Mountain Bike
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AlbatrossFrederick Watershed
4,498 ft-638 ft
Beginner Intermediate TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
1 mile-198 ft261 ft
Black TrailGambrill State Park
3,132 ft-14 ft224 ft
Black TrailGambrill State Park
2,300 ft-59 ft29 ft
Black TrailGambrill State Park
1,214 ft-148 ft5 ft
Blue BallsFrederick Watershed
1 mile-156 ft116 ft
Boundary LineFrederick Watershed
5,243 ft-673 ft
Buck Flats TrailFrederick Watershed
2 miles-347 ft122 ft
Capitol HillFrederick Watershed
605 ft-17 ft14 ft
Carlo's InfernoRivers Edge Trails
860 ft-63 ft
Carroll Creek PathGambrill State Park
1 mile-58 ft25 ft
Catoctin Blue TrailFrederick Watershed
12 miles-1,740 ft1,633 ft
Catoctin Blue Trail (re-route sec. 2020)Frederick Watershed
873 ft-31 ft
Catoctin TrailGambrill State Park
3,715 ft-402 ft45 ft
Catoctin TrailGambrill State Park
1,210 ft-18 ft3 ft
COC (Lockhouse 31 to Brunswick)Brunswick
3 miles-2 ft3 ft
COC (Williamsport to Harpers Ferry)Brunswick
39 miles-137 ft231 ft
COC / A.T. (Harpers Ferry to Lock 31) WhiteBlazesBrunswick
3 miles6 ft
Cone BranchFrederick
646 ft-9 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
259 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
430 ft-17 ft7 ft
ConnectorGambrill State Park
1,136 ft-23 ft7 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
1,378 ft-20 ft51 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
293 ft-8 ft2 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
142 ft-8 ft9 ft
ConnectorFrederick Watershed
379 ft-20 ft
Connector TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
3 miles-617 ft302 ft
CreampieFrederick Watershed
3,427 ft-643 ft
Cummings and GoingsRivers Edge Trails
1,896 ft-47 ft33 ft
Dave's TrailFrederick
1,939 ft97 ft
Dave's TrailFrederick Watershed
Death MarchFrederick Watershed
1 mile-503 ft63 ft
Dog park to 40Frederick
2,815 ft88 ft
Double DFrederick Watershed
2,346 ft-404 ft
EvolutionFrederick Watershed
3,973 ft-678 ft
Extended Death MarchFrederick Watershed
3,130 ft169 ft
F2/New BergFrederick Watershed
2 miles-368 ft247 ft
Family TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
3 miles-208 ft208 ft
Fun HouseFrederick Watershed
2,037 ft-276 ft
Golf BallFrederick Watershed
3,547 ft-40 ft180 ft
GooniesRivers Edge Trails
860 ft-39 ft4 ft
Green Ash TrailFrederick Watershed
2,021 ft-214 ft
Green Eggs and HamFrederick Watershed
3,235 ft-226 ft3 ft
Green TrailGambrill State Park
1,719 ft-5 ft172 ft
Green-Ash TrailGambrill State Park
2,742 ft-218 ft34 ft
Headless HollowFrederick Watershed
3,131 ft-138 ft100 ft
HoeFrederick Watershed
4,262 ft-719 ft
Huggy BearFrederick Watershed
2,028 ft51 ft
IcebergFrederick Watershed
2 miles-181 ft227 ft
Intermediate TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
5,190 ft-253 ft166 ft
Intermediate TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
3,721 ft-173 ft93 ft
Kersey's Overlook aka Pozwell's PassBrunswick
3,773 ft-75 ft80 ft
Key HiwayFrederick Watershed
964 ft-1 ft117 ft
Killer BeeFrederick Watershed
2,011 ft-62 ft50 ft
KnucklebusterFrederick Watershed
4,990 ft-67 ft185 ft
Kubla KhanFrederick Watershed
1 mile-778 ft36 ft
lakeside connectorFrederick Watershed
564 ft3 ft
LawnmowerFrederick Watershed
4,816 ft-360 ft78 ft
Little CanaanFrederick Watershed
1,662 ft-7 ft106 ft
Lower VolkswagonFrederick
3,461 ft-147 ft87 ft
Mail ManFrederick Watershed
1,463 ft-63 ft
Middletown Park Trail ShredFrederick
1,283 ft-18 ft
Moe's CutFrederick Watershed
1,033 ft-10 ft88 ft
Mouse TrapFrederick Watershed
1,585 ft-209 ft
Not The Road Climb - AlternateFrederick Watershed
4,391 ft-6 ft484 ft
Not The Road Climb - AlternateFrederick Watershed
1,268 ft-3 ft37 ft
One Trick PonyRivers Edge Trails
728 ft61 ft
PantylineFrederick Watershed
2,589 ft-553 ft
PitFrederick Watershed
1 mile-321 ft108 ft
ReanimatorFrederick Watershed
3,028 ft-348 ft67 ft
Red Bypass TrailFrederick Watershed
1,060 ft-1 ft38 ft
Red TrailGambrill State Park
4,212 ft-207 ft218 ft
Road Most TraveledRivers Edge Trails
1,283 ft-22 ft38 ft
Rock Creek TrailGambrill State Park
2 miles-114 ft78 ft
Rocky-Stream Bed TrailFrederick Watershed
3,075 ft-221 ft10 ft
Salamander ConnectorFrederick Watershed
341 ft43 ft
Salamander ConnectorFrederick Watershed
1,048 ft-13 ft61 ft
Salamander TrailFrederick Watershed
4 miles-482 ft200 ft
Sand Flats TrailFrederick Watershed
1 mile-277 ft103 ft
Sandflats RidgeFrederick Watershed
1,528 ft-11 ft13 ft
Sandflats TrailFrederick Watershed
4,289 ft-152 ft187 ft
SkinkFrederick Watershed
2 miles-280 ft279 ft
Smoketown Pass Inner LoopRivers Edge Trails
1,775 ft-20 ft37 ft
Smoketown Pass OuterRivers Edge Trails
2,648 ft-43 ft52 ft
Soccer MomFrederick Watershed
2,159 ft-64 ft23 ft
Stupid TrailFrederick Watershed
2,349 ft-131 ft58 ft
Super SteepFrederick Watershed
5,234 ft-542 ft28 ft
SupersweetFrederick Watershed
4,654 ft-413 ft40 ft
Tears of a ClownFrederick Watershed
2,746 ft-244 ft
The Freeride Area/Push TrailsFrederick Watershed
1,538 ft-184 ft
The NoseFrederick
3,074 ft-298 ft
Three SawsFrederick
2 miles-657 ft
Too Fast For LoveRivers Edge Trails
902 ft-57 ft
Trail Boss TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
2,556 ft-72 ft104 ft
Trail Boss TrailEmmitsburg Watershed Trail System
2 miles-532 ft532 ft
Upper CanaanFrederick Watershed
1,510 ft-183 ft8 ft
Upper Ridge TrailFrederick Watershed
3 miles-382 ft67 ft
VandalFrederick Watershed
1 mile-316 ft39 ft
ViperFrederick Watershed
3,444 ft-171 ft30 ft
VolkswagonFrederick Watershed
1 mile-223 ft126 ft
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