segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Tasty Wheat (Up) Doubletrack593 ft28 ft1277641
2Mudhole Bypass (Climb) Doubletrack750 ft14 ft1267501
3Doubletrack (Tasty Wheat to Stone Bridges) Doubletrack1,485 ft49 ft1247411
4Blue Bear (Climb) Blue Bear1,243 ft66 ft1237330
5Dozer Down Bull1,936 ft170 ft1234875
6Mudhole Bypass (Descent) Doubletrack618 ft14 ft1237251
7Pooh Bear Blue Bear1,215 ft70 ft1227303
8Stone Bridges West (Climb) Stone Bridges: West3,136 ft56 ft1227171
9Tasty Wheat (Down) Doubletrack583 ft21 ft1227341
10Dozer (Descent) Bull1,947 ft171 ft1214523
11Bull Bull2,079 ft180 ft1214630
12Doubletrack (Stone Bridges to Tasty Wheat) Doubletrack1,516 ft51 ft1217241
13Blue Bear (Descent) Blue Bear1,242 ft64 ft1207280
14Pooh Bear - reverse Blue Bear1,300 ft70 ft1197193
15Pooh Bear (Reverse) Blue Bear1,168 ft66 ft1197304
16Stone Bridges West (Descent) Stone Bridges: West3,135 ft56 ft1197061
17Colleen's Way Colleen's Way514 ft21 ft1135831
18Jane's Way (Doubletrack to The Numbers) Jane's Way1,045 ft12 ft1125921
19The Numbers Numbers4,350 ft47 ft1085551
20The Numbers Numbers4,368 ft33 ft1075522
21Jane's Way (The Numbers to Doubletrack) Jane's Way1,038 ft13 ft1055651
22Colleen's Way (Reverse) Colleen's Way453 ft20 ft1035441
23Moms & Tots (The Numbers to Dozer) Moms & Tots1,452 ft176 ft883250
24South Hallway (Descent) Hallways South1,124 ft68 ft862470
25North Hallway (Climb) Hallways South1,120 ft72 ft852500
26Hope (Counterclockwise) Hope2,518 ft22 ft843052
27Hope (Clockwise) Hope2,545 ft20 ft782841
28High Road Assent High Road3,485 ft168 ft732830
29High Road (Climb) High Road3,390 ft182 ft732710
30The Numbers - Reversed Numbers4,182 ft33 ft652771
31The Numbers (Reverse) Numbers4,364 ft51 ft652780
32Snakes & Ladders + OJ Descent O.J.4,247 ft264 ft611320
33Snap Crackle Pop Descent Snap Crackle Pop3,203 ft258 ft571320
34Snap Crackle Pop (Descent) Snap Crackle Pop3,127 ft251 ft561320
35Penniac Rec Center Rd (Bail Out to Dozer) Bull2,016 ft173 ft50640
36The Hallways (Clockwise) Hallways South2,370 ft92 ft48950
37Dozer (Moms & Tots to Penniac Rec Center Rd) Dozer1,518 ft55 ft37990
38HighRoad to End of Numbers Double Track Assent Penniac Rec Center Road840 ft125 ft26500
39Penniac Rec Center Rd (Dozer to The Numbers) Penniac Rec Center Road985 ft145 ft24450
40Ricky's Run Ricky's Run3,559 ft256 ft23390
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