1356 to Mine trail
1.9 miles-335 ft
A Quiet Alternative
1.1 miles-163 ft
Anniversary Arch Loop
1.2 miles-342 ft
Around the Mine
3,179 ft-36 ft
Brighton Ridge
1,770 ft-80 ft
Bulldog Canyon Trail
1.7 miles-164 ft
Bush Trail
1.5 miles-139 ft
Bushwacking Monster
3,823 ft-88 ft
Cottonwood Wash
2.4 miles-130 ft
Foothills Trail
1.4 miles-97 ft
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
1.6 miles-384 ft
Goldfield East Access
2,875 ft-43 ft
Horse With No Name
4.5 miles-880 ft
Jays Secret By-Pass
3,130 ft-102 ft
Miner's Ridge
3,607 ft-83 ft
Over the Hill and Down the Hatch
4,029 ft-231 ft
Pass Mountain trail to Bulldog
4.4 miles-825 ft
Salty Basin Loop
3.9 miles-298 ft
Slice O' Heaven
2.1 miles-458 ft
Spider Bite
3,424 ft-142 ft
The Rock
2,130 ft-50 ft
Tomahawk Pass
1.4 miles-342 ft
Wash Trail
1.4 miles-32 ft
Willow Connector
2,572 ft-72 ft
Willow Springs Tank Trail
2.8 miles-594 ft
Willow Springs Trail Access
4,873 ft-161 ft
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