segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1First loop Log Rhythm2 miles179 ft3309339615
2Thunder Rock Express Thunder Rock Trail1 mile390 ft2775819329
3ESNP Black Forest T,Th,Su Loop Black Forest2 miles93 ft27632095421
4ESNP Parkinglot to TNT Black Forest3,849 ft111 ft2502152463
5Sheep's Hill Descent Boyd Gap3,531 ft248 ft247869407
6TNT to the Bunker NEW Connector Black Forest Connector2,780 ft62 ft24571683116
7chestnut connect Chestnut Mtn Loop2 miles199 ft244962295
8Boyd Gap DH to Old Copper Road Boyd Gap1,991 ft235 ft2355656311
9TNT T, TH, SU climb after connector TNT3,573 ft110 ft2329156338
10ESNP - CW - Bottom to Top TNT2 miles208 ft2310153851
11ESNP Log Rhythm Hill Climb Log Rhythm1,543 ft112 ft22142350931
12Log Bottom to Top Log Rhythm3,761 ft147 ft2195232560
13tanasi bear paw up Bear Paw Loop3,428 ft165 ft218454678
14Log Rhythm Enduro Log Rhythm1 mile136 ft21742326321
15S.H. Climb w/switchback Log Rhythm1,947 ft102 ft21202286810
16Log Rhythm Loop Log Rhythm2 miles142 ft20342143435
17Parking Lot Descent Black Forest1,710 ft56 ft1955110997
18Brush Creek CW to Climb out Brush Creek4 miles91 ft192751112
19ESNP - CW - Logrhythm Log Rhythm3 miles146 ft1893145044
20TNT MWF downhill TNT1 mile186 ft18621328523
21DH run before pump track TNT2,595 ft71 ft18351295515
22TNT MWFSa Climb TNT1 mile197 ft18161272415
23ESNP Black Forest trail M,W,F,SA route Black Forest2 miles126 ft18091411424
24Livewire 1 Split #1 Flow Live Wire 14,111 ft310 ft179362276
25TNT Table toppin' TNT1,009 ft38 ft17901227614
26Black Forest CCW Climb Black Forest1 mile92 ft17811323010
27TNT "the bomb Climb" CCW TNT2 miles213 ft17651217217
28NEW (M,W,F,S) Parking lot connector DOWN Black Forest Connector1,315 ft46 ft17251207414
29Parking Lot Descent TuThSu Black Forest1,256 ft53 ft17191458410
30TNT to Parking lot MWFS Black Forest Connector4,623 ft121 ft1687113358
31Black Forest Flow Black Forest3,857 ft61 ft16781183421
32TNT Tables TNT2,426 ft58 ft1666122604
33River Gorge TT Climb Grindstone2,517 ft146 ft166279183
34Still Hollow Downhill Black Forest4,076 ft47 ft16431270811
35TNT-Tu,Th,Sun-Descent TNT1 mile215 ft16421153813
36Electric Ave Climb Electric Avenue 12,945 ft144 ft162458042
37ESPN TNT trail Tu,Th,Sun route TNT4 miles188 ft1622601110
38East Rim DH East Rim1,171 ft44 ft159067790
39S.I. CCW to overlook Small Intestine1,255 ft78 ft157743250
40ESNP long climb TNT1 mile196 ft15761121614
41Brush Creek east, junction to junction Brush Creek5 miles176 ft154842618
42FS 45 to West Fork Trailhead FS 454,425 ft317 ft151942579
43Grindstone Descent Grindstone3,017 ft124 ft144452703
44Grindstone Ridge Climb Grindstone3,647 ft180 ft144154602
45Highway 40 Climb Chestnut Mtn Loop2,117 ft277 ft143228303
46GR Climb Grindstone3,632 ft203 ft143054002
47Grindstone trail CCW Grindstone1 mile198 ft140451324
48High Voltage Electrocution High Voltage1 mile453 ft140035863
49Livewire II Split #4 Flowing Live Wire 23,213 ft214 ft134732715
50The Raccoon Dam Downhill Megawatt2,764 ft162 ft125841764
51MegaWatt Rock Garden Megawatt1,068 ft147 ft125742111
52Megawatt Climb Megawatt2,776 ft118 ft124841400
53Megawatt CCW (via Six Flags) Megawatt2 miles180 ft123240901
54west fork -up West Fork1 mile323 ft118431457
55Laurel Point Laurel Point2 miles86 ft110329965
56TNT MWF TNT4 miles188 ft106343234
57Tennessee 40 Climb FS 2214,956 ft321 ft101919712
58Unnamed Road Climb Quartz Loop1,188 ft7 ft99916831
59Sheep's Hill Climb Boyd Gap3,521 ft280 ft98419732
60Boyd Gap climb (steep part) Boyd Gap2,241 ft274 ft97819807
61Mega Watt CCW loop Megawatt2 miles260 ft97024900
62Laurel Point Bonus Loop Split Rock2,132 ft49 ft94325790
63Tennessee 40 Climb Boyd Gap2,390 ft267 ft94018632
64Grindstone CW downhill Grindstone4,169 ft198 ft91127170
65Hill City Downhill Hill City2,810 ft146 ft90559512
66Double J - CW Double J1 mile109 ft89663655
67Double J Double J1 mile144 ft89360913
68Grindstone climb CW Grindstone3,300 ft148 ft88525532
69Grindstone to S.I. Intersection DH Grindstone3,687 ft206 ft87425582
70Mega Flow Megawatt4,632 ft164 ft85120422
71Black Bear Nutty Buddy (Flow Trail)1,543 ft182 ft84846354
72Tennessee 40 Climb FS 2213,950 ft274 ft84013891
73Pine DH Pine3,816 ft138 ft82164899
7422 Brohymen Bustin' Climb FS 2215 miles798 ft82115061
75Mid Ridge 2014 reroute Mid Ridge4,098 ft111 ft76850469
76Big Frog Rd Climb FS 2214,723 ft281 ft72912560
77Gig City - CW Gig City2,504 ft112 ft72144392
78Gig City Gig City3,019 ft113 ft69940750
79Initial Climb Forest Lane4,151 ft183 ft689522616
80Bauxite Flow Murky Marsh1 mile151 ft673511319
81Murky Marsh CCW Climb Murky Marsh2 miles115 ft67350845
82CW MEGAWATT LOOP Megawatt2 miles252 ft66313823
83Cotton Tail Cottontail2,906 ft135 ft619346111
84Choo Choo CW Choo Choo1,101 ft24 ft59237260
85Hunter Village Dr Climb Log Rhythm2 miles464 ft58322140
86Strut Loop cw Strut2,444 ft70 ft44828642
87Benton Mac Kaye Trail Climb FS 453,255 ft274 ft4339422
88Log times 2 T,Th,Sun Log Rhythm5 miles146 ft34213830
89Baker Creek Rd Climb FS 55 - Baker Creek Rd4,752 ft357 ft3256522
90TN River Gorge CW Tennessee River Gorge1 mile136 ft2383261
91Forest Rd 67 Hill 3 FS 671 mile281 ft2335162
92Johnston Woods - Blue - CCW ALT South Loop2 miles113 ft19587012
93True CCW Blue Loop South Loop3 miles77 ft1898590
94Harrison Bay Loop - CCW Bay Point Loop4 miles37 ft17748810
95Upper JS Jackson Gap4,805 ft358 ft1544221
96Baker Creek Rd Climb FS 55 - Baker Creek Rd5,220 ft291 ft1505272
97All JS Down Jackson Gap2 miles527 ft1403721
98Brush Creek Loop CW Brush Creek4 miles133 ft1322690
99Main Intersection to 3 Way Yellow Trail2,914 ft96 ft1035130
100BC Test Brush Creek4 miles128 ft951650
101Boy Scout Intersection to Main Trail Boyscout Loop3,562 ft93 ft733570
102Up to the Gate FS 3021 mile201 ft641622
103Final Hogback Descent Hogback Mountain2,126 ft320 ft64940
104Edwards Point Road, out and back Edwards Point Rd3 miles103 ft36750
105Brush Creek CCW loop Brush Creek4 miles80 ft35700
106Mushroom Rock to SMMHS Field Mushroom Rock4,497 ft150 ft32891
107Main Trail to Boy Scout interseciton Boyscout Loop3,621 ft96 ft29600
108The Trail Where We Found The Finger The Tmb1,891 ft175 ft24861
109Harrison Bay CW, 2 Laps Bay Point Loop8 miles39 ft18270
110Harrison Bay Triple CW Bay Point Loop11 miles34 ft680
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