segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1SDW Descent to Buriton Car Park Access Road1,353 ft132 ft7951186086
2swoopy bends Lumberjack961 ft36 ft42063072316
3Bastard fire road Access Road1,804 ft152 ft39101449417
4The final coutdown. Through The Forest3,502 ft16 ft36842389811
5OPen Downhill Through The Forest1,015 ft13 ft36832276510
6The Abattoir 101 The Watchmoor Loop1,152 ft6 ft3670226608
7Just the Berms!! Final Descent750 ft59 ft36701910717
8Bustin through the trees! Through The Forest1,694 ft24 ft3659224009
9Official QECP - Lumberjack Lumberjack2,285 ft73 ft36412092821
10Super Rossi Through The Forest2,949 ft36 ft3637223428
11Artemis and the roots Lumberjack1,067 ft33 ft36362061511
12Feel The Burn Through The Forest3,954 ft35 ft3606214058
13I know Cole, he goes high !!! Through The Forest3,966 ft33 ft3587219086
14KVMB - SnakeBites Snake Bites903 ft64 ft35591694420
15Very Rooty Climb Access Road570 ft60 ft3451139458
16First Climb at QECP First Climb2,651 ft192 ft34021443920
17Ridge Rider Access Road527 ft46 ft3363127069
18#LOEW : Jason angry (touretts) bear corner! Hard Shoulder543 ft40 ft3326128066
19Final sprint to the car park S Downs Way955 ft33 ft3303125910
202nd Climb QE Access Road1,993 ft148 ft32941279914
21Blue route 3/3 Through The Forest2 miles22 ft31741659817
22Pedestrian Dodgem's [Fizzeek] The Corsican Circuit1,765 ft44 ft26221670512
23Moors Valley SIngletrack Through The Forest4 miles94 ft25731147998
24Warp Factor 10! Final Descent1,780 ft152 ft25701155313
25up old road into QECP from the north A3 Cycle Route4,387 ft197 ft21501131715
26Deerstalker Blue Trail 21,538 ft66 ft21421252919
27QECP Collective new blue singletrack WIP Blue Trail 23,095 ft92 ft21371234114
28New Blue Decent (Just The Berms) Blue Trail 41,158 ft105 ft143995278
29Oophill Fireroad Access Road - SDW to NBL3,094 ft245 ft14071645512
30Over Cuckooed Bottle Rocket581 ft43 ft134155024
31QE DH Out Back Bermy's1,798 ft323 ft13331010929
32QECP War Down - Rear Climb S Downs Way2,863 ft215 ft128273896
33Bermie Bermy's2,280 ft336 ft117678138
34Vanhurst Copse Up Lucifers Lane638 ft66 ft117173813
35DD Line - Bottom Far Beyond Ridden547 ft113 ft1143104085
36QECP Blue Descent (new) Blue Trail 41,856 ft94 ft1118608419
37Climb to the pub Access Road593 ft35 ft1065591013
38highcombe ridge Lucifers Lane2,705 ft156 ft104164468
39Wiggle Waggle Stage 13,682 ft248 ft1039583828
40Rogate new blue Bottle Rocket1,161 ft140 ft97740543
41Highcombe Ford to Ridge X Lucifers Lane2,007 ft185 ft95668476
42Flat out fun (wooded section) Flat Out Fun2,274 ft129 ft927676710
43Sports Centre Climb Park Path1,111 ft60 ft904485811
44Devils cow shortened Flat Out Fun1,031 ft80 ft88062537
45SCGC Climb Access Road1,249 ft63 ft822525813
46blue rocket from push up Bottle Rocket1,241 ft168 ft79838070
47RollerCoaster Bunkers933 ft78 ft780359710
48Flat out fun without gate Flat Out Fun1,976 ft119 ft78052920
49Flat out fun Flat Out Fun3,437 ft155 ft755542014
50Mince Far Beyond Ridden531 ft86 ft73629952
51Uphill Strugle Lucifers Lane4,436 ft261 ft70346705
52Far Line Bottom Half Far Beyond Ridden674 ft118 ft60920460
53Greenlane Steep Climb - Hundry Copse North Side Fireroad1,391 ft175 ft55934404
54Golf Course Road Access Road972 ft66 ft53027369
55Frensham pond to Wey weir Frensham Bridleway 274,023 ft21 ft44017245
56Golf Course Road, Top to Bottom (beware speed bumps) Access Road1,974 ft75 ft41622402
57Wey Weir to Frensham Pond Frensham Bridleway 273,800 ft13 ft38219679
58Dual Line- DownUpDown Dual Slalom Track1,754 ft49 ft36023991
59Tumtetum Tumtetum3,930 ft291 ft32117247
60The Devil's little cow Flat Out Fun1,055 ft79 ft30210313
61fun out flat Flat Out Fun785 ft165 ft2978563
62Bowl rider Keep 'er steep1,311 ft197 ft2185993
63Roots and Needles [Fizzeek] Roots, I've seen a few832 ft27 ft2038642
64JRs Plumley Wood Singletrack Roots, I've seen a few2,331 ft38 ft1907484
6513 keep left wide bend Red 13994 ft103 ft1806511
66The cider run The Cider Run2,025 ft194 ft1802223
67Cockshott Ln to Hairpin The Cider Run1,530 ft229 ft1632441
68Free Range Free Range1,041 ft86 ft1544863
69RED 13 Free Range747 ft73 ft1495076
70The not fizzeeks segment Catch me if you can1,293 ft31 ft1489491
71Our Segment [Fizzeek] :D Catch me if you can1,343 ft32 ft1469440
72Nice bit. Verwood sweeper1,243 ft65 ft1055351
73Shoulder Of Mutton descent to hairpin Shoulder of Mutton2,825 ft331 ft943165
74Shoulder Of Mutton climb from hairpin Shoulder of Mutton2,981 ft323 ft932484
75Needles & Roots [Fizzeek] Roots, I've seen a few770 ft26 ft902321
76Poet Stone bridleway climb (hairpin to bench) Shoulder of Mutton3,133 ft329 ft852220
77Grand Prix Bottle Rocket1,784 ft19 ft64960
78Roots, I've seen a few! Roots, I've seen a few1,507 ft28 ft631690
79Twisting my melon man.. Twisting my Melon Man1,001 ft19 ft571712
80Plumley Wood Single Track - The Hard Way! Roots, I've seen a few2,311 ft38 ft551251
81Bunkers Bunkers1,149 ft73 ft000
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