie Old Goat2,947 ft172 ft4697841
79Snakebite DH Snakebite3,493 ft425 ft4637653
80Highline Dr Climb View/Hobbit Trail2,501 ft302 ft4518562
81Lactic Ridge Lactic Ridge3,301 ft677 ft4497500
82Kid's Stuff Up Kids Stuff2,792 ft116 ft43812611
83Alpine Trail Climb Lactic Ridge1,255 ft327 ft4337170
84Splitting Bears Splitting Bears5,039 ft704 ft4329181
85Down Rooted Uprooted1,729 ft226 ft42919335
86Top Gun A Top Gun1,318 ft245 ft42814210
87Roots from Hypervent sign to montane Roots4,293 ft377 ft39912281
88Lower Eco-Terrorist DH Kiddy Up1,620 ft164 ft39410351
89Down uprooted Uprooted2,894 ft322 ft38616671
90Aggravated Assault Aggravated Assault3,189 ft635 ft3788670
91Top Gun B Top Gun2,061 ft213 ft36710090
92upper kids stuff grunt Kids Stuff Upper1,568 ft129 ft3637181
93Honey Bee to Eville Eville3,654 ft498 ft3568871
94Resurrection to river road Resurrection3,515 ft268 ft3545561
95Road climb to uppper SB entry Kids Stuff Upper1,602 ft135 ft3528860
96Hedonism DH Hedonism1 miles549 ft3454991
97Angry Gilmar climb Happy (angry) Gilmar2,636 ft217 ft3294802
984 Corners to Deadfall Start Deadfall3,727 ft145 ft3288702
99Playground Playground1,389 ft276 ft3237491
100Monorail Monorail496 ft95 ft3106230
101Scary Trail Up Scary Trail354 ft38 ft2895771
102Lower Kids Stuff Loop Kids Stuff2,747 ft110 ft2885372
103Top Gun C Top Gun1,684 ft200 ft2726681
104Hedonisim Warm up Hedonism3,519 ft363 ft2684420
105Upper rumple Rumplestumpskin2,484 ft388 ft2677650
106Dem Bones Dem Bones1 miles675 ft2673780
107Rumplestumpskin - Section 4 Rumplestumpskin1,297 ft163 ft2607251
108Little Miss Buffet Lil' Miss Buffit680 ft49 ft2573570
109Hedonism DH Hedonism1 miles586 ft2433321
110Eric's Trip Eric's Trip1 miles543 ft2264650
111Bike Thief Bicycle Thief4,017 ft865 ft2244232
112Today’s Special Today’s Special1 miles988 ft2183654
113What's Up Doc DH What's Up Doc1,974 ft174 ft2168023
114Upper Hollow Tree Aggravated Assault904 ft201 ft2154780
115Unnamed Road Climb Roots2,704 ft286 ft2097041
116Far Side Far Side3,383 ft498 ft2015132
117Hollow Tree Aggravated Assault3,221 ft635 ft2004501
118Cokato Ripper River Road3,023 ft239 ft1963491
119Stove - Lazy Lizard connector Lazy Lizard Connector1 miles102 ft1862571
120TCT road to road Southbound Smooth Salamander3 miles363 ft1853711
12148hrs - Road to Finish 48 Hours2,697 ft384 ft1813160
122The Flight of the Groundhog 48 Hours4,867 ft602 ft1803180
12348 Hours True 48 Hours2 miles1,341 ft1773110
124Cokato Road Climb Shuttle Road3,461 ft274 ft1763100
125Cokato Road Climb Shuttle Road4,171 ft343 ft1743100
126Cokato Road Climb Shuttle Road4,490 ft459 ft1682961
127Alternate Flight Pattern Alternate Flight Pattern1,913 ft383 ft1634431
128Boom - Flow Section Boom Trail1,284 ft139 ft1613030
129Mr Berms Mr. Berms4,389 ft642 ft1592330
130Upper Montane (Down) Montane Blue For Evyr4,737 ft107 ft1573761
131Mr. Berms Old Start Mr. Berms5,041 ft692 ft1562220
132A steep warm up Bridge View Connector1,322 ft152 ft1553441
133Highline Dr Climb Boom Trail2,429 ft387 ft1452270
134Purple Money Dishwasher Revival Purple Monkey Dishwasher2,019 ft110 ft1412730
135Resurrection Climb from River Road Resurrection3,665 ft269 ft1382850
136Phat Larrys/Holo Out Holo Bike1,396 ft277 ft1292510
137SnakeBite climb Snakebite3,672 ft466 ft1271791
138Eric's Trail Climb Eric's Trail3,258 ft452 ft1211671
139Will Power Will Power3,242 ft608 ft1211860
140Straight Line Catch Carter's Featured Segment July 16th - July 23th Eric's Trail4,191 ft406 ft1051421
141Rumplestumpskin - Section 6 Rumplestumpskin1,846 ft183 ft1021660
142Bens Big Rig Ben’s Big Rig1,942 ft291 ft1013121
143Alternate Flight Plan Alternate Flight Pattern2,596 ft507 ft1002970
144Double Creek Steep Silk Trail Access835 ft144 ft922091
145Double Creek Climb Silk Trail Access4,066 ft374 ft841521
146Face Shots Faceshots1,213 ft401 ft831913
147Deer Run Deer Trail2,923 ft444 ft761440
148Flow Wrkr 3 FloWrkr5,140 ft269 ft76901
149Big $$$ Big Money2 miles2,000 ft75983
150Unnamed Road Climb River Road2,039 ft284 ft63920
151South Castle South Castle2 miles1,604 ft53590
152carnage de kodiak Kodiak Karnage1,168 ft421 ft52890
153Stove DH Stove Trail1 miles561 ft45783
154hsuK Kush2,104 ft142 ft41450
155Unnamed Road Climb Island Lake Road2,516 ft309 ft35360
156holo bike Holo Bike1,478 ft305 ft31440
157Ich Bin Sofa Ich Bin Sofa (king Good)1,357 ft349 ft31511
158Eville Climb Eville3,124 ft379 ft29350
159Purple Monkey Dishwasher Up Purple Monkey Dishwasher2,105 ft70 ft29470
160Sparling Rd Climb Powerline Road2,091 ft367 ft27280
161Roots Extension Up Roots Extension3,650 ft370 ft25261
162Far Side Ascent Far Side2,791 ft435 ft24322
163Lower Snowshoe Silk Trail Access2,158 ft184 ft22440
164Fiorentino's Hill CBC Sparwood Up1,547 ft128 ft18860
165Unnamed Rd Climb Hyperextension2,505 ft569 ft16160
166far out Far Out5,117 ft333 ft16410
167Mount Fernie Park Road Climb Black Forest2,358 ft339 ft15150
168Joinson Road Climb Powerline Road1,543 ft264 ft12120
169Coal Creek Rd Climb Hessian2,485 ft401 ft550
170R-Trail from 4Corners R-Trail2,373 ft32 ft000
171Cokato Rd Climb River Road3,791 ft306 ft000
172Just Swine Flu Down Swine Flu1 miles825 ft000
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