segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Matthews Road - Vanguard Blvd to N Cedar Hollow Chester Valley2,335 ft38 ft49113706320
2Post Op Tranny Paved Trail617 ft14 ft85049834
3The Drag Show Paved Trail1,357 ft31 ft84549615
4The ALT Alternate Trail2,901 ft32 ft74032837
5Down from Blue White/Black Trail3,831 ft179 ft458458613
6Up from the bridge White/Black Trail3,883 ft194 ft42334309
7The Fun Option Paved Trail1,802 ft95 ft39919554
8Todd's Yellow Beyotch Yellow Loop1,408 ft141 ft34726974
9Swamp Yellow Angry Bob2,826 ft151 ft28619784
10Up Yellow Ravin Short Yellow Loop1,157 ft126 ft2779642
11Red Trail CCW Up Blue Trail - North1,978 ft104 ft25316491
12Cape Cod Loop Yellow Loop3,463 ft129 ft781423
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