statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
587 ft-73 ft
Blikkies DriftGrabouw Forestry
1.6 miles-314 ft
Body Building ElfLebanon
1,544 ft-7 ft
Bok DrolLebanon
1,792 ft-125 ft
BoomslangPaul Cluver
2,673 ft-202 ft
663 ft-73 ft
Clean MachineLebanon
1,644 ft-21 ft
Country Club Single TrackGrabouw Forestry
2,444 ft-134 ft
Double RedLebanon
2,657 ft-127 ft
Downhill All The WayGrabouw Forestry
1.4 miles-429 ft
End of the lineLebanon
2,326 ft-51 ft
Forrest TwistGrabouw Forestry
2,462 ft-76 ft
Gerhard LowerGrabouw Forestry
1,515 ft-86 ft
Gerhard UpperGrabouw Forestry
3,198 ft-211 ft
Green Route returnLebanon
1,452 ft-38 ft
Hansekop TrailGrabouw Forestry
1.1 miles-159 ft
I don't wanna grow upLebanon
1.2 miles-237 ft
Lance Dance LowerGrabouw Forestry
4,824 ft-143 ft
Lance Dance UpperGrabouw Forestry
1.3 miles-386 ft
1,363 ft-84 ft
Loco motiveLebanon
4,112 ft-101 ft
Look there's a ShoeGrabouw Forestry
1,427 ft-17 ft
Make YourselfLebanon
670 ft-49 ft
MambaPaul Cluver
4,748 ft-210 ft
MTO Flat and FastGrabouw Forestry
3,338 ft-19 ft
MTO Rocky Single TrackGrabouw Forestry
1.3 miles-356 ft
NürburgringPaul Cluver
3,336 ft-104 ft
Oak Valley BlueOak Valley
7.3 miles-727 ft
Oak Valley RedOak Valley
14.1 miles-1,429 ft
Ode to MoliniLebanon
1,653 ft-154 ft
Old MacDaddy descentLebanon
2,719 ft-200 ft
Old macdaddy traverseLebanon
3,582 ft-138 ft
Original SinGrabouw Forestry
1.1 miles-146 ft
Owl's RoostLebanon
2,521 ft-167 ft
1.9 miles-456 ft
Pine SinglesPaul Cluver
1.9 miles-355 ft
PofadderPaul Cluver
4,728 ft-207 ft
Post Rocky ClimbGrabouw Forestry
2,009 ft-8 ft
Raking Rocks!Lebanon
402 ft-14 ft
Roots to RestaurantPaul Cluver
1.0 miles-182 ft
Sinus WaveLebanon
3,497 ft-221 ft
Sweet FreedomLebanon
1,634 ft-14 ft
Thandi Fynbos Single TrackPaul Cluver
1.5 miles-138 ft
Thandi Switchback ClimbPaul Cluver
4,581 ft-42 ft
Tru Cape Single TrackGrabouw Forestry
2.0 miles-430 ft
Watch your backLebanon
2,394 ft-38 ft
2,247 ft-56 ft
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