segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1TdBN Stage 2 - corrected finish point Access Track2 miles486 ft7109524
2Penstock to pipe bridge descent Access Track2 miles915 ft6738173
3Fire Road Climb to WHW Trail Access Track2 miles932 ft6188472
4Ciaran Last Dash Ciaran Path4,762 ft222 ft6188232
5Pipe Run Pipe Run2 miles65 ft5297094
6Bluegrass blind enduro final decent Red DH2,713 ft559 ft52321600
7bluegrass blind enduro DRW crash area mid decent Red DH2,045 ft291 ft51921741
8Bluegrass blind enduro final decent Red DH2,769 ft566 ft50820510
9Kennels Trail Kennels5,111 ft1,054 ft4939515
10Glen coe red downhill Red DH1 miles958 ft44418963
11mac ave final descent Red DH1 miles1,009 ft44319000
12Glen coe red downhill Red DH1 miles909 ft44118912
13Grey Mares Trail Grey Mares Trail1 miles801 ft4337609
14Stage 2 - This is Enduro 2013 Kennels5,102 ft1,049 ft4228272
15kennels-trees Kennels1,717 ft366 ft3808164
16The Dudes - Stage 2 Kennels4,893 ft1,009 ft3808082
17Rock N Roller Ciaran Path4 miles925 ft3704330
18Old Military Rd Climb WHW Descent1 miles725 ft3683923
19Lower WHW to B863 WHW Descent1,835 ft168 ft2533620
20The Real Descent into Kinlochleven WHW Descent1 miles729 ft2232825
21Crain to bridge descent Sooks Pipe part 21,425 ft204 ft1391960
22Leiter Bo Fionn Leiter Bo Fionn3,461 ft637 ft1121820
23Lochan Reverse Traverse climb Fire Road3,454 ft240 ft994612
24TNP Deer Trail1,349 ft254 ft962451
25Heart Attack Hill Mountain Trail1,135 ft177 ft951380
26full dh on the east Deer Trail1,184 ft298 ft762481
27Kennels descent Gary Walks the Dog1,636 ft101 ft731390
28Glencoe, DH on the East Deer Trail721 ft208 ft722360
29Stream Crossings Trashie Blonde940 ft197 ft491190
30Steep Up Challenge Mountain Trail402 ft37 ft48980
31heart attack hill (feet up challange) Mountain Trail1,118 ft163 ft41620
32glen coe forest climb Fire Road1 miles453 ft34690
333 Step Drop Stables Trail936 ft155 ft27871
34Old Military Road Climb Binnein Mor Path5,231 ft930 ft23250
35Old Military Rd Climb Ciaran Path3,408 ft336 ft16161
36Road ride Upper1,096 ft240 ft12270
37Old Military Rd Climb Access Track2,288 ft359 ft11110
38pipeline cx hike a bike Access Track925 ft288 ft11130
39Old Military Rd Climb Grey Mares Trail1 miles824 ft10120
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