segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Distal Fibula Compounder Power Line1,060 ft114 ft31825746
2Green Lakes Office Hill Rolling HIlls Trail To Camp Grounds2,256 ft174 ft30418859
3The Bird Sanctuary Climb Power Line1,062 ft124 ft28616035
4Tick alley north Moose Trail1,614 ft51 ft28115903
5Rolling Hills Rolling HIlls Trail To Camp Grounds3,246 ft177 ft25711044
6Moose Trail Extension (Southbound) Moose Trail4,349 ft72 ft25427058
7Orange gravel climb Power Line1,460 ft156 ft1907883
8Moose Trail Extension (Northbound) Moose Trail4,432 ft64 ft17512846
9Golden Heights hightail Power Line1,347 ft31 ft1567330
10Alverna Heights Folly Vista1 miles112 ft1526852
11Tick alley south Moose Trail1,630 ft52 ft1469404
12Get On Up old farm trail connector435 ft83 ft1307942
13Brookside Sprint Out BR Trail2,713 ft7 ft13012114
14Park Dr power up Power Line1,331 ft28 ft1204050
15Brookside sprint in BR Trail2,617 ft9 ft11412150
16Indian Ovens down Indian Ovens2,341 ft107 ft1075482
17Up the Lower Ridge Trail Round Lake Ridge Trail1,821 ft93 ft1055553
18Yellow Jacket Spur Loop Yellow Jacket Spur3,837 ft79 ft863971
19velocity flow Old Growth1,725 ft164 ft621680
20Indian Ovens up Indian Ovens2,585 ft121 ft622671
21OG power climbs Old Growth1,351 ft82 ft571410
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