segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Mach 1 (from Forestry Rd) Mach 13,818 ft63 ft203167180
2Mach 1 from road crossing to McIntyre Rd Mach 14,324 ft66 ft200466831
3Up Western Link Western Link1,711 ft38 ft193944244
4Detox DH Detox2,295 ft254 ft1480336217
5Detox Full Detox5,117 ft257 ft144630509
6Mach 1 Mach 13,597 ft101 ft135843538
7Swoop Fast Bit!! Swoop1,687 ft174 ft120927311
8Detox Climb to saddle Detox2,403 ft189 ft120424815
9Tank First Half Tank1,666 ft106 ft119229722
10Tank Downhill Tank2,811 ft197 ft117729270
11Tank Track Tank3,006 ft213 ft1167288816
12Enduro 2014 - Stage 3 Tank3,161 ft230 ft115828514
13Swoop - Proper Start Swoop3,822 ft281 ft105423463
14Swoop Swoop4,183 ft307 ft1053234015
15swamp Swamp Track4,051 ft194 ft105120805
16Swamp Track Swamp Track4,826 ft207 ft91818129
17Big Foot Big Foot1 miles392 ft812174614
18Big Foot (proper finish) Big Foot1 miles392 ft81017440
19Mt Isobel Rd Climb Big Foot2,631 ft274 ft80917410
20Swamp climb Swamp Track1 miles246 ft72614463
21Flax gully single Flax Gully2,270 ft126 ft63412464
22Joliffe Rd to Saddle Joliffe Saddle Track1,118 ft202 ft61712972
23Jollliffe Sadle DH Joliffe Saddle Track1,191 ft104 ft61212754
24Flax Flax Gully4,106 ft164 ft57611685
25Punch it Chewie Perseverance814 ft71 ft54210992
26Yankee Zepher Total Yankee Zephyr1 miles291 ft5399314
27Jolliffe Saddle climb from bridge Joliffe Saddle Track1,203 ft100 ft5266840
28Eagles Nest Conical Hill Climb919 ft55 ft4927936
29Swoop uphill Swoop3,864 ft249 ft4867711
30snakes and ladders Snakes n Ladders2,104 ft23 ft4407240
31Upper Dog Stream to Detox DH Joliffe Saddle Track1,445 ft141 ft4357021
32Flax Gully Flax Gully5,026 ft192 ft3666404
33Jolliffe Rd Climb Joliffe Saddle Track2,697 ft287 ft3584291
34Big toof Big Foot1 miles395 ft31340
35Conical Hill Rd Climb Swoop4,403 ft188 ft26261
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