Mountain Bike
3,208 ft-338 ft48 ft
1,697 ft-69 ft20 ft
Blue's Brother
1 mile-171 ft286 ft
Booby Trap
2,318 ft-37 ft3 ft
Boogaloo Climb
2,095 ft-9 ft218 ft
Boogaloo Heights
1,383 ft-61 ft1 ft
Boogaloo Lakes
4,546 ft-78 ft29 ft
Boogaloo Magnusson Link
774 ft-7 ft3 ft
Boogaloo North
5,209 ft-245 ft200 ft
Broken Truck
4,854 ft-147 ft143 ft
Broken Truck connector
830 ft-13 ft52 ft
Bypass Trail
3,456 ft-129 ft50 ft
Cantlie Lake Road Connector
2 miles-137 ft331 ft
Chadburn Blue
3 miles-248 ft244 ft
Chadburn Blue North
4 miles-214 ft288 ft
Chadburn Blue South
2 miles-466 ft373 ft
Chadburn Green
3 miles-188 ft189 ft
Chadburn Red
3 miles-350 ft342 ft
Chadburn Yellow North
2 miles-185 ft57 ft
351 ft8 ft
1,444 ft-5 ft34 ft
443 ft-45 ft8 ft
Cousins Connector
1,476 ft-67 ft6 ft
Downtown Boogaloo
1 mile-439 ft9 ft
Easy Money (left branch)
774 ft-165 ft
El Camino
3,134 ft-301 ft32 ft
Fat Tire Fever
4 miles-385 ft340 ft
3 miles-884 ft271 ft
Gnar Wall
4,359 ft-416 ft247 ft
5,119 ft-38 ft315 ft
Heartbreak Hill
4,081 ft-89 ft
Hidden Lakes East
1 mile-183 ft175 ft
Hidden Lakes West
4,100 ft-86 ft42 ft
Hidden Loop
1 mile-77 ft70 ft
4,713 ft-332 ft3 ft
Hooligans Plunge
1,001 ft-129 ft
Hospital Ridge - Long Lake Ridge Connector
2,168 ft-116 ft
Hospital Ridge Trail
2 miles-71 ft86 ft
Hula Girl
1,487 ft-16 ft26 ft
2 miles-677 ft318 ft
Lakes Bypass
3,039 ft-54 ft45 ft
Lakes Trail
3 miles-287 ft329 ft
Log Trail
2 miles-337 ft345 ft
Long Lake Blowdown Connector
360 ft-7 ft
Long Lake Heights
4,195 ft-46 ft51 ft
Long Lake Loop
2 miles-2 ft2 ft
Long Lake Ridge
2 miles-354 ft357 ft
Lower B&S
2,265 ft-33 ft35 ft
Lower Boogaloo
2 miles-302 ft
Lower Boogaloo Connector
1,491 ft-19 ft2 ft
Lower Riverdale Trail
2 miles-32 ft120 ft
Lower Roller Coaster
2,321 ft152 ft
Mad To The Max
1 mile-452 ft49 ft
Magnusson Green
2 miles-68 ft277 ft
Magnusson Pink
1,265 ft-31 ft3 ft
Magnusson Red
3 miles-218 ft259 ft
Magnusson Red to Fat Tire connector
716 ft-25 ft
Magnusson to Yellow Brick
1,693 ft-45 ft20 ft
Magnusson Yellow
2,644 ft-144 ft45 ft
403 ft-8 ft5 ft
Money Shot
1 mile-1,363 ft49 ft
More Money
939 ft-166 ft
Mother T
3 miles-1,368 ft170 ft
Mother T to Fat Tire Link
1,147 ft-15 ft4 ft
My Trail
2 miles-564 ft513 ft
No Shirt No Service
4,231 ft-124 ft120 ft
2 miles-522 ft130 ft
4,109 ft-165 ft90 ft
1 mile-372 ft89 ft
Rim Trail
2,806 ft-81 ft114 ft
3,929 ft-81 ft141 ft
1,076 ft-14 ft32 ft
Schwatka Lake Trail
3 miles-177 ft232 ft
1,600 ft-226 ft
4,222 ft-317 ft
Sweet Dreams
2,806 ft-123 ft89 ft
The Dream
3 miles-243 ft1,958 ft
Upper Boogaloo
5,184 ft-190 ft38 ft
Upper Canyon City
1 mile-156 ft127 ft
Upper Easy Money Right Branch
3,395 ft-502 ft187 ft
Upper Riverdale Trail
2 miles-125 ft328 ft
Upper Roller Coaster
2,600 ft-8 ft109 ft
Yellow Brick Road
1 mile-44 ft347 ft
Your Trail
3,303 ft-21 ft202 ft
Yukon River Trail
4 miles-701 ft658 ft
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