segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Lochan Reverse Traverse climb Fire Road3,454 ft240 ft994612
2TNP Deer Trail1,349 ft254 ft962451
3Heart Attack Hill Mountain Trail1,135 ft177 ft951380
4full dh on the east Deer Trail1,184 ft298 ft762481
5Glencoe, DH on the East Deer Trail721 ft208 ft722360
6Stream Crossings Trashie Blonde940 ft197 ft491190
7Steep Up Challenge Mountain Trail402 ft37 ft48980
8heart attack hill (feet up challange) Mountain Trail1,118 ft163 ft41620
9glen coe forest climb Fire Road1 miles453 ft34690
103 Step Drop Stables Trail936 ft155 ft27871
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