Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Back 40Cool Springs Park
3,163 ft-35 ft11 ft
Beetle BugCool Springs Park
1,900 ft-7 ft18 ft
Copperhead Connector TrailChicopee Woods MTB Trails
2,372 ft-56 ft
Copperhead GapChicopee Woods MTB Trails
3 miles-294 ft282 ft
Coyote LoopChicopee Woods MTB Trails
2 miles-258 ft255 ft
Crazy ManCool Springs Park
1,631 ft-3 ft48 ft
Deer BlindCool Springs Park
1,562 ft47 ft
Duck Pond LoopCool Springs Park
1,240 ft17 ft
Flying SquirrelChicopee Woods MTB Trails
4 miles-319 ft395 ft
FOX Raceface XCCool Springs Park
3 miles-218 ft213 ft
Hare TrailChicopee Woods MTB Trails
2,896 ft-52 ft101 ft
Mt Etna Powerline LoopCool Springs Park
1,617 ft-31 ft11 ft
PlaygroundCool Springs Park
2,067 ft-24 ft17 ft
Pump HouseCool Springs Park
823 ft-38 ft
Ravine SceneCool Springs Park
1,795 ft-11 ft16 ft
Red TailChicopee Woods MTB Trails
1 mile-249 ft245 ft
TC to Campus ConnectGainesville
1,845 ft-1 ft47 ft
TortoiseChicopee Woods MTB Trails
2 miles-298 ft298 ft
Tumbling CreekGainesville
3 miles-323 ft272 ft
Village TrailChicopee Woods MTB Trails
4,834 ft-222 ft80 ft
White TailChicopee Woods MTB Trails
4 miles-511 ft380 ft
Woods ConnectorCool Springs Park
1,106 ft-15 ft12 ft
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