Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
11 SwitchbacksMason Mill Park
3,120 ft-49 ft26 ft
11 Switchbacks to Privet UndergroundMason Mill Park
761 ft8 ft
11 Switchbacks to Privet UndergroundMason Mill Park
653 ft21 ft
200 Trail AccessYonah Preserve Trails
1,652 ft-51 ft36 ft
301 MBTFort Mountain State Park
11 miles-3,536 ft3,535 ft
301 MBT AccessFort Mountain State Park
1 mile-324 ft152 ft
302 MBTEllijay
2 miles-918 ft245 ft
303 MBTEllijay
3,912 ft-396 ft12 ft
5 Points ConnectorCloudland Canyon State Park
1,951 ft-20 ft107 ft
5 Turn Hill (Red)Cochran Mill Park
4,371 ft-141 ft143 ft
Aboothlacoosta LoopJackson
3 miles-182 ft196 ft
AccessSouthside Park
551 ft-6 ft
AccessBlankets Creek
424 ft-8 ft7 ft
Access Road/RR BedLula Lake Land Trust
2 miles-249 ft3 ft
Access TrailCalhoun Mountain Bike Park
1,292 ft-50 ft35 ft
Adams Bridge LoopBartram Forest
2,547 ft-84 ft23 ft
Advanced NorthSouth Rockdale Community Park
2,805 ft125 ft
Advanced South DownhillSouth Rockdale Community Park
1,342 ft-105 ft
Adventure JamLakeside Trails
1,074 ft-44 ft31 ft
Alumni TrailAthens
486 ft-17 ft
Amadahy TrailEllijay
4 miles-819 ft835 ft
AmphitheaterBerry College
3,481 ft-434 ft13 ft
Arrowhead EastArrowhead Park
1 mile-214 ft238 ft
Arrowhead Flow TrailArrowhead Park
1 mile-94 ft93 ft
Arrowhead ParkArrowhead Park
6 miles-493 ft495 ft
Arrowhead Pavillion LoopArrowhead Park
2,043 ft-120 ft125 ft
Atlanta Beltline Eastside TrailMason Mill Park
3 miles-31 ft163 ft
Atlanta Beltline SouthsideAtlanta
4 miles-24 ft70 ft
AtlatlCloudland Canyon State Park
1 mile-290 ft193 ft
Avalanche Loop 1Olde Rope Mill
1 mile-607 ft616 ft
Avalanche Loop 2Olde Rope Mill
2 miles-339 ft338 ft
Avalanche Loop 3Olde Rope Mill
2 miles-228 ft229 ft
Back 40Cool Springs Park
3,163 ft-35 ft11 ft
Back EndCloudland Canyon State Park
4,650 ft-58 ft285 ft
Backwoods ConnectorLost Mountain Park
1,556 ft-65 ft81 ft
Backwoods LoopLost Mountain Park
1 mile-279 ft286 ft
BailoutLakeside Trails
389 ft-14 ft55 ft
bandit IIJohn's Mountain
669 ft-86 ft8 ft
BarkeaterCloudland Canyon State Park
3 miles-293 ft489 ft
Bartram CenterBartram Forest
2,791 ft-86 ft2 ft
Bartram CentralBartram Forest
4,469 ft-98 ft134 ft
Bartram EastWildwood Park
3 miles-741 ft705 ft
Bartram East (East)Wildwood Park
3 miles-424 ft382 ft
Bartram FlowBartram Forest
5,104 ft-142 ft146 ft
Bartram NorthBartram Forest
1,480 ft-61 ft118 ft
Bartram WestWildwood Park
11 miles-2,850 ft2,968 ft
Bathtub GinLookout Mountain
2,859 ft-106 ft97 ft
Beach & Capground Loop TrailMistletoe State Park
3,081 ft-31 ft22 ft
Beach TrailMistletoe State Park
1 mile-106 ft112 ft
BearRaisin Woods
2 miles-227 ft230 ft
Bear Creek #136Ellijay
1,309 ft-76 ft
Bear Creek (Red)Cochran Mill Park
1 mile-213 ft202 ft
Bear Creek / Pinhoti Trail #136Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Conasauga District
4,593 ft-192 ft25 ft
Bear Creek / Pinhoti Trails #136Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Conasauga District
2,707 ft-35 ft132 ft
Bear Creek 2 #136Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Conasauga District
2 miles-134 ft453 ft
Bear Creek Loop #136Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Conasauga District
3 miles-791 ft617 ft
Bear Creek SpurChattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Conasauga District
2 miles-578 ft119 ft
Bear Creek SpurEllijay
2,735 ft-217 ft113 ft
Bear Hare TrailBull Mountain / Jake Mountain
3 miles-1,165 ft332 ft
Bear PawCherokee Bluffs Park
2 miles-270 ft272 ft
Bear Paw AccessCherokee Bluffs Park
333 ft-24 ft
Beetle BugCool Springs Park
1,900 ft-7 ft18 ft
Beginner #1South Rockdale Community Park
3,944 ft-127 ft137 ft
Beginner TrailBrown's Mill Battlefield
3,619 ft-81 ft75 ft
Bella's RunCloudland Canyon State Park
4,218 ft-91 ft169 ft
Beltline AccessLionel Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve
623 ft33 ft
Beltline AccessLionel Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve
233 ft-6 ft
Benton MacKaye Trail S-4Chattahoochee National Forest - Blue Ridge
5 miles-1,273 ft1,337 ft
Big Beech TrailOcmulgee Trails / Piedmont Wildlife Refuge
1,247 ft-5 ft59 ft
Big Creek GreenwayRoswell
8 miles-193 ft249 ft
Big Ridge Loop (Red)Cochran Mill Park
3 miles-246 ft260 ft
BigfootLost Mountain Park
2,032 ft-145 ft143 ft
BiminiStanding Boy Trails
3 miles-252 ft249 ft
Birdberry Rec SharedFort Yargo State Park
1,394 ft-21 ft17 ft
Birdwalk TrailReed Bingham State Park
4,636 ft-66 ft24 ft
Black BranchBull Mountain / Jake Mountain
3 miles-549 ft528 ft
Black Branch ConnectorDahlonega
177 ft
Black Dirt BluffMoore's Bridge Park
2 miles-235 ft236 ft
Blackwell Gap Trail 181pHouston Valley OHV Trails
2 miles-407 ft754 ft
Blizzard TrailWhissenhunt Mountain OHV Area
2,260 ft-140 ft124 ft
Blue LoopYellow River Park
2 miles-472 ft529 ft
Blue Outer LoopBrown's Mill Battlefield
3 miles-407 ft387 ft
Blue TrailRock Hawk Park
2 miles-173 ft172 ft
Blue TrailMatt Community Park
3,537 ft-17 ft65 ft
Blue TrailGeorgia International Horse Park
1 mile-207 ft207 ft
Blue TrailHard Labor Creek
4 miles-213 ft215 ft
Blue Trail (Connect)Yellow River Park
969 ft-14 ft21 ft
Blue Trail (E)Yellow River Park
1,674 ft-62 ft62 ft
Blue Trail (W)Yellow River Park
3,839 ft-129 ft102 ft
Blythe Island TrailBlythe Island Regional Park
3 miles-3 ft10 ft
Boardwalk TrailAthens
564 ft-16 ft
BoogerMount Tabor Park
3 miles-335 ft354 ft
BoomerangOcmulgee Trails / Piedmont Wildlife Refuge
3,993 ft-14 ft166 ft
BootleggerDauset Trails
1 mile-223 ft131 ft
Bootlegger GullyDauset Trails
1,356 ft-42 ft64 ft
Borderland TrailReed Bingham State Park
2 miles-68 ft89 ft
Boy Scout LoopBlue Ridge
1 mile-156 ft33 ft
Bridge LoopClinton Nature Preserve
4,382 ft-111 ft108 ft
Broad River Loop TrailPaynes Creek
1,939 ft-8 ft19 ft
Broad River Loop TrailVictoria Bryant State Park
4,203 ft-84 ft169 ft
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