Mountain Bike
6th Line Stunt Trail
547 ft
All Ages
1,032 ft-3 ft
Alternate Entrance
966 ft-1 ft6 ft
Angry Ted
810 ft3 ft
B.C. to Flow
Bat Boxes
807 ft
BC Rocks
1,428 ft-33 ft2 ft
BC to Flow Connector
432 ft3 ft
Border Run
2,011 ft-13 ft
Broken Down Snowmobile (B.D.S)
1,340 ft
Chain Reaction
3,366 ft-11 ft5 ft
Christmas Trail
3,229 ft-31 ft1 ft
Deer Trail
782 ft4 ft
Fast and Furious
2,046 ft-10 ft
Flow Trail
3,369 ft-36 ft3 ft
Grinder Trail
797 ft-3 ft
Hammerhead Trail
1,966 ft-3 ft2 ft
Hidden Gem
2,964 ft-29 ft
Hilton Flow
3,154 ft-9 ft
Humpty Hump (Pines C)
1,137 ft-94 ft36 ft
I Will Allow It
1,117 ft-60 ft23 ft
IMBA Trail
998 ft-9 ft37 ft
Inner Xanadu
1,188 ft-8 ft9 ft
Island Run
3,871 ft-39 ft
Island Run By-Pass
1,059 ft-3 ft
Lost Guy
723 ft-15 ft7 ft
No Dab
1,727 ft-39 ft
Nomad Trail
1,252 ft-10 ft
Outer Xanadu
534 ft-20 ft2 ft
Penguin Trail
1,293 ft-22 ft22 ft
Perry's Portage
1,553 ft-83 ft83 ft
1,654 ft-19 ft
Ranchy Rocks
3,413 ft-29 ft3 ft
Rated P.G.
1,517 ft
Revolver (Reloaded!)
445 ft-2 ft
2,064 ft-100 ft94 ft
Robbie's Challenge
1,727 ft-56 ft51 ft
Shortcut to Chain Reaction
427 ft3 ft
1,332 ft-47 ft61 ft
Tate Trail
1,355 ft-9 ft
Tate Trail 2
1,939 ft-3 ft
Teapot Connector
444 ft-2 ft
The Boundary Trail A
1 mile-9 ft58 ft
The Boundary Trail B
2,336 ft29 ft
The Den
1 mile-66 ft63 ft
The Pines (HAFTA)
2,579 ft-63 ft88 ft
The Quarry Trail
1,431 ft23 ft
The Rock Wall
451 ft-5 ft
The Southern Edge
2,582 ft-96 ft48 ft
The Stunt trail
1,503 ft3 ft
Tim Horton's
713 ft-6 ft
Turkey Trails
1,471 ft
Vicki's Trail
1,610 ft-32 ft3 ft
679 ft-29 ft
716 ft-3 ft2 ft
2,093 ft-46 ft40 ft
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