segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Switchbacky Thing That Should Be A Segment Raybunctious1,258 ft68 ft55137464
2Rambunctious DH Raybunctious2,592 ft124 ft550373111
3Rambunctious-Bunker to 1st double track Raybunctious3,690 ft123 ft54837235
43B Trail-Full westbound, Bunker Link to Hitchcock Triple B3,531 ft125 ft547325311
5Big Tree Trail DWN - NS Rd to the big tree Raybunctious1,859 ft99 ft52129028
6Downhill Switchbacks From Bunker Raybunctious4,918 ft109 ft51534707
7Glenna Bell-lower/new (road to road eastbound) Glenna Bell3,452 ft78 ft48329896
8Hunter Trail-UP (Tricky Turn to NS Rd) Hunter Trail1,890 ft59 ft46523587
9Glenna-Belle (road to road eastbound) Glenna Bell5,257 ft155 ft45824383
10Glenna-Belle Climb Glenna Bell2,608 ft205 ft44823455
11Glenna Bell-Full new and old trail-low to up Glenna Bell2 miles212 ft434221711
12glennabell east to west Glenna Bell1 mile150 ft41428855
13Tinker summit to bridge Glenna Bell1 mile197 ft41128266
14Glenna Bell-Full old and new trail-high to low Glenna Bell2 miles210 ft403276611
15Little Tinker Descent Glenna Bell2,111 ft211 ft39525407
163B Trail-Full eastbound, Hitchcock to Bunker Link Triple B3,576 ft129 ft37718027
17Big Tinker DH Glenna Bell2,077 ft137 ft36325017
18Big Tinker Climb from Jeep Road Glenna Bell1,423 ft118 ft34717097
19Glenna Belle - Little Tinker to Clearing Glenna Bell2 miles218 ft33420154
20Tinker Trail (TI)-NS road to College Road Glenna Bell3,153 ft216 ft32015065
21Big Tinker Full Down Glenna Bell4,889 ft187 ft29019607
22Rambunctious Climb from NS Road to Bunker Raybunctious1 mile128 ft2389503
23Hunter Trail DN (NS Rd to Tricky Turn) Hunter Trail2,054 ft66 ft1966084
24Two Deer Trail Down (Bunker Link to NS Road) Two Deer1,641 ft111 ft1584483
25DH South Side Salamander Loop Trail1,922 ft175 ft461721
26Entrance to north end turn Salamander Loop Trail3,435 ft61 ft441771
27Exit Salamander Loop Trail1,623 ft45 ft441641
28Climb from north turn to peak Salamander Loop Trail3,028 ft177 ft431671
29Salamander Loop Trail CW Salamander Loop Trail2 miles222 ft411514
30Salamander Loop Trail CCW Salamander Loop Trail2 miles223 ft22571
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