segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Quail to Frog Frog Link772 ft65 ft81627997810
2Skink to Quick Rock Rocket Frog Trail1,448 ft65 ft63987112710
3Rocket Frog to Dingo junction Rocket Frog Trail4,657 ft160 ft60896102864
4QUICK ROCK DECENT Cockatoo Trail505 ft20 ft54674295513
5Skink Link Ascent Skink Link1,682 ft103 ft48675115631
6Echidna reverse toward BielbyRd Echidna Trail1,924 ft25 ft47164079614
7Whip Down Whipbird Way616 ft28 ft4532338728
8Whipbird Up Whipbird Way2,134 ft104 ft4519336433
9Whipbird from Kokoda to Wallaby Whipbird Way4,080 ft104 ft45123345717
10First climb Bellbird Trail2,289 ft135 ft3993235429
11Wagtail Way Wagtail Way2,157 ft96 ft38663091639
12Dingo Descent Dingo Trail4,002 ft278 ft38492956385
13Dingo - Renovated top section Dingo Trail1,489 ft109 ft38272973523
14New Dingo Climb Dingo Trail4,285 ft281 ft34112538826
15Echidna Trail Echidna Trail1,730 ft16 ft33552675819
16Gap Creek Car Park to Bielby Car Park Bellbird Trail4,347 ft134 ft3337181777
17Gap Creek Circuit (Down) Gap Creek Circuit4,389 ft149 ft33242981110
18Wagtail way Climb Wagtail Way2,467 ft79 ft3108274709
19Dirt Girls Down Gap Creek Circuit1,832 ft61 ft29942683634
20OG Pipeline (no top berms, no bottom pedal) Pipeline3,023 ft193 ft2934183955
21Chicken crosses the road climb Gap Creek Circuit1,645 ft71 ft2918221753
22dirt girls to powerful owl Gap Creek Circuit3,127 ft57 ft2790174168
23Fidler Sports 'Blue' single track Gap Creek Circuit4,265 ft88 ft2732170544
24gap circuit return Gap Creek Circuit4,710 ft151 ft26492116415
25Guts & Gullies Gap Creek Circuit1,639 ft98 ft2649212405
26Fidler Sports Highwood Climb Highwood Road Trail2,685 ft310 ft2582192783
27Three Sisters from end of Dingo Highwood Road Trail2,548 ft300 ft25761962812
28Do or do not. There is no try! Gold Creek Trail469 ft98 ft2510121382
29Three Sisters Highwood Road Trail2,706 ft303 ft24091610027
30Jones Break monster Death Adder Trail1,556 ft84 ft2318108311
31Up,Up,Up we go! Gold Creek Trail2,094 ft217 ft222198582
32The Out and Back Gap Creek Circuit1 miles58 ft2018119173
33Two sisters - Road to dingo Highwood Road Trail2,610 ft238 ft1972146237
34GCC thereandback Gap Creek Circuit2 miles158 ft19461129816
35Pipeline to Vietnam pinch Gold Creek Trail2,060 ft245 ft97722993
36glider Boscombe Rd Trail3,116 ft118 ft75130152
37Everest Claim South Boundary Road1 miles287 ft74836053
38Everest Pinch Reverse South Boundary Road1,471 ft113 ft74026890
39Sth Boundry Rd Start Climb South Boundary Road3,252 ft292 ft69133852
40Enoggera Dam Loop Pinch Down North Enoggera Reservoir Track530 ft92 ft3236360
41Dam pinch North Enoggera Reservoir Track1,147 ft165 ft3226390
42Steepness North Enoggera Reservoir Track1,611 ft126 ft3216310
43Pinch 3 descent North Enoggera Reservoir Track1,147 ft84 ft3204990
44Ring Stinger North Enoggera Reservoir Track632 ft102 ft2995840
45E-break to Payne Rd exit round dam Enoggera Reservoir Track - South2 miles75 ft2355530
46Gold Creek Road Climb McDonalds Loop South2,576 ft321 ft17170
47Roller Coaster Gap Creek Cubberla Creek Trail1,632 ft42 ft000
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