segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bike path south end to mid-river Canalside Rail Trail2,438 ft83 ft108139987
2Bike path, Greenfield Road to end Canalside Rail Trail3,316 ft81 ft1042364411
3Yellow trail to white trail White Trail891 ft77 ft175161112
4Blue Trail - Descent from PST to RWB intersection Red Trail2,707 ft75 ft168101010
5Cheapside Ride Green Trail2,266 ft83 ft167140314
6Rocky Mountain Park White Trail White Trail4,806 ft87 ft159113614
7numbnuts Red Trail2,928 ft118 ft15785510
8Chinstrap Alley Green Trail1,402 ft37 ft152109711
9White trail, end to end uphill White Trail4,654 ft96 ft11247712
10The high road Bears Den1,756 ft88 ft934638
11White trail to PRT White Trail955 ft92 ft883006
12Five Points to Bear's Den Road Road1,042 ft47 ft863137
13Bears Den Bears Den1,782 ft130 ft843016
14Bear's Den loop Bear's Den Road3,994 ft67 ft8337612
15Green trail to Bear's Den road Green Trail1,694 ft94 ft822686
16chinstrap descending south to platform Green Trail2,490 ft120 ft792425
17Greenfield Power Line Exertion! Green Trail864 ft89 ft501687
18Bear's Den Road, east gate to powerline connector Bear's Den Road1,909 ft66 ft461315
19Bear's Den Road east to west Bear's Den Road4,963 ft90 ft27770
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