Mountain Bike
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100W Bike PathMoab
3,957 ft-22 ft
6 miles-409 ft1,054 ft
1,961 ft-91 ft15 ft
435 ft-21 ft2 ft
2 miles-60 ft321 ft
7up - Bull Run connectorMag 7
855 ft-33 ft31 ft
7up SingletrackHorsethief
3,176 ft-54 ft120 ft
Above AbyssSand Flats Recreation Area
2 miles-451 ft408 ft
Agate EastKlondike Bluffs
3,665 ft-28 ft56 ft
Agate WestKlondike Bluffs
4,021 ft-36 ft72 ft
Aggie Drive bike pathMoab
1,988 ft115 ft
Ahab ConnectorAmasa Back
253 ft-14 ft2 ft
AlaskaKlondike Bluffs
4 miles-941 ft545 ft
Amasa Back accessAmasa Back
3,564 ft-68 ft42 ft
Amasa Back OverlookAmasa Back
2,402 ft-10 ft140 ft
Arth's Corner (lower)Mag 7
2 miles-274 ft44 ft
Arths CornerMag 7
1 mile-294 ft104 ft
AzuriteKlondike Bluffs
1 mile-280 ft307 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
1 mile-76 ft173 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
4,194 ft-91 ft166 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
2,636 ft-51 ft128 ft
Baby Steps LoopKlondike Bluffs
2 miles-47 ft308 ft
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
2 miles-312 ft58 ft
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
1 mile502 ft
Baby Steps SingletrackKlondike Bluffs
1 mile-165 ft174 ft
Baby Steps SouthKlondike Bluffs
5,140 ft-23 ft276 ft
Bachelor Basin #5034La Sal Mountains
7 miles-1,414 ft3,930 ft
Bar BMoab Brand Trails
2 miles-299 ft299 ft
Bar M CliffMoab Brand Trails
1,994 ft-67 ft63 ft
Bartlett DropoutMoab
1,642 ft-70 ft5 ft
Bartlett WashMoab
3 miles-303 ft595 ft
Big ChiefDead Horse Point
4 miles-143 ft196 ft
Big LonelyNavajo Rocks
3 miles-313 ft74 ft
Big MesaNavajo Rocks
3 miles-304 ft228 ft
3,921 ft-171 ft171 ft
3,467 ft-58 ft121 ft
5,147 ft-271 ft51 ft
3,827 ft-142 ft9 ft
Borderline ShrineKlonzo
53 ft-1 ft1 ft
Boren Mesa #5037La Sal Mountains
3 miles-572 ft761 ft
Brushy BasinSovereign Trail System
2,292 ft-185 ft32 ft
Bull RunMag 7
2 miles-629 ft276 ft
Bull Run (lower)Mag 7
3 miles-479 ft242 ft
Burlfriends Trail #88La Sal Mountains
4 miles-1,179 ft502 ft
Burro PassLa Sal Mountains
5 miles-1,942 ft1,155 ft
Burro ShortcutLa Sal Mountains
1 mile-131 ft92 ft
Campground ConnectorHorsethief
516 ft-3 ft6 ft
Captain Ahab (lower)Amasa Back
2 miles-848 ft241 ft
Captain Ahab (upper)Amasa Back
2 miles-548 ft489 ft
5,132 ft-69 ft68 ft
Carpenter Basin #5028La Sal Mountains
3 miles-661 ft549 ft
Cedar MountainSovereign Trail System
4 miles-747 ft506 ft
Cedar MountainSovereign Trail System
1 mile-55 ft287 ft
Cedar Mtn Drop OutSovereign Trail System
222 ft-2 ft8 ft
CG AccessHorsethief
146 ft10 ft
Chevron to High SchoolMoab
1,617 ft-14 ft15 ft
Chilkoot PassKlondike Bluffs
2,383 ft-46 ft42 ft
Chilkoot PassKlondike Bluffs
3,035 ft-39 ft38 ft
7 miles-635 ft276 ft
Chisholm Campground ConnectorHorsethief
1,027 ft-3 ft12 ft
Circle OMoab Brand Trails
3 miles-263 ft237 ft
Clark Lake #5141La Sal Mountains
2 miles-1,177 ft3 ft
Clark Lake Loop #5144La Sal Mountains
1 mile-249 ft38 ft
Cliff HangerAmasa Back
4 miles-283 ft995 ft
Cliff Hanger (alt)Amasa Back
886 ft-4 ft30 ft
Colorado River bike pathMoab
2 miles-39 ft38 ft
Coney IslandNavajo Rocks
3 miles-127 ft599 ft
Courthouse RockMoab
1 mile-125 ft353 ft
Cross CanyonKlonzo
1 mile-281 ft185 ft
CrossroadsDead Horse Point
2 miles-151 ft50 ft
Deadman's RidgeMoab Brand Trails
3 miles-544 ft386 ft
Deadmans AccMoab Brand Trails
470 ft-18 ft12 ft
Deadmans ConnMoab Brand Trails
220 ft14 ft
Dino FlowKlondike Bluffs
5 miles-511 ft419 ft
Doe Canyon #5100La Sal Mountains
2 miles-1,272 ft318 ft
2,373 ft-8 ft132 ft
1 mile-113 ft113 ft
Dunestone ConnectorKlonzo
396 ft-5 ft6 ft
Eagle EyeLa Sal Mountains
2 miles-757 ft16 ft
EKGKlondike Bluffs
3,915 ft-108 ft133 ft
EKGKlondike Bluffs
4 miles-673 ft539 ft
EKG (N)Klondike Bluffs
4,999 ft-127 ft183 ft
EscapeMoab Brand Trails
1,033 ft-58 ft7 ft
EZMoab Brand Trails
1 mile-63 ft133 ft
EZ AccessMoab Brand Trails
1,156 ft-22 ft5 ft
Ez AccessMoab Brand Trails
151 ft8 ft
EZ/Lazy connectorMoab Brand Trails
717 ft18 ft
Falcon FlowSand Flats Recreation Area
5 miles-1,080 ft336 ft
Fins & ThingsSand Flats Recreation Area
5 miles-754 ft398 ft
Fins & Things (Day Time)Sand Flats Recreation Area
3 miles-279 ft390 ft
Fisher MesaLa Sal Mountains
3,319 ft-148 ft21 ft
Fisher MesaLa Sal Mountains
4 miles-1,151 ft350 ft
Flat PassLa Sal Mountains
9 miles-1,044 ft1,675 ft
Gas Line CutoffMoab
1 mile-40 ft
Gas Line to Rusty SpurMoab
3,917 ft36 ft
Getaway (lower)Mag 7
1 mile-121 ft40 ft
Getaway (middle)Mag 7
1 mile-96 ft52 ft
Getaway (Top)Mag 7
3 miles-640 ft85 ft
Getaway (Upper)Mag 7
2 miles-254 ft36 ft
Geyser Pass CutoffLa Sal Mountains
4,246 ft-173 ft212 ft
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