segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Nip and Tuck and Teckers Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail692 ft40 ft161776542913
2Dragon Tail - before the bends Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail3,567 ft187 ft16079643880
3Verderers: descent 4th section Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail915 ft44 ft160706462132
4Verderers - last section back to pedalaway Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail981 ft48 ft160356407617
5XC Trail, Forest of Dean - Final Descent Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail4,530 ft242 ft159906328367
61st of 4 downhill sections Verderers 6964 ft31 ft159746236722
7The final burn Forest Road542 ft4 ft159486327518
8The 1st Climb (Blue Route) Verderers 33,519 ft74 ft157235955335
9Last xc downhill Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail2,135 ft96 ft157086086726
10Ropehouse Traverse Verderers 31,354 ft66 ft156785926913
11Through the Trees Verderers 51,535 ft14 ft156115959413
12Gilbert's made a break for it ..... Verderers 61,310 ft58 ft15608589465
13Verderers 1st Descent Verderers 31,389 ft108 ft155955786137
14Bend sections Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail1,302 ft43 ft155915992027
15verderers - final decent middle section Verderers 71,915 ft126 ft155856015442
16thru trees berms to fireroad crossing Verderers 51,932 ft36 ft155485862415
17Final Push All The Way Verderers 8 - Dragon's tail1 miles269 ft15447577856
18Making a break for it Verderers 3815 ft37 ft15444577560
19Fast Switchbacks Verderers 3696 ft41 ft153965743817
201st Little Descent Verderers 2618 ft44 ft152485709724
21Verderers - first decent to fire road Verderers 21,492 ft62 ft150765535428
22Twist And Turn Verderers 5667 ft26 ft141475091622
23Olly Hill Verderers 61,384 ft39 ft140304623320
24OLD VERSION - The fun starts here Verderers 6535 ft9 ft13324444275
25miniDH Sheepskull Sbends/sprint Sheep Skull394 ft48 ft10680325054
26Sheepskull after the fireroad Sheep Skull1,389 ft201 ft103662891315
27Launch Pad bottom section Launch Pad1,316 ft136 ft59231987917
28Launch Pad Tight Top Launch Pad837 ft117 ft54241877318
29Launch Pad Launch Pad2,309 ft198 ft50961723782
30Sheep Skull - Full Sheep Skull2,413 ft314 ft3255886617
31Top of Uplift to Verderers Forest Road1,087 ft15 ft2725224106
32MiniDH SkiRun Low Ski Run - Bottom902 ft96 ft252770562
33FOD Ski Run From Fireroad Ski Run - Bottom1,273 ft121 ft2329625210
34Link trail to Enduro Forest Road673 ft32 ft196653661
35xc red option Forest Road1,269 ft64 ft184855101
36OLD VERSION - d.o.w.i.e.s.3 Dowies 31,795 ft161 ft15921018215
37doeys dh Dowies 12,004 ft156 ft137943476
38d 1 Dowies 12,240 ft188 ft137144120
39Dowies 3b Dowies 31,810 ft170 ft126360820
40ME S2 bottom Y2K1,167 ft193 ft124530472
41One MiniEnduro Stage 2 Y2K2,861 ft320 ft1163313117
42New Jumps, Stop at the fire Road. Dowies 41,998 ft161 ft104740819
43Shutcastle 8 - Brian trial (Allcocks) Shutcastle (Orca)1,515 ft176 ft918357315
44orca left long trail (cus my strava srews up here :) Shutcastle (Orca)2,466 ft183 ft89634316
45Dowies 1 Dowies 22,352 ft191 ft76524737
46doeys 3 from the top Dowies 32,431 ft183 ft74342272
47Original Super Cross (top section) Supercross2,226 ft86 ft66817902
48Shut castle 3rd section Shutcastle1,262 ft108 ft63523423
49Shutcastle 4 - The Rookie (Allcocks) Shutcastle1,643 ft82 ft63525456
50Son of Dowies 2nd half (follow on from Dowies) Dowies 41,075 ft65 ft61514303
51Full Shutcastle Singletrack run Shutcastle2,828 ft186 ft56819966
52S.a.m.s.o.l.d.t.r.a.i.l. Sam's Old Trail1,365 ft106 ft53821009
53Shutcastle 7 - Dave trail (Allcocks) Shutcastle 71,250 ft114 ft52818233
54S.W.E.E.T.O.L.D.T.R.A.I.L Sam's Old Trail1,096 ft118 ft50217310
55Big Pig - Part 2 Big Pig2,158 ft86 ft49615455
56Return to Dowies 2 Dowies 12,467 ft224 ft47017541
57Barnhill Climb from Cannop Ponds Forest Road1,818 ft165 ft44912231
58Dowies 4 and (RH) Son of Dowies Dowies 43,476 ft259 ft44210634
59H.E.L.L.S Drop Hell's Drop629 ft125 ft3928539
60d3 up Dowies 31,711 ft152 ft37222860
61Shutcastle 3rd Section Shutcastle1,365 ft108 ft3609290
62V I P E R--- Viper 1&22,150 ft182 ft3519589
63VI P ER 2 Viper 1&21,161 ft118 ft3398234
64R A T T L E R RATTLER1,985 ft270 ft2477088
65Part of the Edge Edge Run2,569 ft159 ft2297530
66S.t.u.s.n.e.w.t.r.a.i.l Sam's Old Trail1,064 ft90 ft1743690
67S I D E W I N D E R SIDEWINDER1,615 ft225 ft1533766
68over the edge - gps 2 Edge Run4,544 ft210 ft1514795
69Down the Chimney Forest Road660 ft109 ft1492420
70Over the Edge to the Fireroad Edge Run4,072 ft217 ft1484593
71Edge Run 1 Edge Run1,751 ft78 ft1404623
72A.c.r.o.p.h.o.b Acrophob441 ft37 ft16280
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