segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1short run Forest Road556 ft41 ft13705480578
2Short Sharp Climb, GO! Forest Road2,220 ft77 ft135444907511
3Hope Line Climb Forest Road1,680 ft189 ft126585459551
4The Snake The Snake2,177 ft82 ft126434166748
5swoopy fun The Snake771 ft53 ft126214143017
61st climb to home bake Circle1,427 ft67 ft125524282612
7Over the hill Over The Hill1,331 ft51 ft12491419649
8Short Cut Forest Road443 ft11 ft12484400347
9Bridge House Wood Over The Hill1,833 ft65 ft12481420214
10off fireroad to fallen tree Unknown Track1,077 ft42 ft124543770213
11Last Uphill to home baked Home Baked1,694 ft61 ft12412409789
12Gisburn Forest - Home Baked DH Home Baked1,700 ft117 ft123994109453
13Half Way Round Unknown Track1,758 ft54 ft12394373444
14Off fire Rd over Bridges back to fire Rd Unknown Track3,564 ft64 ft12375369902
15Gisburn Forest Home Baked Home Baked3,088 ft106 ft12362405456
16Out of the car park The Snake333 ft13 ft12339424417
17Escape to Gisburn - Stage 1 Home Baked2,178 ft134 ft12308403344
18The only decent bit Home Baked1,589 ft113 ft12207397566
19off fireroad over little bridge Unknown Track3,310 ft64 ft121843602414
20Home Baked to fire road Home Baked1,635 ft114 ft121713930811
21bouncy bouncy Home Baked780 ft53 ft11959380047
22Swoopy first half Swoopy1,528 ft22 ft119223849910
23Swoopy Section Swoopy2,692 ft36 ft119133851236
24New along stream Swoopy1,056 ft31 ft11911385768
25swoopy to root Swoopy907 ft16 ft11881382123
26Swoopy Section Swoopy2,288 ft30 ft11878382806
27post 28 29 to wood Simons Swamp2,443 ft31 ft11870354370
28DH after Hully Gully Forest Road1,840 ft29 ft118473510621
29Start of woods to top of Hird Hill Whelpstone Crag1,918 ft70 ft11847353185
30Gisburn Crossing Simons Swamp Simons Swamp2,514 ft31 ft11839352928
31Short blast uphill Whelpstone Crag1,075 ft70 ft11833352161
32fire Rd climb after gully Forest Road836 ft77 ft11819351066
33A little bit of up Whelpstone Crag1,268 ft79 ft11814350595
34PMBA enduro 14 s1 fire road sprint Forest Road1,238 ft55 ft11791349599
35Whelpstone Descent Whelpstone Crag1,135 ft66 ft117443412728
36DEC - Whelpstone Slab Whelpstone Crag1,269 ft68 ft11582335223
37Welpstone Crag (1st Part) Whelpstone Crag2,101 ft24 ft11407324326
38Welpstone crag climb Whelpstone Crag947 ft22 ft11308328995
39Sheep Hill (Post 18-19) Sheep Hill2,632 ft42 ft11109320343
40Quarry Sheep Hill284 ft16 ft11088323488
41face plants and roots Bottoms981 ft52 ft10997276459
42o bugger that's steep Bottoms2,318 ft48 ft10958274085
43Granny Ring? Bottoms581 ft55 ft10942273173
44Fast sweeps, stumps & roots, keep pushing to fire road ! Bottoms1 miles160 ft10861269866
45DEC - Exit Bottoms to Fire Road Bottoms2,995 ft151 ft10815268005
46Forrest down hill after roots Bottoms1,348 ft144 ft106392572710
47Hully Gully Hully Gully1,479 ft156 ft1060933546129
48Roots and Berms Bottoms978 ft108 ft10299243406
49that straight bit Final Trail / 27 Berms869 ft15 ft10262297556
50Stream Dash Connector640 ft18 ft10130274233
51Last up and down from stephen park Final Trail / 27 Berms3,569 ft68 ft10023289909
52Last climb, give it your all. Final Trail / 27 Berms1,788 ft54 ft98532810613
53Berms Section near car park Final Trail / 27 Berms708 ft47 ft97002830810
54Rocky Road Rocky Road1,384 ft151 ft96112753415
55Gisburn Forest Final Berms Final Trail / 27 Berms943 ft49 ft95212776418
56Final Berms Final Trail / 27 Berms962 ft55 ft9490275649
57Over log short Log Ride1,065 ft43 ft9415234664
58Dragons teeth Whelpstone Crag396 ft21 ft8575218529
59bottom of the hope line The Hope Line274 ft25 ft8183415984
60Table tops The Hope Line253 ft6 ft7745372905
61Hopeline top to tabletops The Hope Line678 ft71 ft77072974312
62Hope Top Half The Hope Line1,125 ft106 ft76682891613
63HOPE FULL The Hope Line2,123 ft178 ft76562897769
64Hope Line (Bottom Section From Turn) The Hope Line895 ft70 ft7597282688
6528 Berms Final Trail / 27 Berms809 ft52 ft72761783026
66Section of Home Baked incuding the stairs Rocky Road465 ft36 ft6553180284
67Hope Line before trees Forest Road215 ft21 ft5277168385
68Low Rise to Hope Forest Road3,179 ft98 ft248874253
69Red decent (hully gully alternative) Connector782 ft94 ft218231273
70Snake bypass Forest Road1,276 ft62 ft208044571
71Hole house lane dropsy Hole House Lane2,213 ft18 ft196937462
72bye bye socks res Hole House Lane1,278 ft12 ft111616631
73Climb to bottom of red Forest Road1,726 ft140 ft66413390
74backwards at night Forest Road1,115 ft54 ft4175390
75Snake Hell ;-) The Snake2,340 ft89 ft44510
76Swoops and bridges backwards Unknown Track3,576 ft67 ft26320
77BTMS ROOTS FIRE RD TO STREAM Bottoms3,205 ft133 ft19340
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