• Gallagher Hill Region Status
trail condition date description
Ev's In Wet
Sep 19, 2019 @ 8:28pm
Sep 19, 2019
Tree down
Ev's Lean Dry
May 23, 2019 @ 8:05pm
May 23, 2019
Great condition! Fun trail.
Ev's Out Dry
Jul 20, 2019 @ 12:49pm
Jul 20, 2019
Ev's Peak Wet
Sep 19, 2019 @ 9:09pm
Sep 19, 2019
Not recommended with a bike up or down, primarily a hiking trail
Ev's Secret Wet
Sep 19, 2019 @ 8:28pm
Sep 19, 2019
Gallagher Jumps Unknown
Haywire Bay Road Unknown
Inland Lake FSR Unknown
Leaning Tree Dry
Sep 2, 2017 @ 3:22pm
Sep 2, 2017
A few fallen trees across the trail. Easy to get around but a 10 inch saw blade would be enpugh to clear them off.
Mahoney Road Dry
Jun 12, 2017 @ 8:24am
Jun 12, 2017
Microwave Dry
Sep 6, 2018 @ 7:38pm
Sep 6, 2018
Trail is awesome in terms of terrain it navigates down which includes two rock outcrops with tons of arbutus trees. Definitely a hiking trail and walked 10% with some switchbacks too tight for bikes and unridable uphills. Best view from ocean finish of any trail in Southwest BC IMO. I rode it solo pretty reserved and only a couple spots scetchy. Adventure descent with best views in PR! There is another trail you’ll see half way down which must have been a filmer trail that looks like an option to avoid last rock outcrop and final switchbacks that would be worth trying. If you don’t find this option then you shouldn’t be up there!! Picture attached shows you loamy goodness rock start from near radio towerz
Microwave Tower Road Unknown
Outtasight Unknown
Tower Extreme Unknown
Tower Spur Dry
Sep 2, 2017 @ 3:24pm
Sep 2, 2017
A few blackberry bushes are encroaching on the trail to the point of starting to scratch the rider going by.
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