Mountain Bike
67 Degrees
1,135 ft-51 ft
A Break from the Dust
758 ft-19 ft
A Glimpse of the Past
784 ft11 ft
Apartment Connector
384 ft
Back on the Train
1,247 ft-3 ft4 ft
Backyard Path
243 ft-2 ft
Beaver Pond Backside
4,826 ft-43 ft47 ft
Berms and Ferns
2,418 ft-72 ft3 ft
Best North-South Trail
2,346 ft-10 ft53 ft
Between the Loops
1,319 ft20 ft
Boundary Forest
853 ft-15 ft
Brewery Link
1,434 ft-47 ft
Bypass connector
141 ft
Camp Road
3,307 ft137 ft
Cobblestone Road
2,920 ft-21 ft10 ft
341 ft2 ft
Dirt Bike Route
1,654 ft-13 ft3 ft
Doe & Fawn Trail
4,954 ft-52 ft43 ft
Downward Dog
1,736 ft-110 ft
Dunk to the Trunkline
3,642 ft-115 ft53 ft
Easy Winding
1,598 ft-11 ft14 ft
Fluffy's Circle
686 ft-3 ft2 ft
Follow Me To Beer
486 ft-11 ft
Forge Path
1,240 ft-42 ft
Franklin's Worst Fire Road
1,627 ft-62 ft17 ft
Fun Dead End
702 ft-21 ft
Gotta Jibboo
1,726 ft-7 ft
Harry Hood
1,299 ft-3 ft
I Am Hydrogen
427 ft3 ft
If I Could
784 ft-8 ft
It'll Roll
171 ft
Just DON'T Do It
246 ft-22 ft
Keepin' It Real
1,834 ft-3 ft29 ft
1 mile-50 ft54 ft
Link and Loop Link
75 ft
Longway Home
2,080 ft-85 ft
Loop Connector
174 ft7 ft
Lower Powerline
1,030 ft29 ft
Madness Cutoff
614 ft17 ft
Middle Powerline
1,667 ft-6 ft41 ft
Moma Dance
2,749 ft-48 ft22 ft
Moto Grind
751 ft-6 ft19 ft
Moto Hill
2,507 ft-63 ft
Moto Madness
3 miles-163 ft112 ft
My Friend, My Friend
5,059 ft-31 ft79 ft
My Sweet One
1,627 ft53 ft
Neighborhood Path
614 ft8 ft
Never Say Die
3,468 ft-57 ft11 ft
Non-Motorized Alt
699 ft5 ft
Novice Switchbacks
981 ft-14 ft17 ft
Old Midpoint Fireroad
4,009 ft-76 ft
Old Way Up
919 ft-59 ft
Oxford Drive Spur
843 ft-25 ft
Pine Forest Link
72 ft
968 ft-10 ft21 ft
Public Work Exstention
1,673 ft
River Rats TT Loop
4,304 ft-38 ft40 ft
Root Drops
709 ft-32 ft
Rugged Oxford
978 ft31 ft
Shady Bridges
814 ft19 ft
Singletrack Cutoff
407 ft-31 ft
Solar Farm
2,375 ft-32 ft25 ft
South Maple
1,762 ft-10 ft18 ft
Spring Pond Loopdy
2,215 ft-12 ft15 ft
Spring St. Connector
236 ft6 ft
Spring Street Ext.
2 miles-60 ft136 ft
Spring Street Moto Connector
771 ft6 ft
The Good Stuff in the Middle
2,549 ft-43 ft21 ft
The Lizards
4,406 ft-104 ft52 ft
Town Line Spur
823 ft-14 ft
Two sides Connector
443 ft
Upper Powerline
331 ft
West Side Moto Loop
4,114 ft-94 ft79 ft
404 ft
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