segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1single track climb Rotary Single Track 10540 ft40 ft27358835Dieppe
2ssst Simon Says1 miles161 ft26528773Saint John
3The Old Train Track Northwest trail2,534 ft12 ft24111638Moncton
4Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CCW Hibou to Firebreak Rd.) Lynx5,070 ft34 ft2089316Moncton
5St-Anselme Park (Parking Lot Singletrack) Single Track 1A741 ft5 ft20519044Dieppe
6Humphreys Brook Trail (Mill Rd to Lewisville Rd) Humphreys Brook trail3,303 ft23 ft1968776Moncton
7Humphreys Brook Lewisville to Mill Rd Humphreys Brook trail3,135 ft16 ft1917625Moncton
8Humphreys Brook Trail (Lewisville Rd to Mill Rd) Humphreys Brook trail3,226 ft24 ft1917622Moncton
9Stairway to Heaven Colvert145 ft15 ft1887241Moncton
10Ski Hill Climb Ski Hill Road981 ft43 ft18220641Saint John
11Simon Says (Descent) Simon Says1 miles157 ft18221132Saint John
12Sweetness (It's Gotta Go to Zoo Trail) Sweetness1,938 ft33 ft18020051Saint John
13Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CCW Between Hibou Endpoints) Lynx1,488 ft22 ft1688094Moncton
14Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CCW Firebreak Rd. to Porc-Épic) Lynx3,254 ft26 ft1668713Moncton
15Carnage (Deer Trax to Carnage Intro) Carnage1,122 ft70 ft15514132Saint John
16The Whoops The Whoops740 ft27 ft15418782Hillsborough
17Viagra DH section Viagra2,011 ft271 ft15011145Hillsborough
18Viagra Viagra4,637 ft374 ft14911366Hillsborough
19Viagra Top XC Viagra2,406 ft94 ft14911482Hillsborough
20Our Compliments Our Compliments4,252 ft131 ft1438941Saint John
21Carnage WOT Carnage2,329 ft83 ft14210142Saint John
22Our Compliments (Descent) Our Compliments3,684 ft140 ft1428920Saint John
23Intro (Crowley Farm Rd to Upper-Lower Split) Connaught Woods2,331 ft16 ft13511145Moncton
24Corey Hart CCW Doubletrack11332 ft15 ft13110820Hillsborough
25Intro (Upper-Lower Split to Crowley Farm Rd) Connaught Woods2,274 ft16 ft1318875Moncton
26Fairview Ave climb (short) Whitehead Road3,759 ft232 ft1289621Hillsborough
27Ninth Hole 9th Hole1,434 ft41 ft12712731Saint John
28heart rate hill-owens lake Zoo Trail1,007 ft73 ft12611581Saint John
29Sasquatch (Descent) Sasquatch Run1,070 ft39 ft12610814Saint John
30Wit's End (Descent) Wit's End863 ft59 ft12610763Saint John
31Rooty Sweetness Sweetness1,829 ft61 ft1239690Saint John
32Long Lake (Moose Trax to Zoo Trail) Long Lake1,645 ft39 ft1215431Saint John
33Sweetness Rockwood Sweetness3,861 ft70 ft1218381Saint John
34White Head DH Whitehead3,987 ft237 ft12111150Hillsborough
35It's Gotta Go (Reverse) It's Gotta Go2,713 ft51 ft1208690Saint John
36Whitehead Whitehead4,981 ft266 ft12010708Hillsborough
37My Sweetness (Barking Dog to It's Gotta Go) Sweetness1,625 ft45 ft1157701Saint John
38Straight DH Whitetail3,051 ft331 ft1143242Alma
39Centennial Park - Small Loop (Counter-Clockwise Loop from Centennial Park Rd) Martre1,991 ft7 ft1144381Moncton
40Doubletrack to Parking Lot Whitehead Road3,647 ft77 ft1127201Hillsborough
41Porcupine (Actual) Porcupine3,379 ft195 ft1096482Hillsborough
42Porcupine (Downhill) Porcupine3,673 ft270 ft1096464Hillsborough
43Porcupine (Actual Downhill) Porcupine3,409 ft201 ft1096471Hillsborough
44My Sweetness Sweetness3,747 ft70 ft1066731Saint John
45Water Tower to Second Bluff 1st Bluff1 miles297 ft1066000Sussex
461 minute climb Dark Blue gravel Trail1,388 ft67 ft1064535Dieppe
47Whitetail (Tippenlot to Fundy Park Chalet Rd) Whitetail2 miles638 ft1062970Alma
48Nine hole backwards 9th Hole1,434 ft28 ft1025950Saint John
49Rockwood: Triple Bypass Carriage Road2,177 ft163 ft1025240Saint John
50The Upper-Cut Cut2,669 ft131 ft1029532Hillsborough
51First bluff to water tower 1st Bluff4,928 ft166 ft1017080Sussex
52Our Compliments Trimmed Our Compliments3,454 ft57 ft998352Saint John
53Bird Trail to Crowley Farm (Downhill) Connaught Woods4,296 ft98 ft988744Moncton
54Moose Trax Moose Trax1 miles65 ft989685Saint John
55Centennial Park - Small Loop (Clockwise Loop from Centennial Park Rd) Martre1,969 ft7 ft972903Moncton
56Sponge Bob Sponge Bob1,464 ft20 ft955750Saint John
57Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CW Between Hibou Endpoints) Lynx1,339 ft19 ft943010Moncton
58Canaught - Bird trail (counter clockwise) Connaught Woods3,917 ft73 ft938553Moncton
59Carnage (Carnage Intro to Corduroy) Carnage3,699 ft66 ft923210Saint John
60Bridge climb birdtrail Connaught Woods1,958 ft57 ft928514Moncton
612nd bluff and down the switchbacks 1st Bluff2,440 ft108 ft915071Sussex
62Deer Trax (Moose Trax to Carnage) Deer Trax1,312 ft81 ft896951Saint John
63Lower Corduroy Corduroy907 ft53 ft892342Saint John
64Mapleton Park (Rotary Lodge to Gorge rd) Wetland1 miles38 ft882350Moncton
65Centennial Park - Blue Trail (Counter-Clockwise Loop from Firebreak Rd) Carcajou1 miles33 ft872704Moncton
66Stout Stout3,668 ft254 ft865605Hillsborough
67Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CW Porc-Épic to Firebreak Rd.) Lynx3,237 ft26 ft852911Moncton
68Long Lake to Shyzer Long Lake2,788 ft48 ft843441Saint John
69Humphrey Brook Single Track (west entrance to middle section) Humphrey Side Trail 12,387 ft31 ft834711Moncton
70Fairview Ave Climb Whitehead Road4,457 ft271 ft835101Hillsborough
71Black Horse (Counterclockwise) Black Horse3 miles124 ft821270Alma
72The Whoops (reverse) The Whoops782 ft30 ft813932Hillsborough
73McKay Skyway MacKay Skyway4,031 ft112 ft803292Saint John
74MacKay Skyway (South to North) MacKay Skyway4,033 ft184 ft803280Saint John
75Black Horse counterclockwise Black Horse2 miles121 ft801240Alma
76Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CCW Porc-Épic to Hibou, incl. Renard) Lynx1,961 ft27 ft781693Moncton
77Corey Hart CW Doubletrack11335 ft18 ft772000Hillsborough
78Bird trail - Canaught (clockwise) Connaught Woods3,674 ft71 ft776063Moncton
79Corduroy (Carnage to Zoo Trail) Corduroy2,563 ft46 ft772441Saint John
80Frying Pan Lake Frying Pan Lake1,423 ft7 ft772840Saint John
81Long Lake (South to North) Long Lake3,931 ft46 ft752563Saint John
82up switchbacks and #2 1st Bluff2,207 ft205 ft745040Sussex
83easy way up! 1st Bluff Doubletrack4,914 ft175 ft744690Sussex
84Scout trail westward Scout2,127 ft4 ft742373Moncton
85Monster Hill Crystal Lake548 ft93 ft734781Saint John
86THE White Tail - Descent Whitetail3 miles803 ft732024Alma
87Whitetail (Descent) Whitetail3 miles795 ft732060Alma
88Moose Trax (Clockwise) Moose Trax1 miles91 ft723411Saint John
89Roots Hillsborough Roots1,880 ft52 ft723801Hillsborough
90Roots Roots1,979 ft87 ft723831Hillsborough
91Newfoundtrail (Descent) Newfoundtrail1,674 ft73 ft712980Saint John
92Single Track West Part Humphrey Side Trail 12,348 ft31 ft704503Moncton
93The Cut Trail Cut2,757 ft137 ft693242Hillsborough
94Single Track West Part (Uphill) Humphrey Side Trail 15,128 ft52 ft684322Moncton
95Whitetail Uphill (Tippenlot Merge) Whitetail2 miles678 ft671630Alma
96Whitetail (Fundy Park Chalet Rd to Tippenlot) Whitetail2 miles638 ft671630Alma
9718th Hole 18th Hole1,294 ft33 ft652580Saint John
98Sasquatch (Climb) Sasquatch Run1,067 ft39 ft654191Saint John
99Single Track Short Uphill Humphrey Side Trail 2641 ft5 ft654193Moncton
100Scout trail eastward Scout2,225 ft6 ft652353Moncton
101John Howard Trail new John Howard1 miles34 ft641722Moncton
102Single Track Middle Section Humphrey Side Trail 14,677 ft45 ft633682Moncton
103Centennial Park Yellow Trail (CW Hibou to Porc-Épic, incl. Renard) Lynx1,993 ft26 ft631430Moncton
104Single Track Middle Section (off Humphreys Brook Trail) Humphrey Side Trail 11 miles48 ft603515Moncton
105Single Track West & Middle Sections Humphrey Side Trail 11 miles73 ft593380Moncton
106Mama I'm Coming Home Mama I'm Comin Home2,033 ft107 ft561471Saint John
107John Howard north to south John Howard1 miles18 ft541731Moncton
108Hemlock Hill Hemlock Hill2,018 ft57 ft533802Saint John
109Single Track Middle Section (off Humphreys Brook Trail) Humphrey Side Trail 41,614 ft32 ft532521Moncton
110Water Tower Climb Water Tower1,413 ft53 ft52990Saint John
111Sponge Bob Reverse Sponge Bob1,214 ft21 ft512140Saint John
112Golf Trek Golf Trek5,210 ft82 ft511532Saint John
113barbwire 1st Bluff (Alternate Descent)603 ft68 ft501861Sussex
114Carnage Backwards Carnage1 miles115 ft491110Saint John
115St-Anselme Park (Blue Trail) Light bleu outside loop1 miles83 ft472472Dieppe
116Moose Trax in Reverse Moose Trax1 miles93 ft461201Saint John
117Centennial Park - Blue Trail (Clockwise Loop from Firebreak Rd) Carcajou1 miles43 ft441032Moncton
118Half Pint CCW HalfPint986 ft12 ft431430Hillsborough
119Bouctouche rail line going south Bouctouche Line1 miles55 ft411000Moncton
120Golf Trek Backwards Golf Trek4,742 ft82 ft411140Saint John
121Zoo Trail to Widow Maker Crystal Lake2,744 ft125 ft381070Saint John
122Clean Air (Counterclockwise) Clean Air2,035 ft41 ft37890Saint John
123Corduroy (Descent) Corduroy3,617 ft114 ft35660Saint John
124Horse - Corduroy to Shyzer Horse750 ft36 ft341020Saint John
125Sky Walker Skywalker798 ft74 ft34623Saint John
126Tall Grass (Climb) Tall Grass1,561 ft43 ft29570Saint John
127Deer Trax Reverse Deer Trax1,292 ft57 ft27660Saint John
128Whitehead (Up) Whitehead1 miles325 ft25563Hillsborough
129Clean Air (Clockwise) Clean Air2,010 ft45 ft24460Saint John
130MacKay Skyway (North to South) MacKay Skyway4,105 ft174 ft24300Saint John
131Sunbathing ! Muskrat1,104 ft7 ft243260Moncton
132green trail - counter clockwise Dark Blue gravel Trail1 miles77 ft22622Dieppe
133Porcupine (Uphill) Porcupine3,535 ft202 ft22511Hillsborough
134Goose River Trail (Point Wolfe to Marven Lake Trail) Old Goose River Cart Road3,443 ft376 ft21230Alma
135Riverrun Humphrey Trail Connector 2849 ft8 ft19531Moncton
136Centennial Park - Brown Trail (Counterclockwise) Colvert3,011 ft34 ft18412Moncton
137St-Anselme Park (Green Trail) Dark Blue gravel Trail1 miles78 ft16402Dieppe
138Viagra Up Viagra1,052 ft286 ft15200Hillsborough
139Marven Lake Trail (Goose River Trail to Foster Brook Trail) Marven Lake1 miles218 ft15150Alma
140Black Horse (Clockwise) Black Horse3 miles125 ft15180Alma
141Unnamed Rd Climb Bennett Brook3,631 ft611 ft14160Alma
142Tall Grass (Descent) Tall Grass1,526 ft36 ft13150Saint John
143Humphrey Loop Humphrey Side Trail 42,116 ft27 ft9200Moncton
144Unnamed Road Climb Old Goose River Cart Road1 miles484 ft990Alma
145Unnamed Road Climb Old Goose River Cart Road1 miles544 ft450Alma
146Unnamed Rd Climb Laverty Road4,111 ft290 ft340Alma
147It's Gotta Go! It's Gotta Go2,541 ft54 ft000Saint John
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