segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Deer Trail - Climb up to Burns Place Deer2,040 ft93 ft13164812
2Gazebo Climb (from yellow gate to gazebo) Access Road2,204 ft195 ft12367117
3Beaver Trail (Climb up to Cabin) Beaver Trail1,247 ft108 ft872948
4Wolverine Singletrack (Away From Wood Buffalo) Wolverine 11,969 ft13 ft818487
5Wolverine Singletrack (Towards Wood Buffalo) Wolverine 12,065 ft13 ft738344
6Wolverine Singletrack 2 (Away From Wood Buffalo) Wolverine 2850 ft9 ft717254
7Fuzzy Hill (Arctic Winter Games Trail Uphill South End) Arctic Winter Games Trail890 ft91 ft683678
8Paved Lynx Trail (Downhill) Eagle Ridge Loop2 miles127 ft622797
9Beaver Trail (Bombin down from Cabin) Beaver Trail1,226 ft121 ft602454
10Wolverine Singletrack 2 (Towards Wood Buffalo) Wolverine 2753 ft8 ft596894
11coal chute The Edge2,292 ft251 ft473252
12Paved Lynx Trail (Uphill) Eagle Ridge Loop2 miles132 ft443006
13The edge downhill segment The Edge2,289 ft140 ft382293
14The Edge The Edge3,567 ft339 ft372216
15just "cliff trail" The Edge3,264 ft160 ft372280
16Undercut (return) Swoopey2,858 ft98 ft281434
17mullet Swoopey Connector 2612 ft80 ft281534
18Stone Creek Trail Stone Creek Loop2 miles101 ft17803
19Millennium Crest North Timberlea Perimeter2 miles73 ft13392
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