Mountain Bike
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776North Cheyenne Cañon
2,554 ft-193 ft44 ft
Acorn AlleyCheyenne Mountain State Park
1,689 ft-13 ft65 ft
Acorn Alley (Upper)Cheyenne Mountain State Park
1,411 ft-8 ft62 ft
Advanced Jump LineQuarry Mesa Open Space
443 ft-28 ft
Almond ButterUte Valley Park
2,070 ft-122 ft15 ft
Alt. LineAir Force Academy
1,159 ft-7 ft32 ft
Angry SquirrelPulpit Rock
4,262 ft-266 ft62 ft
Arroyo GrandeStratton Open Space
2,411 ft251 ft
Arroyo Grande ConnectorStratton Open Space
705 ft38 ft
Aspen #21Mueller State Park
2 miles-506 ft385 ft
B-52 TrailAir Force Academy
3,682 ft-115 ft100 ft
Banker's Lunch LoopDorchester Park
1,311 ft-1 ft2 ft
Barr AccessPikes Peak
1,744 ft-16 ft232 ft
Barr Trail Uphill #620Pikes Peak
12 miles-7,960 ft559 ft
Bayou Gulch Inner LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
2,718 ft-43 ft60 ft
Bayou Gulch LinkBayou Gulch Bike Park
321 ft-19 ft
Bayou Gulch LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
2 miles-138 ft138 ft
Bear CreekBear Creek Park
144 ft27 ft
Bear CreekBear Creek Park
272 ft21 ft
Bear Creek (666)North Cheyenne Cañon
2 miles-1,085 ft47 ft
Bear Creek (666)North Cheyenne Cañon
1 mile-998 ft58 ft
Bear Creek (Gold Camp)Bear Creek Park
2 miles-684 ft128 ft
Bear Creek (Nature Center)Bear Creek Park
3,981 ft-119 ft51 ft
Bear Creek AccBear Creek Park
346 ft-2 ft16 ft
Bear Creek RaceBear Creek Park
447 ft-9 ft2 ft
Bear Creek RaceBear Creek Park
1 mile-266 ft219 ft
Bear Creek Race NorthBear Creek Park
2,745 ft-84 ft84 ft
Bear Creek Regional ParkBear Creek Park
4,359 ft-141 ft42 ft
Bear Creek RP AccessBear Creek Park
3,695 ft-15 ft94 ft
Bear Creek RP LoopBear Creek Park
1 mile-109 ft110 ft
Bear Creek StreetBear Creek Park
882 ft-12 ft27 ft
Bear Creek StreetBear Creek Park
315 ft10 ft
Bear TrailUte Valley Park
687 ft-44 ft
Beaver Ponds #26Mueller State Park
2,195 ft-89 ft
Beginner DH FlowQuarry Mesa Open Space
2,260 ft-127 ft
Beginner Skills LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
557 ft-6 ft5 ft
Big Bluestem TrailBluestem Prairie Open Space
2 miles-28 ft44 ft
Black Bear #13Mueller State Park
2,552 ft-131 ft
Black Bear #13Mueller State Park
2 miles-320 ft112 ft
Black Forest 16 LoopBlack Forest
4 miles-360 ft355 ft
Bluff's AlternatePulpit Rock
4,139 ft-189 ft5 ft
Bottomless Pit #632Pikes Peak
2 miles-147 ft938 ft
Bridge LinkBayou Gulch Bike Park
42 ft
BruinNorth Cheyenne Cañon
2,943 ft-216 ft17 ft
Buckhorn CutoffNorth Cheyenne Cañon
1 mile566 ft
Buffalo Rock #33Mueller State Park
2 miles-259 ft374 ft
Cabin Creek #671Pikes Peak
2 miles-721 ft259 ft
Cahill Pond #34Mueller State Park
5,269 ft367 ft
Captain CrunchStratton Open Space
2,296 ft-485 ft2 ft
Captain Jacks #665North Cheyenne Cañon
3 miles-1,283 ft251 ft
Captain MorgansStratton Open Space
1,961 ft-444 ft
Challenge HillPhillip Miller Park
2,444 ft-26 ft158 ft
ChamberlainStratton Open Space
2 miles-314 ft632 ft
Chamberlain - Columbine to MesaStratton Open Space
2,133 ft-52 ft34 ft
Chamberlain - Old Stage to MesaNorth Cheyenne Cañon
1 mile-450 ft23 ft
Chamberlain - Twilight ConnectionStratton Open Space
1,319 ft-12 ft10 ft
ChambersGarden of the Gods Park
1,831 ft-67 ft3 ft
Cheesman - Grouse Connector #17Mueller State Park
968 ft-5 ft29 ft
Cheesman Ranch #17Mueller State Park
5 miles-607 ft609 ft
CheyennePalmer Park
2,679 ft-56 ft169 ft
Cheyenne AccPalmer Park
300 ft-23 ft
Cheyenne CanyonStratton Open Space
290 ft32 ft
CodellRed Rock Canyon Open Space
3,695 ft-155 ft23 ft
Coldwater Dr ConnectorUte Valley Park
381 ft-21 ft
ColumbineNorth Cheyenne Cañon
4 miles-224 ft1,398 ft
Columbine ConnectorStratton Open Space
515 ft-9 ft15 ft
Columbine ConnectorNorth Cheyenne Cañon
1,703 ft-106 ft3 ft
ConnectorGarden of the Gods Park
489 ft16 ft
ConnectorRed Rock Canyon Open Space
344 ft-1 ft19 ft
ConnectorGarden of the Gods Park
86 ft-5 ft
ConnectorPulpit Rock
305 ft-26 ft
ConnectorBlack Forest
899 ft-15 ft12 ft
Constitution CourtColorado Springs
353 ft-1 ft1 ft
Cottonwood CreekPulpit Rock
4 miles-35 ft365 ft
Cottonwood Creek (West)Pulpit Rock
1 mile-67 ft207 ft
Crank ItDorchester Park
487 ft-7 ft23 ft
Crooked Stick ConnectorSandstone Ranch
1,903 ft-32 ft12 ft
Crystal Valley MUPQuarry Mesa Open Space
1 mile-20 ft241 ft
Cyclocross CourseQuarry Mesa Open Space
2 miles-190 ft177 ft
Daniel's PassNorth Cheyenne Cañon
2 miles-831 ft36 ft
DeerpathNorth Cheyenne Cañon
1,516 ft112 ft
DejavoodooBayou Gulch Bike Park
543 ft-27 ft
Devil's Playground Trail #753Pikes Peak
6 miles-3,961 ft51 ft
Dirty AcresRed Rock Canyon Open Space
2,090 ft114 ft
Dog Loop ConnectorRed Rock Canyon Open Space
132 ft-16 ft
Dog Loop ConnectorRed Rock Canyon Open Space
222 ft-43 ft
Double Track ConnectorUte Valley Park
653 ft-19 ft
Douglas FirBlodgett Peak Open Space
3,415 ft-48 ft327 ft
Down the HillPulpit Rock
3,351 ft-297 ft68 ft
Dry CreekWoodmen Valley Park
791 ft-39 ft8 ft
Dynamite Cabin #32Mueller State Park
3,579 ft-153 ft167 ft
Eagles Nest #623Pikes Peak
2,973 ft-311 ft16 ft
East Loop AccessBlodgett Peak Open Space
431 ft29 ft
East loop connectorUte Valley Park
676 ft-14 ft
East Loop TrailUte Valley Park
1 mile-351 ft251 ft
East Loop Trail (South)Ute Valley Park
1 mile-130 ft213 ft
Edna Mae AccPalmer Park
402 ft-20 ft4 ft
Edna Mae AccPalmer Park
1,066 ft148 ft
Edna Mae AccPalmer Park
514 ft42 ft
Edna Mae BennetPalmer Park
1 mile-292 ft169 ft
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