segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1CBT down top segment CBT Mainline1,809 ft46 ft127929821
2Bear Claw S - N Bear Claw Upper3,095 ft163 ft94517402
3Section 2 Elk road-road 2 CBT Mainline4,453 ft293 ft89338763
4CBT - new upper section - descent CBT Mainline3,954 ft58 ft85025875
5Canyon Creek DH Canyon Creek1 miles690 ft84715182
6Section 3 Rd 2- Rd 3 (powerline) CBT Mainline4,499 ft193 ft80531014
7Canyon Creek to Moonraker junction Canyon Creek1 miles923 ft78213810
8Magic Carpet Ride 2017 Magic Carpet Ride3,173 ft299 ft77917530
9Moonraker - Down to Bear Claw Moonraker2,335 ft70 ft75814171
10Take it Easy Proper Take it Easy1 miles156 ft74629032
11UP Chute to first road Chute the Duck862 ft120 ft73326142
12Rocky road down (Rockabout from summit) Rock About1,563 ft134 ft73328401
13Old Age to the Power Lines CBT Mainline4,523 ft57 ft68226580
14Hymenoptera Hymenoptera4,177 ft230 ft67015485
15H1 up Hemiptera2,591 ft200 ft64713281
16CBT to Mighty Quinn Junction CBT Mainline2 miles654 ft60731727
17The Goods down in Mordor Huff & Puff2,010 ft78 ft60622156
18gold rush down to take it easy Gold Rush Descent5,039 ft405 ft60016402
19CBT down (Dogtooth FSR to Alpine) CBT Mainline2,994 ft104 ft57911760
20Up Chute the duck Chute the Duck1,475 ft168 ft53411462
21Unnamed Road Climb LSD Access Road2,337 ft370 ft4947300
22Tonight Tequila Climb Tonight Tequila1 miles302 ft4837934
23upper 5k to after wet dream 5 km3,767 ft606 ft47610814
24The Goods down Magic Dragon Magic Dragon2,385 ft154 ft46620244
25Better Than Boston Better Than Boston5,151 ft164 ft4599563
26Moonraker from the canyon Moonraker4,084 ft247 ft4516620
27Northern Lights KHMR Northern Lights2,262 ft355 ft44216894
28Dirt Devil KHMR Dirt Devil823 ft150 ft42516421
29magic carpet extension Magic Carpet Ride3,100 ft376 ft4189340
30Cedar Camp Cedar Camp3,483 ft52 ft4096500
31CBT up (Alpine to Dogtooth FSR) CBT Mainline2,612 ft87 ft4029060
32Kranky top Kranky Pants2,633 ft400 ft38611540
33Take it Easy extension Take it Easy (Extension)2,529 ft83 ft3685990
34Buffalo Jump KHMR Buffalo Jump1,149 ft223 ft36410663
35Buffalo Jump Buffalo Jump1,221 ft231 ft36310502
36Rock About Switchback Climb Rock About1,288 ft117 ft35913394
37Devils Slide Devil's Slide2,148 ft108 ft3556602
38Dragon Chaser 2017 Dragon Chaser4,299 ft360 ft3535110
39Mc Beath Rd Climb Moonraker2,869 ft297 ft3395020
40Rock About Loop Rock About1 miles224 ft33811911
41Alpine Meadows Upper Climb Alpine Meadows lower1,884 ft148 ft3275080
42technical up Kobe's734 ft46 ft3246960
43Roller Coaster- Selkirk Slacker Roller Coaster1,430 ft232 ft3226550
44Lower Kranky Pants KHMR Easy Rider2,620 ft245 ft3087631
45Rock About clockwise Rock About5,122 ft221 ft3025771
46Selkirk Slacker Selkirk Slacker3,780 ft119 ft30216967
47Upper Kranky Pants Kranky Pants1 miles876 ft2936730
48Road Runner KHMR Road Runner1,580 ft296 ft2817531
49Time Travel KHMR Time Travel1,586 ft232 ft2798772
50Cliffside Climb Cliff Side1,930 ft146 ft2605360
51Scalli Mag Single track Scalli-Mag1 miles80 ft2575590
52Chute the Duck to Selkirk Chute the Duck1,564 ft180 ft25311161
53Training Wheels KHMR Training Wheels1,153 ft140 ft2536710
54Damn Bypass Damn Bypass3,301 ft122 ft2453521
55Better Than Boston down Better Than Boston5,267 ft160 ft2424553
56Cedar Camp - from North Star to Boat Launch Cedar Camp5,119 ft59 ft2413871
57Moonraker Down Moonraker3,933 ft230 ft2354902
58Excalibur Up Excalibur1 miles491 ft2342500
59Bowle-Evans Drive Climb Bowle Evans Dr3,001 ft469 ft2334500
60McBeath Road Climb LSD Access Road5,111 ft379 ft2263460
61Cedar Snag Cedar Snag3 miles338 ft2213112
62Full Kobe's clockwise Kobe's1 miles140 ft2142660
63North Star - North North Star3,277 ft130 ft2094521
64Arrowhead N->S Arrowhead3 miles304 ft2074945
65Buzz Buzz3,521 ft170 ft1974380
66Rock 'n' Roll KHMR Rock 'n' Roll1,481 ft374 ft1864023
67Woodlot Ride Woodlot Ride1 miles396 ft1852692
685k to Erich's Schacher2 miles648 ft1833090
69Buzz Down Buzz3,539 ft7 ft1731910
70Unnamed Road Climb Access Road1 miles399 ft1732170
71LSD Access Rd Climb LSD Access Road3 miles1,374 ft1612450
72Swamp Donkey Swamp Donkey1 miles503 ft1574861
73Gold Rush West to East Gold Rush4,655 ft149 ft1484791
74Bowle Evans Dr Climb Bowle Evans Dr3,885 ft418 ft1463140
75LYM KHMR LYM952 ft106 ft1402660
763KM MT7 FSR Bowle Evans Dr2 miles631 ft1352980
77Lower Hemiptera down Hemiptera2,654 ft214 ft1253470
78Unnamed Road Climb T42,870 ft292 ft1221830
79Quinton's to Huff & Puff Quentin's3,771 ft115 ft1213751
80Bowle-Evans Drive Climb Bowle Evans Dr1 miles579 ft1141540
81Hop A Long KHMR Buffalo Jump1,413 ft199 ft941730
82Easy Rider KHMR Easy Rider4,290 ft479 ft801510
83Wild Rose KHMR Pioneer1,965 ft364 ft771630
84Deaddog Dead Dog893 ft401 ft711042
85Klahowya singletrack section Klahowya3,683 ft49 ft57730
86Selkirk Slacker - West Selkirk Slacker3,836 ft177 ft561650
87Stick Rock KHMR Stickrock1,883 ft378 ft551271
88schacher ob Schacher18 miles2,966 ft53580
89North Star North Star2 miles328 ft51630
90Alpine Meadow Trail has no meadows Alpine Meadows lower3,408 ft315 ft17180
91Alpine Meadow Trail has no meadows Alpine Meadows lower3,408 ft315 ft17180
92Unnamed Road Climb T43,373 ft301 ft220
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