Mountain Bike
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#10 Ridge Run / #12 Zig Zag ConnectorHartwood Acres
791 ft-42 ft
#13 Number One TrailHartwood Acres
3,691 ft-59 ft72 ft
#13 Shortcut ConnectorHartwood Acres
115 ft
#18 Southeast LoopHartwood Acres
3,409 ft-77 ft175 ft
#19 Roller CoasterHartwood Acres
3,301 ft-71 ft65 ft
100 Acres ConnectorSouth Park
1,660 ft-70 ft36 ft
276Frick Park
1 mile-211 ft226 ft
Abby's Trail ShortcutBavington - Hillman State Park
243 ft9 ft
Abby’s TrailBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-329 ft321 ft
Acorn HillRiverview Park
594 ft-69 ft71 ft
Airport ClimbBavington - Hillman State Park
3,221 ft-52 ft209 ft
Airport ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-386 ft413 ft
Airport LoopBavington - Hillman State Park
3,422 ft-33 ft4 ft
Airport LoopBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-256 ft274 ft
Airport OverlookSouth Park
1,037 ft-6 ft159 ft
Alice in WonderlandSouth Park
2,070 ft-84 ft26 ft
AlternativeNorth Park
144 ft-6 ft
Amesbury TrailMontour Woods Conservation Area
1,414 ft-177 ft
Appaloosa SpurRaccoon Creek State Park
3,465 ft-98 ft68 ft
Appaloosa TrailRaccoon Creek State Park
3 miles-450 ft225 ft
Archery Range Parking to White Blaze ConnectorBoyce Park
1,073 ft-10 ft3 ft
Around the poolNorth Park
2,369 ft-25 ft13 ft
Baby Head ClimbFrick Park
2,500 ft-3 ft136 ft
Bandi Schaum to Old Ice RinkSouth Side (Slopes) Park
1,152 ft-65 ft
Bavington Time Trial Section 1Bavington - Hillman State Park
1,887 ft-63 ft76 ft
Bench TrailFrick Park
2,221 ft-124 ft
Beyond TrailFrick Park
3,202 ft-8 ft10 ft
Big DipperAlameda Park
1,972 ft-49 ft8 ft
Big Rock loopNorth Park
1,896 ft-61 ft66 ft
Black OakDead Man's Hollow
1,816 ft-227 ft45 ft
Blue AltDeer Lakes Park
2,133 ft-12 ft17 ft
Blue BlazeBoyce Park
1 mile-131 ft127 ft
Blue Blaze All Dots ConnectorBoyce Park
259 ft
Blue Blaze Black DotBoyce Park
2,372 ft-40 ft37 ft
Blue Blaze Blue TriangleBoyce Park
787 ft-79 ft
Blue Blaze Red DotBoyce Park
2 miles-225 ft92 ft
Blue Blaze Red Dot to Blue Blaze ConnectorBoyce Park
797 ft-27 ft
Blue Blaze to Blue Blaze Red Dot ConnectorBoyce Park
545 ft-3 ft7 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow DotBoyce Park
1 mile-57 ft136 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow Dot 2nd EntranceBoyce Park
804 ft-11 ft6 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow Dot DetourBoyce Park
810 ft40 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow Dot to White Blaze Connector ABoyce Park
817 ft-22 ft37 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow Dot to White Blaze Connector BBoyce Park
2,136 ft-30 ft56 ft
Blue Blaze Yellow Dot to White Blaze Connector CBoyce Park
1,644 ft-24 ft52 ft
Blue Eastern Connector/AlternateHartwood Acres
327 ft-21 ft
Blue LoopDeer Lakes Park
2 miles-208 ft209 ft
Blue LoopHartwood Acres
1 mile-181 ft174 ft
Blue Loop (Upper South)Roaring Run Trails
3 miles-265 ft358 ft
Blue Loop AlternateHartwood Acres
740 ft18 ft
Blue Loop Alternate: Loop to Road ConnectorHartwood Acres
669 ft67 ft
Blue Loop Alternate: Northeast ConnectorHartwood Acres
869 ft9 ft
Blue Loop Alternate: West ConnectorHartwood Acres
303 ft-17 ft
Blue Northeast Connector/ExtensionHartwood Acres
489 ft
Blue Northern Boundary TrailHartwood Acres
594 ft3 ft
Bob Harvey TrailRiverview Park
4,261 ft-209 ft97 ft
Bottom RunRoaring Run Trails
3,366 ft-78 ft34 ft
Bowling Greens ConnectorFrick Park
777 ft-32 ft30 ft
Bowling Greens Connector AlternateFrick Park
256 ft11 ft
Boyce School TrailBoyce Mayview Park
656 ft-13 ft3 ft
BrackenridgeSouth Park
3,938 ft-107 ft100 ft
BrademaFrick Park
4,937 ft-301 ft115 ft
Brien Palmer TrailPleasant Valley Park
3,909 ft-122 ft111 ft
Buckskin TrailRaccoon Creek State Park
4,567 ft-25 ft207 ft
Buffalo CutoffSouth Park
807 ft-42 ft39 ft
Buffalo Pen TraverseSouth Park
2,390 ft-44 ft90 ft
Buffalo Ridge (East)South Park
3 miles-363 ft442 ft
Buffalo Ridge (Fairgrounds)South Park
1,516 ft-96 ft
Buffalo Ridge (West)South Park
3 miles-486 ft529 ft
Buffalo Ridge AccessSouth Park
984 ft-49 ft
Carpenter Trail - Yellow Blaze Black DotBoyce Park
4,031 ft-24 ft13 ft
CCAC To Boyce TrailPlum
2,215 ft-47 ft57 ft
Cheeky ChipmunkPleasant Valley Park
1,458 ft-40 ft43 ft
Cherry Lane Trail - Green Blaze Red DotBoyce Park
1,945 ft-27 ft16 ft
Chestnut TrailPleasant Valley Park
2,381 ft-43 ft110 ft
Clayton Hill TrailFrick Park
1,942 ft-41 ft28 ft
Concrete Block ConnectorFrick Park
131 ft-3 ft
ConnectorRaccoon Creek State Park
2,074 ft-81 ft59 ft
ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
3,563 ft-113 ft23 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
331 ft26 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
187 ft
ConnectorMoraine State Park
129 ft15 ft
ConnectorMoraine State Park
146 ft11 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
452 ft-12 ft10 ft
ConnectorMoraine State Park
436 ft-5 ft3 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
708 ft-13 ft1 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
1,329 ft-6 ft19 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
190 ft7 ft
ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
810 ft5 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
344 ft18 ft
ConnectorRaccoon Creek State Park
386 ft12 ft
ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
1,627 ft-3 ft60 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
318 ft25 ft
ConnectorHartwood Acres
167 ft10 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
1,129 ft-11 ft
ConnectorMoraine State Park
160 ft-11 ft
ConnectorMoraine State Park
196 ft-2 ft10 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
208 ft44 ft
ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
525 ft-6 ft
ConnectorNorth Park
892 ft14 ft
ConnectorRiverview Park
493 ft-2 ft60 ft
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