segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Jugheads clearcut DH Rock&Roll1,024 ft136 ft81733227
2Dem Bones/ Rack o Ribs Puddle Lane Access Road1,053 ft20 ft65114585
3Jughead (Downhill) Jughead2 miles508 ft46615836
4Downhill-Jughead Hammerfest DH871 ft72 ft3479585
5Coquihalla (Climb) Coquihalla2,991 ft180 ft3218217
6Worm Climb Brian's Worm2,507 ft219 ft2949811
7Machete Blade (Downhill) Machete Blade1,645 ft129 ft2637953
8Unnamed Rd Climb Brian's Worm2,188 ft272 ft2638000
9Hugh's Jaunt Hugh's Jaunt1,316 ft90 ft1933760
10Jaunt Climb Hugh's Jaunt1,049 ft77 ft1803970
11Worm Trail Brian's Worm1,448 ft119 ft1794352
12Receding Tree Line 1.0 Receding Treeline2,435 ft178 ft1773711
13Dem Bones Dem Bones3,589 ft99 ft1762461
14Locomotion (Middle Section) Locomotion1 mile283 ft1745316
15Daryl's 1.0 Daryl's3,416 ft295 ft1553492
16Shake&Bake (BridgetoBridge) Shake&Bake2,575 ft139 ft1522770
17Pit to Pit Traverse Pit2Pit2,353 ft58 ft1452410
18Walrus Climb Walrus2,964 ft200 ft1393551
19Rock and Roll Climb Rock&Roll1,436 ft173 ft1392050
20DUDH DownUnder3,011 ft367 ft1112312
21Little Dipper East Loop Little Dipper Loop1,474 ft34 ft971461
22Panty Line Panty Line1,353 ft76 ft962611
23Pumpkinator Pumpkinator1,089 ft100 ft942692
24Full Pumpkinator (from lookout) Pumpkinator1,480 ft230 ft942580
25Upper Pumkinator Pumpkinator591 ft105 ft942570
26Silverhammer climb Silver Hammer1,259 ft232 ft793041
27Dirt Pirate Swashbuckler911 ft159 ft713039
28Squashbuckler Swashbuckler972 ft151 ft693001
29Outback Climb Outback3,393 ft89 ft581550
30Coquihalla (Down) Coquihalla3,087 ft204 ft57690
31Dirt Farm Dirt Farm1,800 ft300 ft481303
32Dirt Farm (fixed) Dirt Farm1,847 ft313 ft451201
33Unnamed Rd Climb Jughead4,993 ft378 ft40770
34Auntie Gravity (Downhill) Aunty Gravity1,500 ft307 ft36511
35Further (West to East) Further3,851 ft266 ft35480
36Hurt Hill (Climb) Under Walrus965 ft75 ft33490
37Under Walrus (West to East) Under Walrus1,263 ft146 ft31450
38Alt Energy Alt Energy982 ft183 ft30520
39Milky Way Milky Way1,587 ft74 ft27320
40Unnamed Road Climb Access road2,248 ft366 ft12140
41Nips Rip Silver Hammer796 ft21 ft9200
42Further (East to West) Further3,733 ft276 ft770
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