segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Shortcut to Concord Rd. Connector542 ft32 ft3517248826Weston
2Gasline DH over NEMBA bridges up Twistys Landlock Forest West1,938 ft55 ft2118158518Burlington
3Powerline UH Power Lines Road1,002 ft9 ft1550117142Burlington
4Mini LL DH Mini Landlocked2,221 ft53 ft147685516Burlington
5Twisties North Landlocked Forest Loop2,352 ft29 ft130273387Burlington
6MF South Dam Switchback (Westbound) Reservoir Trail (B5-8 to Gate 12)813 ft43 ft127675237Winchester
7Steel barrel ledge Old Kendall Road Loop370 ft10 ft1215105476Burlington
8Rock Garden heading North Landlocked Forest Loop1,212 ft48 ft121246844Burlington
9North Reservoir Climb Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))859 ft72 ft117663126Winchester
10You Shall Not Pass! Blue Heron Trail1,188 ft9 ft112148855Newton
11MF Orange You Having Fun? (Southbound) Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))1,605 ft29 ft111560302Winchester
12Up and down s bdr rd bump Reservoir Trail (B5-8 to Gate 12)682 ft53 ft1114685311Winchester
13Camber Landlocked Forest Loop767 ft67 ft110760512Burlington
14The Real Good Stuff Landlocked Forest Loop1,435 ft98 ft109664243Burlington
15LLFBlue-YellowPipelineClimb Landlocked Forest Loop637 ft29 ft107067993Burlington
16Just the Good Stuff Landlocked Forest Loop2,164 ft84 ft105462735Burlington
17Bear Hill Fire road Descent Sheepfold Path1,052 ft95 ft104552151Winchester
18North Res. Down to Firehouse bridge Reservoir Trail (N. Reservoir Dam to N. Border Rd.)906 ft81 ft103659111Winchester
19True North Res to Firehouse Bridge (Bike Loop) Reservoir Trail (N. Reservoir Dam to N. Border Rd.)2,499 ft83 ft103352881Winchester
20WTF Sprinting up this is not great Reservoir Trail (B5-8 to Gate 12)842 ft59 ft103355160Winchester
21Rock Garden Hill to Top Sheepfold Path1,165 ft89 ft980488715Winchester
22Reservoir Trail (Nanepashemet Rd. to DH) Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))2,770 ft48 ft97848321Winchester
23You Shall Not Pass! north Blue Heron Trail1,033 ft96038267Newton
24landlock back door To Route 622,987 ft62 ft95341811Burlington
25Powerline DH Power Lines Road2,475 ft68 ft94623580Burlington
26Prospect hill, Totten pond gate to 5th ave exit Prospect Hill2,036 ft199 ft941551817Waltham
27Fells Rock Garden Hill Sheepfold Path1,479 ft85 ft94144705Winchester
28MTB Loop CW north side Reservoir Trail (N. Reservoir Dam to N. Border Rd.)2,861 ft24 ft91243575Winchester
29SF I Don't Even Know Krystian Reservoir Trail (Sheepfold to E. Dam Rd.)994 ft30 ft90352040Winchester
30Monument corner to McKeever base Old Kendall Road Loop1,448 ft18 ft87555293Burlington
31MF Where's Krystian? (Northbound) Reservoir Trail (Sheepfold to E. Dam Rd.)1,046 ft14 ft86947953Winchester
32Fire Road Climb Bear Hill Road1,020 ft70 ft84636386Winchester
33Prospect park hill bottom to fork Prospect Hill2,968 ft208 ft83145908Waltham
34LLF Powerline Climb to Tip Power Lines Road2,076 ft62 ft82031894Burlington
35Skyline Climb Nanepashemet Road1,224 ft77 ft78428250Winchester
36Tree Stump to Rip that rut To Route 621,577 ft31 ft78033573Burlington
37Expressway Blast To Route 62431 ft30 ft77633983Burlington
38Agent Orange Reservoir Trail (Sheepfold to E. Dam Rd.)1,603 ft49 ft770443212Winchester
39Fast down Landlocked Forest Loop1,508 ft65 ft76334695Burlington
40Steep Short Pitch Nanepashemet Road752 ft52 ft75625431Winchester
41LLF - Do it Up To Route 621,115 ft51 ft75231614Burlington
42Turn Around To Route 621,053 ft68 ft73230835Burlington
43Descent to WTF Nanepashemet Road1,831 ft94 ft72723181Winchester
44Orange West - Mollys to South Dam Rd Reservoir Trail (B5-8 to Gate 12)3,963 ft67 ft71437482Winchester
45climb out of the valley Landlocked Forest Loop789 ft65 ft71125150Burlington
46Switchy North East2West Switchy975 ft49 ft70429441Burlington
47Power-line DH Power Lines Road2,111 ft68 ft69517650Burlington
48Down New Orange Section Sheepfold Path1,868 ft61 ft689393411Winchester
49WG from Metro Pkwy N to Walnut St. Bizarro Kudos Singletrack3,284 ft67 ft68441684Waltham
50orange climb Sheepfold Path1,615 ft67 ft67734999Winchester
51Defend the Wall Nanepashemet Road1,424 ft79 ft66721572Winchester
52Orange - Nanepashemet to Molly's Spring Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))3,250 ft59 ft65928860Winchester
53Switchy South West2East Landlocked Forest Loop1,014 ft39 ft64433067Burlington
54Prospect Hill - Waltham Prospect Hill4,156 ft301 ft630362665Waltham
55Just the tip clockwise Landlocked Forest Loop2,678 ft94 ft61820130Burlington
56Milk crate trail loop (crate to crate) Milk-crate2,945 ft32 ft61733486Burlington
57Reservoir Trail (S. Dam Rd. to Molly's Spring Rd.) Reservoir Trail (B5-8 to Gate 12)3,927 ft70 ft61730170Winchester
58Sheepfold to the Best Orange Reservoir Trail (Sheepfold to E. Dam Rd.)3,410 ft49 ft61627240Winchester
59Ascent from WTF Nanepashemet Road2,321 ft114 ft60419705Winchester
60Trapelo to Overlook Overlook to Trapelo2,358 ft55 ft59230045Waltham
61WG blast Bizarro Kudos Singletrack822 ft32 ft59033022Waltham
62Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Nanepashemet Rd.) Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))3,190 ft59 ft58726340Winchester
63WG from Walnut St to Metro Pkwy N Bizarro Kudos Singletrack2,960 ft33 ft58332565Waltham
64"NO BIKES!" Pickerel Trail541 ft8 ft57731293Winchester
65Dash to the PJ's Dash to the PJ's2,061 ft122 ft57228414Waltham
66Chestah Climb The Y to Woodcliff935 ft69 ft55125584Waltham
67Dark Hollow Pond I - Northbound Dark Hollow Pond Trail1,556 ft54 ft54925262Winchester
68Baby Heads Ascent Old Yellow1,563 ft63 ft54517370Burlington
69The Y to Woodcliff The Y to Woodcliff3,779 ft78 ft54424723Waltham
70Highschools Hustles The Y to Woodcliff1,488 ft36 ft54424350Waltham
71Mini Coal Road Climb Western Greenway (Belmont)2,136 ft121 ft54133882Belmont
72Belmont Woods Water Tower Fresh Tracks 14'934 ft112 ft52827226Belmont
73Coal Road Climb Western Greenway (Belmont)3,294 ft169 ft52732217Belmont
74WG from Walnut St. to Trapelo Rd. Bizarro Kudos Singletrack4,066 ft77 ft52429174Waltham
75kudos singletrack Bizarro Kudos Singletrack1 miles135 ft50427927Waltham
76Frogger Bizarro Kudos Singletrack2,548 ft101 ft50327453Waltham
77Church to Conant Mass Central Rail Trail - Wayside1,754 ft23 ft50113546Weston
78Eager Beaver Eager Beaver906 ft101 ft49519645Waltham
79Assabet fly-swatter from White Pond Track Road2 miles19 ft48516944Stow
80Orange bridge south bound Switchy2,426 ft50 ft47014912Burlington
81Northern tip (no switchbacks) Landlocked Forest Loop3,308 ft67 ft46514440Burlington
82Bridges Spur Switchy1,886 ft50 ft46226433Burlington
83O to T, Just the good stuffs Overlook to Trapelo1,957 ft57 ft45220791Waltham
84Overlook to Trapelo Overlook to Trapelo2,288 ft57 ft45020767Waltham
85"!SEKIB ON" Pickerel Trail615 ft9 ft44318923Winchester
86Refridgerator Door White Door1,482 ft19 ft43515360Burlington
87Chestah's Driftway The Y to Woodcliff1,680 ft78 ft40516412Waltham
88WG from Trapelo Rd. to Walnut St. Bizarro Kudos Singletrack4,106 ft73 ft40019335Waltham
89LLF - Squirtle Bannon Hill Trail979 ft33 ft39921172Burlington
90Woodcliff to the Y The Y to Woodcliff2,902 ft57 ft39616072Waltham
91Once around the mulberry bush BMX Loop766 ft39212402Newton
92Bizarro Kudos Singletrack Bizarro Kudos Singletrack1 miles106 ft39018504Waltham
93Hobo Flow McLean's Demise3,531 ft170 ft38519233Belmont
94Abe's Demise Western Greenway (Belmont)830 ft28 ft38522124Belmont
95Coal Rd Back down to Pleasant St Western Greenway (Belmont)2,291 ft141 ft38417960Belmont
96Down From the Water Tower Steep Little Bitty562 ft45 ft37313060Belmont
97Switch Back Descent Fresh Tracks 14'2,019 ft106 ft35819161Belmont
98Untitled Steep Descent Rams Head Hill Trail479 ft70 ft32813282Winchester
99Downhill Shuffle Dark Hollow Pond Trail2,165 ft83 ft32113722Winchester
100Fresh Tracks 14' Fresh Tracks 14'1,866 ft103 ft31514323Belmont
101SE of South Reservoir Climb East Dam Road1,681 ft57 ft3066623Winchester
102Ichabod Chain Dark Hollow Pond Trail1,846 ft74 ft30412641Winchester
103WG Opening Climb Eager Beaver1,037 ft103 ft2447832Waltham
104Nolan's Trail Climb Worst for First1,419 ft165 ft2378722Winchester
105Detour Reservoir Trail (Molly's Spring Rd. to Shared Trail - (B2.4))193 ft6 ft2364300Winchester
106Katsumiberg Worst for First1,045 ft152 ft23488614Winchester
107Caution - Quicksand! Van Leer Boardwalk1,472 ft18 ft2213730Weston
108Steppin' down McLean's Demise651 ft57 ft21211332Belmont
109Horn Pond Mountain Boulevard DH Worst for First1,337 ft159 ft1805102Winchester
110Whipple Hill North Side Summiter585 ft52 ft1686991Winchester
111A to B Jericho M470 ft7 ft1534081Weston
112Rising Bear Jericho V672 ft39 ft1454851Weston
113Woburn Reservoir Hill Worst for First2,574 ft200 ft1434131Winchester
114The Stretch (Uphill) Jericho BB1,107 ft33 ft1296691Weston
115The Stretch (Downhill) Jericho BB963 ft28 ft1205460Weston
116Whipple Hill Climb 2 Wright Locke Loop356 ft75 ft1185820Winchester
117Whipple Rocky Road Climb Monday Morning1,185 ft72 ft1163620Winchester
118Along The E Side of College Pond from Concord Rd. College Pond Loop1,056 ft16 ft1133740Weston
119Spirogyra The Z's up1 miles54 ft1125912Burlington
120Warp Speed to Ravine Rd. Pipe Line Road1,339 ft125 ft1114084Winchester
121Down to Hazelbrook Ogilvie P1,007 ft72 ft1052260Weston
122From the Intersection along College Pond to the Little Pond College Pond Loop924 ft11 ft1012771Weston
123Bridge to tracks Marsh to Desert Trail1,050 ft14 ft1002552Stow
124Riley's Ridge Complete The Z's up1 miles76 ft995941Burlington
125SF Rock Circuit Run Up E4.8 to E4.4 Rock Circuit Trail884 ft36 ft983680Winchester
126Mud Bog College A120 ft3 ft929480Weston
127Uphill skinny bridge Quarter Mile Pond Connector500 ft22 ft903232Winchester
128Riley's Ridge Trail The Z's up1 miles65 ft854151Burlington
129WCL North Loop, Clockwise College Forest Loop2,179 ft19 ft812410Weston
130Old Weston Rd. to H Jericho S1,906 ft9 ft662711Weston
131Sketchy The Z's up1 miles66 ft612960Burlington
132Snacky cakes Ocean By-pass1,640 ft28 ft541560Stow
133Scooby-Doo! Blueberry Trail855 ft8 ft491770Stow
134Cheesy Poofs Ocean By-pass1,791 ft27 ft42950Stow
135U to Old Weston Rd. Jericho T1,058 ft10 ft27320Weston
136Geezer Hummer Rock squeeze Mud Road867 ft79 ft25280Winchester
137Bear Hill road up'n'down Bear Hill Road2 miles150 ft20622Winchester
138Juniper Rd. #1 College F2,373 ft28 ft10121Weston
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