segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1North Coyote DH Riverview2 miles594 ft186040692
2Hairpin Upper Riverview1,386 ft52 ft180359133
3Upper Coyote Scrambler_AM Coyote Loop5,066 ft296 ft141962713
4North End DH Riverview3 miles768 ft119323883
5Upper Riverview UVU to Coyote Ln Upper Riverview2 miles83 ft117733663
6Backside climb Riverview4,776 ft196 ft117623657
7Coyote DH Coyote Loop3 miles615 ft117423794
8North End CCW Riverview4 miles724 ft116423333
9River View Upper to UVU Upper Riverview3 miles207 ft113128840
10Full Coyote Canyon Climb to twin aspens Coyote Loop6 miles1,600 ft1091242810
11Upper Coyote CCW Coyote Loop6 miles760 ft107421201
12Trail sign zigzag to UPR riverview/coyote split-uphill-feel the burn Coyote Loop1 mile359 ft104337016
13WRS - Upper Flats Upper Riverview2 miles75 ft102931551
14UVU CONNECTOR DOWNHILL Riverview Connector1 mile339 ft97128718
15Lower Barrel Lower Barrel1,188 ft87 ft91147955
16UPR riverview split to Trail sign-go fast Upper Riverview1,175 ft75 ft90925051
17Dont Coast Upper Riverview1,109 ft67 ft90524992
18Coyote TH to Freefall bottom Lower Riverview (South)1,510 ft51 ft89231342
19Freefall bottom to UPR/LWR riverview split Lower Riverview (South)1,344 ft41 ft77627381
20Twisty Turns Lower Barrel1,096 ft51 ft77129753
21Wasatch Fire Road Finish Lower Riverview1 mile66 ft76817740
22WHS Uphill time trials Coyote Loop2 miles722 ft71616735
23Highway 32 Climb Riverview4,983 ft264 ft68811681
24zzzzzzzzzzz down hill Coyote Loop3 miles804 ft68712093
25Birds Trail south to the Dinosaur Eggs Upper Riverview3 miles180 ft64913600
26Coyote front north end climb Riverview3 miles785 ft6349770
27MidwkMTB race connector climb Riverview Connector1 mile316 ft60816501
281/2 Sheeple Sheepbones2,934 ft137 ft60614153
29Coyote Loop DH Coyote Loop5 miles1,282 ft6029293
30SB DH Sheepbones4,223 ft181 ft60114100
31Sheep Bones Downhill Sheepbones5,241 ft205 ft59714062
32coyote up Coyote Loop4 miles752 ft5979073
33Sheep Boner Sheepbones1 mile228 ft58813810
34Upper Sage Climb Sage3,415 ft256 ft58221342
35Riverview TH sign to LWR/UPR trail split-uphill Lower Riverview (South)1,150 ft32 ft49125870
36UVU/LWR riverview split to coyote TH-service road Lower Riverview1 mile103 ft46815621
37AntiFlow Lower Riverview3,802 ft70 ft46616792
38Sheep Bones Connector Sheepbones5,250 ft260 ft43314762
39Last Coyote down Coyote Canyon TH1,785 ft83 ft40721051
40Sage Descent Sage3,348 ft249 ft3297441
41Chop'd Coyote downhill Chop'd Coyote4 miles988 ft3044212
42trash dump fun College Way232 ft49 ft3015870
43Bottom to Bench Deer Creek Parkway3,573 ft156 ft2684930
44Wounded Soldier 2 Deer Creek Parkway2,821 ft93 ft2314531
45Back from the tracks Deer Creek Parkway4,906 ft53 ft2104320
46Middle Climb off Upper Riverview to Fence Chop'd Coyote1 mile338 ft1683031
47Provo River Trail Soldier Hollow to Deer Creek Dam Deer Creek Parkway8 miles202 ft1542801
48Freefallin Sheep Pen2,486 ft177 ft1444360
49Chop'd to Bench Chop'd Coyote4 miles1,023 ft1372321
50Deer Creek To Bench Deer Creek Parkway7 miles308 ft1122410
51Up The Middle Chop'd Coyote5 miles1,012 ft1121760
52Chopped Coyote Trail Chop'd Coyote5 miles1,055 ft851011
53Utah 32 Climb Rocky Top1 mile365 ft45690
54W Lambert Ln Climb Rocky Top2 miles461 ft43590
55Rocky Top Rocky Top4 miles699 ft39520
56Rock Bottom Rocky Top4 miles704 ft39540
57Climb to lot Wada Way2,841 ft102 ft26420
58Hideout East Loop 1 CCW Wada Way4,618 ft110 ft21420
59Hideout West Loop 1 CCW Wada Way4,865 ft112 ft17390
60Gun Range and back North Star1 mile190 ft13420
61Lower Timp View Big Pole4,825 ft250 ft12200
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