Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
4 miles-943 ft631 ft
36th ChamberTrestle Bike Park
1,900 ft-138 ft
Akima's WayVasquez
3,606 ft-23 ft175 ft
AlpineWinter Park
3,625 ft82 ft
ArapahoFraser Valley
338 ft-13 ft2 ft
1 mile-545 ft72 ft
Ashy LarryGranby Ranch
1,760 ft-310 ft
BackscratchSt. Louis Creek
2 miles-695 ft107 ft
Ballroom BlackGranby Ranch
1,546 ft-162 ft6 ft
Banana PeelTrestle Bike Park
1,506 ft-131 ft
Beall UcanbTrestle Bike Park
941 ft-111 ft24 ft
Bear ArmsTrestle Bike Park
1,923 ft-229 ft29 ft
Bee LineGranby Ranch
1 mile-777 ft13 ft
BenchGrand County
1 mile-80 ft232 ft
Birch'sGranby Ranch
2,266 ft-131 ft51 ft
Blue CrushTrestle Bike Park
672 ft-70 ft2 ft
Blue ExtraDevil's Thumb Ranch
1 mile-147 ft149 ft
Blue SkyVasquez
1 mile-145 ft377 ft
Blue Sky ConnectorWinter Park
1,892 ft-134 ft6 ft
Boot CampTrestle Bike Park
3,119 ft-295 ft71 ft
Bottom of the BowlGranby
991 ft-57 ft1 ft
Broken SpadeElk Creek
1 mile-367 ft10 ft
Broken ThumbIdlewild
3 miles-203 ft1,023 ft
Broken Thumb CutoffIdlewild
1,205 ft-149 ft3 ft
Brush PileGranby
5,115 ft-374 ft3 ft
Buck CreekTrestle Bike Park
2 miles-99 ft934 ft
BucnastyGranby Ranch
1,912 ft-382 ft
Burnout CutoffIdlewild
493 ft-30 ft
Burnout LoopIdlewild
1 mile-250 ft252 ft
Cabin TrailGranby Ranch
4,821 ft-253 ft36 ft
Cake WalkGranby Ranch
4,443 ft-28 ft179 ft
Caribou #9.5Granby Ranch
6 miles-319 ft1,592 ft
CDT - Arapaho Ridge #1135.1Troublesome
4 miles-1,539 ft874 ft
CDT - High Lonesome #7Granby
7 miles-527 ft1,011 ft
CDT - Poison Ridge 1211.1CKremmling
3 miles-303 ft783 ft
ChainsawElk Creek
3 miles-331 ft409 ft
Cheese-ItGranby Ranch
4,696 ft-676 ft
2,495 ft-33 ft215 ft
Colorado River Trail #139Granby Ranch
1 mile-85 ft45 ft
1,649 ft-10 ft52 ft
CougarGranby Ranch
3,080 ft-565 ft3 ft
Crater Lakes #819Trestle Bike Park
1 mile-8 ft670 ft
Creekside CG (East)St. Louis Creek
1,659 ft-30 ft1 ft
Creekside CG (West)St. Louis Creek
3,867 ft-68 ft1 ft
Creekside LoopElk Creek
3 miles-323 ft89 ft
1 mile399 ft
Crosstrails (East)Idlewild
2,031 ft-106 ft61 ft
Crosstrails AccessGrand County
2,660 ft-14 ft166 ft
Cruel and UnusualTrestle Bike Park
2,849 ft-305 ft28 ft
D2 GreenElk Creek
1 mile-3 ft158 ft
2,070 ft-132 ft13 ft
2 miles-537 ft109 ft
Devil's Thumb Park #7.1Fraser
4,008 ft-18 ft98 ft
DianeTrestle Bike Park
2,343 ft-65 ft10 ft
Dirty DozenFraser Valley
3,252 ft-384 ft31 ft
Discovery CutoffFraser Valley
979 ft67 ft
2 miles-21 ft36 ft
DiveGrand County
2,585 ft125 ft
Doe CreekGranby Ranch
3 miles-587 ft1,101 ft
Doe Creek WestGranby Ranch
2 miles-522 ft91 ft
Double BitElk Creek
4,012 ft-152 ft
Double JeopardyTrestle Bike Park
3,783 ft-353 ft19 ft
Double Jeopardy ConnectionTrestle Bike Park
1,253 ft-54 ft4 ft
Double PoleDevil's Thumb Ranch
1 mile-65 ft6 ft
DrawDevil's Thumb Ranch
2,259 ft-10 ft71 ft
DrifterGranby Ranch
4,201 ft-684 ft
Dyno BonesFraser Valley
2,262 ft-223 ft16 ft
Elk Creek LoopElk Creek
6 miles-1,528 ft1,240 ft
Elk MeadowElk Creek
5,120 ft-136 ft195 ft
Elliot's TrailDevil's Thumb Ranch
607 ft35 ft
Eye to EyeVasquez
1 mile-464 ft101 ft
Fantasy MeadowTrestle Bike Park
2,211 ft-74 ft67 ft
Fenceline FrolicKremmling
3,415 ft-129 ft
Fire CrackerVasquez
1,796 ft-124 ft13 ft
FlumeElk Creek
2 miles-330 ft139 ft
Fraser CanyonGranby Ranch
1 mile491 ft
Fraser Canyon (N)Granby Ranch
3 miles-592 ft237 ft
Fraser River Trail - NorthGrand County
3 miles-223 ft43 ft
Fraser to GranbyGranby
2 miles-300 ft189 ft
Fraser to GranbyGranby
4 miles-416 ft176 ft
Fraser to Granby TrailGranby Ranch
2 miles-325 ft80 ft
Free SpeechFraser Valley
980 ft27 ft
Free Speech (Lower)Fraser Valley
2,249 ft-194 ft27 ft
Froot LoopGranby
5,039 ft-157 ft69 ft
2 miles-4 ft191 ft
Green Horn-ItTrestle Bike Park
1,995 ft-79 ft6 ft
Green Ridge #112Granby Ranch
3,017 ft-26 ft32 ft
Green Ridge #112Granby Ranch
2,267 ft-3 ft3 ft
Green WorldTrestle Bike Park
5 miles-1,745 ft424 ft
Green World (Bottom)Fraser Valley
3,393 ft-281 ft11 ft
Hallett's PeekGranby Ranch
2 miles-390 ft162 ft
Happy CamperTrestle Bike Park
4,318 ft-277 ft
HawkGrand County
1 mile-330 ft181 ft
HawkeyeGranby Ranch
2,167 ft-86 ft33 ft
Helle's NutsVasquez
1 mile-578 ft52 ft
Ho Chi MinVasquez
1,543 ft-70 ft17 ft
IcarusTrestle Bike Park
1 mile-660 ft70 ft
Icarus (West)Trestle Bike Park
2,737 ft-173 ft12 ft
Ice HillVasquez
4,624 ft-144 ft217 ft
1,983 ft154 ft
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