segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Wolfs tooth Wolf Ridge Trail1 mile472 ft223752300
2Hankey MTN Climb to intersection Hankey Mountain Trail2 miles732 ft2095759517
3State Route 718 Climb Tillman Road2,050 ft426 ft193866921
4Tank Trap DH Hankey Mountain1,966 ft185 ft188744230
5Shenandoah Mountain Rd Climb Bridge Hollow2 miles1,011 ft1777406016
6Unnamed Rd Climb Lookout Mountain Trail1,808 ft341 ft169339071
7narrowback Tillman West1 mile326 ft1687495412
8Hankey Mountain Hankey Mountain3,166 ft399 ft167945475
9Tillman West Descent Tillman West2 miles587 ft1676491124
10Stokesville Camp Climb Big Game (Lower)1,024 ft79 ft163344963
11Unnamed Rd Climb Tower Trail4,525 ft320 ft162344565
12Just a super fun downhill Campground Road1,013 ft60 ft161637623
13Wild Oak Descent Lookout Mountain Trail2 miles798 ft1485333811
14fast rocky oak Lookout Mountain Trail2 miles802 ft148433280
15Race to the overlook Lookout Mountain Trail1 mile338 ft147132150
16Hankey Mountain Trail Climb Hankey Mountain1,713 ft272 ft142034120
17Unnamed Road Climb Access Road2,246 ft268 ft140836833
18Narrowback steep climb from FR Narrowback Trail - East2,846 ft265 ft139933705
19Final NICA DH Big Game544 ft44 ft134832810
20Tilghman Road Climb Tillman Road2,518 ft480 ft122127760
21Fast DH into the Field Big Game1,117 ft58 ft117223310
22Why are we climbing Timber Ridge Trail2 miles175 ft116220810
23New Dowell's Hankey Mountain1 mile402 ft115925244
24Upper Wolf to Lynn Intersection Wolf Ridge Trail2,200 ft402 ft114520511
25Shaffer Hollow Descending Hankey Mountain3,539 ft428 ft111621030
26Wolf Ridge DH segment to creek Wolf Ridge Trail1 mile768 ft108122522
27Lower Wolfe Invitational Wolf Ridge Trail2 miles853 ft107622341
28Look out Mountain Climb Hankey Mountain2,865 ft353 ft105521524
29Fr 95 Climb North River Road1,911 ft404 ft95321723
30Shenandoah Mountain Road Climb Bridge Hollow1,186 ft360 ft94416021
31The Final Hump...Wild Oak Hil North River Road2,816 ft130 ft92220840
32Jump it Powerline404 ft29 ft81684103
33Festival finalé Festival Trail1 mile401 ft81016903
34Lower Homestead to Dell Webb Drive 37 Upper Homestead3,309 ft245 ft65532624
35Old School Old School951 ft11 ft65539645
362000 hrs 2000 Hours4,597 ft305 ft629300312
37Berm Trail 77 Berm Trail1,942 ft111 ft58525611
38Rowdy! 5 Lower Hanenkahm1,150 ft108 ft57024960
39Bermed Descent Big Game887 ft68 ft54613490
40Hankey Mountain Trail Climb Hankey Mountain1 mile651 ft5399172
41Narrowback North Downhill Tower Trail4,329 ft222 ft52110111
42Braley Pond Rd Climb Dowell's Draft3,641 ft306 ft51711201
43Tight and Fast Big Game400 ft26 ft47212750
44Leading Ridge Rd Climb Trimble Mountain Trail2,095 ft334 ft4697630
45Upper Ravine 9 Upper Ravine3,661 ft358 ft44819901
46Delwebb Dr Climb 9 Upper Ravine4,304 ft409 ft44319290
47Revine UH 9 Upper Ravine3,772 ft368 ft44119440
48Creamy Creamy2 miles722 ft43615745
49Is it suppose to be bumpy Crunchy114 ft194 ft43411502
50Oak Oak Trail1,216 ft26 ft41812294
51Stokesville Climb from the Creek Big Game2,462 ft128 ft4168760
52Hang on !!! Stay On!!! Crunchy650 ft60 ft41110562
53Boy Scout from Laird's to Ravine 79 Boyscout1 mile216 ft40825462
54Trimble Six Pack Trimble Mountain Trail1 mile780 ft4086614
55DH warmup Trimble Mountain Trail2,191 ft198 ft4086530
56Tillman West Climb Tillman West2 miles587 ft3957482
57Upper Lairds 2 Upper Lairds Downhill1 mile432 ft39211120
58Step It Up Step it Up1,755 ft42 ft37911661
59Leading Ridge Rd Climb Leading Ridge Road1 mile434 ft3535580
60Are you shitting me! Crunchy286 ft35 ft35111111
61Kaylor's South to Upper Ravine 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North1 mile357 ft3509700
62Mt Sinai Rd Climb 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North3,816 ft339 ft3357602
63Kaylor Knob Ridgeline 3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail North1 mile386 ft3327520
64Let It Flow Take it Easy3,474 ft30 ft3289121
65Hillandale Downhill Powerline1,612 ft63 ft32113473
66Buck Jam Counter-Clockwise Buck Jam1,344 ft23 ft31210431
67Pistachio Pistachio2,374 ft177 ft2987461
68Little Bald Knob Climb Bald Mountain Road3,211 ft324 ft2904230
694k down 92 Special K1 mile212 ft27810431
70Switchback End in Sight 92 Special K1,366 ft114 ft27710361
712016 section 2 World Cup2,169 ft370 ft2706912
72Beginner Loop Let it Flow1 mile68 ft2658202
732016 section 3 World Cup1,702 ft288 ft2295142
74Fr 95 Climb Grindstone Mountain Trail2,896 ft307 ft2263110
75Peanut Peanut4,064 ft194 ft2004453
76Bear Slide All Or Nutten469 ft104 ft1985011
77Scrapinsack All Or Nutten2,924 ft615 ft1934930
78Forest Service Road 423 Climb Wolf Ridge Trail1 mile483 ft1903121
79Grindstone Mt to Wild Oak Parking Grindstone Mountain Trail1 mile954 ft1872640
80Special K Climb (road to 2k) 92 Special K1 mile226 ft1726250
81423 Why Wolf Ridge Trail2,465 ft455 ft1682640
82Forest Service Road 423 Climb Wolf Ridge Trail1,338 ft307 ft1672600
83Unnamed Rd Climb Lookout Mountain Trail3,411 ft278 ft1502220
84Bridge DH Bridge Hollow2 miles953 ft1432230
85WFO High Knob Trail (1024)1,522 ft319 ft1212122
86Unnamed Road Climb Festival Trail4,983 ft262 ft1211780
87Festival Going UP Festival Trail1 mile414 ft1171720
88Leading Ridge Rd Climb Wild Oak Trail2,802 ft394 ft1071341
89Forest Road 85 3 Climb Shenandoah Mtn North (1024)3,661 ft330 ft971681
90State Route 612 Climb Road Hollow3,717 ft333 ft781200
91Leading Ridge Rd Climb Wild Oak Trail1 mile652 ft68850
92Bald Mountain Rd Climb Wild Oak Trail1 mile725 ft67830
93Bear Draft climb Bear Draft Trail1 mile722 ft56760
94eye of the tiger Grindstone Mountain Trail3,001 ft508 ft48640
95Briery Branch Road Climb Wolf Ridge Trail1,297 ft299 ft39510
96Hankey Mountain Trail Climb Hankey Mountain Trail2,496 ft789 ft16200
97Hankey Mountain Trail Climb Staunton Dam Hankey Mountain Trail3,020 ft506 ft16160
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