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2 BridgesHarkerville
1.4 miles-342 ft
1,224 ft-165 ft
Akkerkloof ContourConcordia Contours
1.4 miles-196 ft
And Why NotConcordia Contours
2,936 ft-76 ft
Baboon TrailWitfontein
4,817 ft-348 ft
Berend se padHarkerville
1.1 miles-100 ft
Big DropSaasveld
2,559 ft-87 ft
4,009 ft-425 ft
Broken HoeConcordia Contours
1,924 ft-34 ft
Buffelsnek to HidroBuffelsnek
9.3 miles-1,769 ft
CairnbrogiePlettenberg Bay
1.5 miles-63 ft
Cairnbrogie Coastal RouteCairnbrogie
3.0 miles-300 ft
Cairnbrogie StartCairnbrogie
2.2 miles-200 ft
Coffee Pot to BrakenhillHarkerville
2.8 miles-280 ft
CrazyCreekGarden Route Trail Park
3.3 miles-669 ft
2,966 ft-149 ft
DC School FeesConcordia Contours
466 ft-25 ft
Even FlowConcordia Contours
831 ft-35 ft
EverlongConcordia Contours
2,116 ft-76 ft
Forest FrenzyGarden Route Trail Park
2.6 miles-466 ft
FyndraaiConcordia Contours
676 ft
G-FlowGarden Route Trail Park
1.1 miles-188 ft
GalgothaConcordia Contours
1,618 ft-46 ft
Gavin's ToolConcordia Contours
1,221 ft-112 ft
Glebe to LinkBrackenhill
1.7 miles-226 ft
2,173 ft-80 ft
GregsThe Farm
1,789 ft-69 ft
Gum TrailKnysna
2,527 ft-29 ft
HannibalConcordia Contours
542 ft
Harkerville Dive BomberConcordia Contours
3,106 ft-77 ft
Harkerville Red 1st SingletrackHarkerville
1.5 miles-149 ft
Home StretchCairnbrogie
4,134 ft-48 ft
Homtini Singletrack 1Homtini
4,512 ft-345 ft
Homtini Top Singletrack DescentHomtini
4,294 ft-392 ft
IrisConcordia Contours
1,372 ft-37 ft
Jeromia (was a bullfrog)Concordia Contours
1,398 ft-41 ft
Jungle FeverGarden Route Trail Park
3.2 miles-633 ft
Last SingletrackHarkerville
4,363 ft-111 ft
Let The Good Times RollConcordia Contours
2,506 ft-268 ft
2,198 ft-288 ft
Long Road to RuinConcordia Contours
1,221 ft-127 ft
LunacyLaneGarden Route Trail Park
9.0 miles-1,125 ft
Mad CowsGarden Route Trail Park
5.0 miles-455 ft
MasqueradeConcordia Contours
1,902 ft-108 ft
Mikhulu SingletrackConcordia Contours
1,694 ft-87 ft
Mountain ManiaGarden Route Trail Park
4.0 miles-1,285 ft
NameConcordia Contours
177 ft-15 ft
Next to Tower RoadWitfontein
1,663 ft
NutcrackerConcordia Contours
973 ft-93 ft
Old TechWitfontein
2,896 ft-276 ft
7.0 miles-846 ft
Over The QuarryConcordia Contours
2,915 ft-261 ft
2.6 miles-199 ft
PaxConcordia Contours
761 ft-31 ft
Petrus se Brandt - SingletrackConcordia Contours
2.1 miles-94 ft
8.8 miles-1,606 ft
Phantom SingletrackPhantom
1.4 miles-604 ft
Poor FoolConcordia Contours
1,540 ft-9 ft
Prima DonnaKnysna
1,958 ft-94 ft
PureDarknessGarden Route Trail Park
667 ft-73 ft
PyroConcordia Contours
1,938 ft-66 ft
PyromaniacConcordia Contours
672 ft-47 ft
R&B FlowWitfontein
3,048 ft-333 ft
Ravine RunThe Farm
1,870 ft-169 ft
Red Bridge SingletrackPhantom
1,093 ft
River to the BenchHarkerville
4,834 ft-390 ft
Run Through The PinesCairnbrogie
5,085 ft-104 ft
ScorpionConcordia Contours
540 ft-3 ft
SelfishConcordia Contours
1,317 ft-100 ft
Seven DevilsConcordia Contours
2,225 ft-186 ft
Seven Devils Part 2Concordia Contours
711 ft-23 ft
Seven Devils Part 3Concordia Contours
742 ft-33 ft
Seven Devils Part 4Concordia Contours
1,939 ft-77 ft
Short LeftConcordia Contours
645 ft-15 ft
Short Left TooConcordia Contours
1,140 ft-31 ft
Shot LeftConcordia Contours
811 ft-88 ft
Skeleton BayConcordia Contours
1,325 ft-85 ft
Snail TrailWitfontein
4,111 ft-201 ft
SouthConcordia Contours
1.5 miles-220 ft
Southern CrossKnysna Town
1,051 ft-31 ft
SparrebossieConcordia Contours
1.3 miles-498 ft
Steve's RollercoasterBrackenhill
1.6 miles-429 ft
Stolen PorridgeConcordia Contours
613 ft-39 ft
Strawberry FieldConcordia Contours
1,569 ft-20 ft
Strawberry HillConcordia Contours
473 ft-8 ft
1.1 miles-395 ft
Synpathy for the DevilConcordia Contours
1,042 ft-115 ft
The Coffee PotBrackenhill
4.0 miles-388 ft
The GiftConcordia Contours
679 ft-17 ft
The HidroKnysna
2.7 miles-675 ft
The LinkWitfontein
2,528 ft-280 ft
The Rhythm is gonna get youConcordia Contours
1,056 ft-74 ft
The Road of BonesConcordia Contours
5,074 ft-172 ft
The Road to MojoGouna
2.9 miles-430 ft
The Singletrack with no nameConcordia Contours
644 ft-15 ft
The SnakeSaasveld
3,622 ft-114 ft
The StartGarden Route Trail Park
2.0 miles-93 ft
The Water Furrow Part 1Knysna
1.4 miles-172 ft
The Water Furrow Part 2Knysna
4,870 ft-109 ft
To Homtini RouteHomtini
3,787 ft-315 ft
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