segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Lower Entertainment Entertainment Trail2,485 ft291 ft102369292
2Fully Entertained Entertainment Trail2 miles600 ft86447341
3Mob Squad 2 Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Upper)4,397 ft377 ft72425921
4Mob Squad Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Upper)1 miles390 ft71825642
5Prospector Gulch Rd Climb Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Upper)2 miles613 ft68624521
6HELENDURO 2012 Day 1 uphill 1 Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Upper)1 miles598 ft68624576
7TH to top of switchbacks Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Upper)1 miles555 ft67924372
8Archery Range Descent Archery Range Trail2,299 ft185 ft66958657
9Show Me the Horse downhill Show-Me-The-Horse Trail2 miles815 ft60331574
10Upper Horse Show-Me-The-Horse Trail4,802 ft481 ft59831615
11Show Me The Horse (The Garage Official) Show-Me-The-Horse Trail1 miles794 ft596309814
12Lower Horse Show-Me-The-Horse Trail2,997 ft308 ft59531055
13Eagle Scout Switchies to saddle Eagle Scout Trail2,811 ft271 ft579544818
14Entertainment Bypass DH (The Garage Official) Entertainment Trail4,459 ft475 ft57240349
15Official Rent Money DH (No Switchback Error) Rent Money3,528 ft283 ft55437952
16Rent Money DH Rent Money4,126 ft324 ft551381214
17Top of the World Ridge Top of the World1,405 ft168 ft54434824
18The Woods Entertainment Trail2,882 ft203 ft51335336
19Mount Ascension Ascent 2006 Trail (north side)3,990 ft451 ft512304513
20Oro Fino Gulch Dr Climb Rodney Ridge - Cox Lake2,452 ft264 ft49428203
21Top of the World singletrack climb Rodney Ridge - Cox Lake4,198 ft250 ft49328156
22E Trail Middle Emmett's Trail2,620 ft245 ft49018070
23Grizzly Pass climb Grizzly Gulch Road2 miles585 ft4849112
24Woof up Pail Rider Trail955 ft115 ft48434306
25Pale Rider Pail Rider Trail976 ft119 ft48334205
26Woodchip down Lower DeFord Trail2,634 ft106 ft47730410
27Wakina Gully UP Wakina Gully/Skills Course1,564 ft86 ft45928653
28Wakina Sky: TH to Meadow (South Lane) Wakina Sky Trail4,644 ft348 ft45429666
29Mini-Ridge Uphill - New Route Mini Ridge Trail1 miles875 ft43914271
30Wakina to Grizzly DH Wakina Sky Trail3,620 ft419 ft43118264
31Wakina Sky Low Road Up Wakina Sky Trail4,639 ft337 ft42325776
32Bear Gulch Rd Climb McKelvey Trail3,199 ft389 ft41619911
33Entertainment (full) Entertainment Trail2 miles662 ft41625117
34Back of Mt. Helena to top of Show Me the Horse Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Lower)2 miles291 ft40321421
35T.R. downhill to Waterline South T.R. Trail2,896 ft224 ft40125151
36Dry Gulch Climb (Fork to Lupine) Dry Gulch Road1 miles378 ft39421362
37McKelvey HC McKelvey Trail1 miles726 ft37417061
38Waterline Trail North Waterline Trail5,106 ft76 ft36724585
39Lower Dump DH McKelvey Trail2,122 ft196 ft3489040
40Davis Parking Lot Switchbacks Rodney Meadow Trail - Davis Side1,861 ft183 ft33715530
41Stairway to Hell Stairway To Heaven Trail - Upper1,130 ft133 ft33016915
42E trail 1st segment Upper Emmett's Trail1,760 ft159 ft31911291
43Gin and Juice DH Rodney Meadow Trail - Davis Side2,008 ft200 ft31214686
44Eddie east/Ascension loop jct to 2006 jct Mt Ascension Loop2,001 ft100 ft30918430
45Archery-Saddle to Entertainment Archery Range Trail1 miles96 ft30515802
46E Trail Steep Emmett's Trail2,989 ft354 ft30410911
47Aftershock - Entertainment to 2006 Aftershock Trail1 miles188 ft2777724
48Dont Fence me in to waterline DH Don't Fence Me In2,850 ft241 ft27114381
49eddye west DH Eddye McClure West4,694 ft329 ft25813170
50Martinez Gulch Descent Eddye McClure West5,197 ft324 ft25713299
51Upper Dump DH McKelvey Trail4,005 ft470 ft2566251
52Davis Gulch Rd Climb Archery Range Trail2,371 ft267 ft2519583
53Barking Dog DH Barking Dog Trail3,761 ft425 ft24610132
54Barking Dog HC Barking Dog Trail3,779 ft412 ft2437944
55Mini-Ridge HC Mini Ridge Trail1 miles901 ft2316244
56Waterline Trail South Waterline Trail1 miles104 ft23012044
57Pay Dirt DH (The Garage Official) Pay Dirt Trail1,453 ft133 ft22513535
58TR: Pinchot to Rodney T.R. Trail1,403 ft107 ft22312280
59Little Moab DH (The Garage Official) Little Moab Trail2,405 ft337 ft2148097
60West End Jnct to 1906 West End Trail773 ft93 ft2074100
61Prospect to Dumpout jct Prospect Shafts Trail4,923 ft625 ft2065540
62Rent $ Uphill Rent Money4,097 ft297 ft2059314
63URTSG singletrack 2 Scratchgravels Singletrack907 ft75 ft20112621
64down the Oro Fino Oro Fino Drive3 miles718 ft20010350
65The Hog DH Hogsback Trail1,463 ft277 ft1976484
66Martinez gul to Ascension loop jct Eddye McClure West4,763 ft317 ft19711860
67Easy Rider Up Easy Rider Trail2,410 ft129 ft1966682
68Eddie West DH Eddye McClure East5,040 ft517 ft19311493
69Beartrap Gulch DH Beartrap Gulch Trail4 miles2,204 ft1923634
70Upper Bear Trap Beartrap Gulch Trail3 miles1,597 ft1913652
71Eddye McClure E Trail - heading west Eddye McClure East2 miles624 ft18711401
72Little Moab DH Little Moab Trail2,396 ft351 ft1876632
73Prospect Bottom Prospect Shafts Trail2,917 ft374 ft1864400
74URTSG singletrack 3 Scratchgravel Singletrack744 ft44 ft18413661
75Arrowroot to Entertainment jct 2006 Trail above Arrowroot Drive1,635 ft88 ft1847900
76Eddye McClure E Trail - Climb from Martinez Gulch Rd Eddye McClure East1 miles539 ft18311735
77Seat o' yo pants (Wakina Ridge descent) Dazed and Confused4,646 ft322 ft1825103
782006 Trail - Arrowroot Dr to Mt. Ascension Saddle connector 2006 Trail (north side)2,350 ft83 ft1806273
79That Hurts Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Middle)1,010 ft157 ft1784800
80Eagle Scout DH Eagle Scout Trail2,771 ft259 ft1727581
81URTSG singletrack 1 Scratchgravels Singletrack1,176 ft109 ft16611012
82Woof Pail Rider Trail796 ft116 ft1658783
83Eddye McClure E Trail - DH to Martinez Gulch Rd Eddye McClure East1 miles541 ft1658844
84Mount Acropolis DH Acropolis Crest Trail2,018 ft207 ft1639511
85Eddye McClure E Trail - climb from Arrowroot Eddye McClure East1 miles415 ft1638470
86Dump Gulch Downhill McKelvey Trail1 miles720 ft1613722
87Martinez Gulch Climb East Eddye McClure East5,093 ft500 ft1608052
88Eddye McClure E Trail - heading east Eddye McClure East3 miles621 ft1608161
89Arrowroot Climb from Eddye McClure TH Arrowroot Drive4,000 ft391 ft1597372
90Lower Dump Out South Dump Out Trail5,240 ft243 ft1574991
91Contour Descent (The Garage Official) Dump Out Trail3,032 ft237 ft1574941
92Don't Fence Me In CLIMB Don't Fence Me In2,959 ft260 ft1574903
93Ambrose West (Eastbound) Ambrose Trail3,534 ft53 ft1567970
94Montana Enduro Stage 2 CDNST (MacDonald Pass to Switchback Ridge)3,670 ft217 ft1512891
95Arrastra HC Arrastra Gulch Road3,842 ft363 ft1502870
96Hello legs! Rodney Cutoff Climb572 ft54 ft1433191
97Evan's Trail Descent Evan's Trail2,142 ft152 ft1436191
982006 Trail Out Mt Ascension Loop4,754 ft235 ft1424503
992012 HELENDURO Day 2 DH1 (Waukina Sky Upper Trail) Wakina Sky Trail3,657 ft294 ft1405082
100Prairie Fire (upper climb) Prairie Trail - Lower2,529 ft375 ft1394282
101Stairway to Heaven Descent to Road (Lower Section) Stairway To Heaven Trail - Lower2,076 ft242 ft1353470
1022006 Trail - Mt. Ascension Saddle to Martinez Gulch Rd 2006 Trail (north side)2,390 ft81 ft1345031
103Cruse Ave singletrack climb Acropolis Crest Trail1,897 ft184 ft1315751
104Cruse Ave Climb Acropolis Crest Trail1,601 ft215 ft1305591
105Travis Creek Climb from Lump Gulch Travis Creek Rd5 miles1,041 ft1292291
106Ambrose Trail Eastward Ambrose Trail1 miles108 ft1266481
107MontanaCrossCamp: Rolling Hills & Flying Attacks Travis Creek Rd5 miles1,054 ft1252240
108New climb to Highway to Hell Dazed and Confused4,431 ft308 ft1234923
109Mount Ascension Loop Front Side Mt Ascension Loop2,154 ft114 ft1234902
110Stairway to Heaven Upper half Stairway To Heaven Trail - Upper2,075 ft257 ft1224080
111New Ambrose Trail Segment 2013 East Ambrose Trail3,368 ft94 ft1205662
112Dazed and Confused up Dazed and Confused1 miles478 ft1184763
113Evan's Trail West To East Full Evan's Trail3,259 ft156 ft1164850
114Rodney Meadow climb Rodney Meadow Trail - Davis Side2,324 ft211 ft1154604
115Lime Kiln DownHill Prickly Pear Trail1,115 ft135 ft1134781
116The Woods Climb - Entertainment Trail Entertainment Trail2,733 ft201 ft1123040
117blissful climbing Entertainment Trail4,298 ft507 ft1102923
118New Ambrose Trail Segment 2013 West Ambrose Trail3,362 ft88 ft1084062
119LeGrande gate to light DH Le Grande Cannon Blvd3,381 ft258 ft1075461
120Strawberry Creek Climb from Pinecrest North Fork Strawberry1 miles528 ft1062872
121Le Grande Cannon Blvd Climb West Side Le Grande Cannon Blvd3,500 ft232 ft1066230
122Dump Out South Dump Out Trail1 miles254 ft1002701
123Pine Crest DH - Btwn the Gates South Fork Strawberry3 miles1,189 ft992383
124Le Grande Cannon West Climb to Gate Le Grande Cannon Blvd4,520 ft266 ft985773
125Upper Prospect Shafts Prospect Shafts Trail1,479 ft169 ft952871
126Last SUBIDA DURA Prickly Pear Trail869 ft136 ft951590
127Arrastra Road DH Arrastra Gulch Road3,913 ft375 ft942110
128Fast as $#1t Easy Rider Trail1,873 ft145 ft922510
129Black Forest Bomb Run Black Forest Trail2,203 ft122 ft891721
130Tubs TH - Swaney Trail Lower Climb Mt. Helena Swaney Trail1,757 ft180 ft875120
131Swaney Switchy Descent Swaney Trail1,313 ft110 ft843090
132Mt Helena Dr Climb 1906 Trail3,745 ft400 ft822740
133Prickly Pear Trail (heading East) Prickly Pear Trail4,588 ft218 ft792581
134Head Lane: Country Club Ave. to Franklin Mine Rd Head Lane2 miles87 ft783004
135Up original Waterline T.R. Trail4,812 ft263 ft752860
136Black Forest climb Black Forest Trail815 ft155 ft731050
137Lime Kilm Connector Eddye East - South Hills Drive Connector1,162 ft157 ft651120
138Franklin Mine-Head TH HC Head Lane2 miles314 ft552391
139Martinez Gulch Rd paved DH Martinez Gulch Road1 miles413 ft553750
140Show Me The Horse Up Show-Me-The-Horse Trail2 miles755 ft521012
141Martinez Gulch Martinez Gulch Road1 miles447 ft513442
142Dump Out North Dump Out Trail1 miles257 ft50891
143Switchies off Diehl Dr. Rocky Road Trail North Connector1,165 ft130 ft501071
144Scratchgravel Hills Head Lane Climb Scratchgravel Doubletrack1,209 ft136 ft491570
145Segment Prospect Shafts Trail2,241 ft287 ft491700
146Stairway Up Stairway To Heaven Trail - Lower2,223 ft297 ft49991
1472Track N.E. Climb Scratchgravel Doubletrack3,071 ft101 ft471200
148Coutry Club to End of Road Head Lane3 miles421 ft461160
149Bacon DH Easy Rider Trail441 ft119 ft45690
150Middle Bear Trap Ascent Beartrap Gulch Trail1 miles656 ft44720
151diretissma up Diretissima Trail1 miles455 ft441070
152SG Woods North Ridge Trail4,431 ft178 ft391270
153Unnamed Road Climb Beartrap Gulch Trail3,571 ft436 ft39570
154Upper Bear Trap Ascent Beartrap Gulch Trail2 miles1,077 ft39570
1552Track from Woods West Doubletrack4,986 ft73 ft381000
156Little Moab Climb to Eagle Scout Junction Little Moab Trail2,844 ft350 ft38520
157Ride Home Ridge Whyte's West1,215 ft161 ft342020
158MES Stage Great Divide 11th Hour Trail1 miles961 ft25841
159Hanging Draw Down Hanging Draw Trail2,830 ft396 ft21250
160Long Division Rodney Ridge Trail3,445 ft222 ft18280
161Powerline Powerline Trail3,568 ft889 ft12170
162282>Virginia Road Hill Virginia Rd1,417 ft46 ft112241
163The Gunn Runn Garnet Trail2,870 ft200 ft11450
164Shingle Creek to Pinecrest DH Shingle Creek2 miles978 ft370
165Halls of Valhalla Climb Middle Earth1 miles449 ft221
166Unnamed Road Climb 11th Hour Trail1,050 ft298 ft000
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