segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1copper mine climb Forest Road736 ft41 ft215934907315
2Pinderosa (Official CyB Segment) Pinderosa3,459 ft60 ft19754468438
3Minatour Final Climb Forest Road1,472 ft89 ft190785143727
4Uncle Fester Uncle Fester2,626 ft143 ft190494770363
5Pugsley Bottom Uncle Fester2,402 ft119 ft18976476183
6curious - pink heifer partial Pink Heifer3,961 ft173 ft187264019912
7One Last Climb Forest Road3,040 ft237 ft18301401250
8half of A470 Climb Forest Road3,415 ft229 ft18260400380
9Ar y ffordd i Cain Forest Road3,553 ft239 ft16740358758
10Fireroad to top junction Forest Road1 mile361 ft16707354853
11long fireroad to top Forest Road3,205 ft221 ft16632358030
12full fireroad climb-feel the burn Forest Road1 mile302 ft164693471920
13Pink Heifer Pink Heifer1 mile240 ft16267317815
14Glide Seven Sisiters1,341 ft87 ft152373280717
15(MOR) derailleur killer Pink Heifer1 mile267 ft15220296013
16CYB " Abel " Abel2,423 ft143 ft15204341389
17Serpent’s Tail Forest Road1,081 ft85 ft151823524332
18Slated Forest Road933 ft88 ft15179354387
19CyB Pink Hefer Pink Heifer1 mile276 ft15151291804
20OLD VERSION - Half Abel Abel1,617 ft154 ft15117341661
21Dream Time 2 Dreamtime4,100 ft115 ft15026323427
22Adam and Eve Trail Adam & Eve1,062 ft17 ft149923714326
23Abel Abel2,149 ft180 ft14967343187
24Pink Heifer Full Pink Heifer1 mile274 ft147542887524
25Goriwared climb Slab Climb1,929 ft233 ft14521336161
26False Teeth 2 False Teeth2,790 ft287 ft143223082330
27Danedd Gosod False Teeth2,851 ft295 ft14318309030
28CYB " Cain " Forest Road1,318 ft44 ft143013138018
29Cain Forest Road816 ft59 ft140803149414
30Morticia 2 Morticia1,496 ft101 ft13906294328
31end of dream time Dreamtime711 ft55 ft138422824012
32Bugsy MBR Bugsy1,031 ft67 ft137452738524
33ouch False Teeth2,078 ft295 ft13721287843
34Morticia Morticia1,434 ft99 ft136962941023
35Bwlch Goriwared Climb Slab Climb1,895 ft215 ft13656317855
36Route 3 Minotaur Bwch Bren4,809 ft143 ft13631335274
37Pugsley Pugsley1,706 ft149 ft134422826211
38false teeth bottom False Teeth1,510 ft97 ft13228275357
39CyB Hermon 2018 TNBC Hermon3,718 ft117 ft13180236300
40HERMON DH Hermon3,682 ft133 ft13179235842
41Bryn Piod Climb Forest Road2,461 ft206 ft13134234182
42Afon wen descent Hermon3,450 ft240 ft131032338721
43the real 'afon wen' descent Hermon2,688 ft227 ft13089236284
44Hermon Hermon3,648 ft228 ft13045238437
45MBR Goldmine Climb by Xx Forest Road2,946 ft226 ft12929232781
46Afon Wen Descent part only Hermon2,595 ft223 ft12880234715
47Bwlch Y Ffordd Climb Sarn Helen Roman Road3,308 ft147 ft12820243379
48Gomez Gomez2,269 ft92 ft127982679819
49Hairpin Forest Climb - CYB Forest Road2,531 ft214 ft12490223920
50TNBC Hermon 2019 Hermon3,498 ft175 ft12308218120
51Minataur Switches First Steps/Slipway1,316 ft70 ft122722997814
52Beefy Beefy1,888 ft91 ft119502021513
53T-junction climb to single track Forest Road2,756 ft85 ft11930202443
54Round the bend Forest Road3,983 ft147 ft11451182885
55Pugsley Pugsley1,662 ft161 ft112872168613
56Slipway First Steps/Slipway905 ft66 ft10740255476
57A470 Climb Big Doug1,713 ft97 ft677694271
58Goriwared Climb, with GPS drift Slab Climb2,233 ft236 ft613897540
59Tarw - Short, Sharp Fireroad Climb Forest Road1,065 ft112 ft575296441
60crackle Forest Road325 ft36 ft560494008
61Mantrap Mantrap571 ft23 ft551095822
62pop Pop555 ft61 ft534190466
63R74 R744,393 ft133 ft459866682
64Heart of Darkness, Tarw Du Heart of Darkness1,177 ft43 ft375658252
65Black run (bottom segment) Antur Stiniog Lower Wild Cart1,259 ft88 ft2682143970
66Blue run (top section) at Antur Stiniog Jympar3,478 ft381 ft2501132687
67Blue first quarter Jympar1,910 ft196 ft2492130863
68Wild Cart to blue (top section) Wild Cart2,392 ft354 ft2253129311
69Red top Wild Cart1,540 ft185 ft209289365
70Bottom Blue Bends Jympar1,895 ft236 ft205283913
71A470 Climb Uplift Road3,478 ft324 ft1944177493
72Black Drop, and Jumps Lower Wild Cart761 ft44 ft181694550
73Jympar section 1 Jympar951 ft45 ft178759261
74Puncture Run Jympar818 ft156 ft169251041
75bridge to last black berm Lower Wild Cart1,483 ft84 ft169077121
76A470 Climb Sarn Helen Roman Road1,971 ft281 ft147326670
77A470 Climb Sarn Helen Roman Road4,787 ft278 ft144625811
78Black Powder Black Powder4,083 ft616 ft1434796516
79rocky as took Sarn Helen Roman Road3,361 ft176 ft65011541
80Moel y Ci DH track (path crossing to finish) Moel y Ci521 ft100 ft2239571
81Moel y Ci DH track (start to path crossing) Moel y Ci1,365 ft277 ft1445774
82Moel Y Ci (after top drop) Moel y Ci1,773 ft321 ft1324601
83Moely y Ci DH track Moel y Ci1,986 ft272 ft1183974
84Nant Gwrtheyrn "Trail Centre" (Bottom Section) created by Simply Downhill Nant Gwrtheyrn DH1,464 ft247 ft391220
85Nant Gwrtheyrn Downhill Track (Created by Simply Downhill) Nant Gwrtheyrn DH2,760 ft560 ft20973
86Nant Gwrtheyrn Downhill, Start to Bridge Nant Gwrtheyrn DH1,178 ft298 ft15771
87Nant Gwrtheyrn DH Track - Full Nant Gwrtheyrn DH2,719 ft552 ft14490
88Simply Downhill, Nant Gwrtheyrn DH track (official) Nant Gwrtheyrn DH2,923 ft556 ft13641
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