Mountain Bike
280th Avenue SE Connector Trail
2,646 ft-124 ft39 ft
Access Trail
1,027 ft-41 ft
Black Nugget
2,516 ft-54 ft3 ft
Bonneville Power Line Trail
3,564 ft-42 ft33 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail - East Climb
3,749 ft-53 ft484 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail - West Climb
1 mile-262 ft821 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail Shortcut
719 ft-23 ft103 ft
East Sunset Way Connector
2,005 ft-70 ft15 ft
Forest Paved Trail
1,809 ft-34 ft139 ft
Grand Ridge
5 miles-1,028 ft1,095 ft
Grand Ridge Summit Trail
3,351 ft-374 ft5 ft
High School Path
2,997 ft-73 ft19 ft
High School Trail
4,032 ft-84 ft418 ft
Highlands Climb
1,159 ft-19 ft138 ft
4,354 ft8 ft
IHS Tennis Courts
789 ft-3 ft26 ft
Issaquah Creek (Beach)
1,240 ft
Issaquah Creek Trail
1 mile-17 ft
Link Trail
148 ft-18 ft
New Backside
2,585 ft-139 ft16 ft
Orchard Loop
2,339 ft-2 ft2 ft
Park Pointe 1
1,402 ft-61 ft20 ft
Pickering Multi-Use Trail
4,183 ft-18 ft
Puget Power Trail
1 mile-113 ft27 ft
Rainier Greenway Trail (south)
3,412 ft29 ft
Rainier Trail
1,884 ft35 ft
392 ft-79 ft
South Pond Loop
2,937 ft-79 ft61 ft
Spruce Coaster
2,822 ft-143 ft74 ft
St. Kitchen Loop
1,549 ft
Sunset TH
459 ft-87 ft
Sunset to Rainier Trail
669 ft-60 ft
Tradition Plateau Trail
1,372 ft-224 ft10 ft
Tradition Trailhead Cutoff
2,449 ft-99 ft145 ft
1,298 ft-11 ft26 ft
4,629 ft-264 ft176 ft
791 ft135 ft
442 ft-32 ft
Water Tower Loop
2 miles-263 ft220 ft
West Tiger Pipeline Trail
2,927 ft-44 ft68 ft
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