6 Penny Downhill
1.1 miles-347 ft
6 penny to group camp (nemesis)
1,193 ft-126 ft
Boone from Firetower to Park Rd
1.2 miles-461 ft
Boone Trail to Firetower Rd
2,004 ft-21 ft
Buzzard Loop
1.8 miles-213 ft
Campground to 6 Penny
4,602 ft-58 ft
Colliers (Climb)
1,171 ft
Colliers (DH)
2,014 ft-225 ft
Double Track
3,101 ft-138 ft
Firetower Rd to Scotts Run Bypass
1,760 ft-22 ft
Firetower Road Bypass
1,927 ft-69 ft
Horseshoe to 6 Penny
1,210 ft
Kalimia Trail (Purple)
4,327 ft-161 ft
Lenape Trail
1.6 miles-68 ft
Mill Creek (2nd Section of Climb)
1.1 miles-71 ft
Mill Creek (3rd Section)
1,233 ft-15 ft
Mill Creek Trail (First Section Up)
3,029 ft-32 ft
Millers Point (DH)
1.1 miles-539 ft
Old Lot to Purple
867 ft
Racoon from Mill Creek to Hopewell Furnace
4,463 ft-262 ft
Ridge to Firetower (Top of Williams Hill)
2,490 ft
Rocky Blue DH
1,672 ft-131 ft
Shed Rd to Campground
2,389 ft-2 ft
Some single track to SMillers loop.
521 ft
Turtle Around Williams Hill
1.9 miles-167 ft
Turtle to Ridge (Firetower to Red)
1.0 miles-133 ft
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