Mountain Bike
2 miles-472 ft598 ft
Bills Hill
2 miles-291 ft1,305 ft
Booze Lake Access
1,529 ft-56 ft26 ft
Booze Lake Road
3,189 ft-469 ft26 ft
Bowl (East)
4,784 ft-134 ft185 ft
Bowl (West)
1 mile-383 ft357 ft
Burra Burra Trail
1 mile-293 ft388 ft
Cattle Duster
4,400 ft450 ft
China Hole
5 miles-841 ft1,272 ft
Coit Dam Trail
3,645 ft-148 ft11 ft
Coit Lake
3,569 ft-96 ft109 ft
Coit Ridge Trail
5,043 ft-523 ft27 ft
Coit Spring Trail
2 miles-1,003 ft94 ft
3,757 ft-704 ft22 ft
County Line Road
30 miles-4,346 ft3,864 ft
2,980 ft-84 ft54 ft
Cross Canyon
5 miles-1,543 ft1,077 ft
Cullen Trail
1 mile-491 ft331 ft
3,352 ft-30 ft499 ft
Domino Pond
1 mile-331 ft161 ft
Dutch's Trail
3 miles-1,381 ft846 ft
Elderberry Spring
1 mile-172 ft409 ft
Fairfield Grade
2 miles-287 ft161 ft
Fairfield Road
8 miles-606 ft1,115 ft
Fish and Game Trail
3,143 ft-366 ft38 ft
Flat Frog
2 miles-387 ft481 ft
Gibson Trail
2,942 ft-181 ft92 ft
1 mile-36 ft817 ft
Grizzly Gulch
5 miles-709 ft1,836 ft
5,150 ft-443 ft94 ft
Hersman Pond Trail
1,936 ft-161 ft
Hoover Lake
2,173 ft-87 ft100 ft
Jackass Trail
1 mile-748 ft43 ft
1 mile-24 ft831 ft
JD East
4,927 ft-100 ft516 ft
Jim Donnelly
3 miles-315 ft1,617 ft
Kelly Coit Connector
453 ft-27 ft
Kelly Lake
2 miles-743 ft867 ft
Little Long Canyon Road
2 miles-399 ft242 ft
Live Oak Spring
2,590 ft-120 ft110 ft
Live Oak Spring Road
2 miles-421 ft141 ft
Long Dam Trail
1 mile-137 ft622 ft
Lost Spring
4,572 ft-515 ft65 ft
Lyman Wilson Ridge
3 miles-102 ft1,769 ft
Mack's Corral Trail
1 mile-955 ft43 ft
Middle Ridge
4 miles-1,991 ft391 ft
Middle Steer Ridge
2 miles-1,719 ft65 ft
Mississippi Lake
4,667 ft-194 ft169 ft
Mt. Sizer Road
3,740 ft-541 ft17 ft
North Fork Trail
1 mile-163 ft241 ft
Pacheco Creek
4 miles-999 ft430 ft
Pacheco Falls
4,687 ft-670 ft5 ft
Phegley Ridge
5,184 ft-857 ft22 ft
Purple Pond Trail
3,940 ft-331 ft86 ft
Rat Spring Trail
5,128 ft-588 ft62 ft
Redfern Trail
1 mile-1,252 ft114 ft
Rock House Ridge
1 mile-124 ft197 ft
Rock House Ridge East
3 miles-1,485 ft135 ft
4,584 ft-618 ft37 ft
Seven Oaks Trail
1,578 ft175 ft
Shafer Corral Trail
1,894 ft-342 ft13 ft
Spike Jones
2 miles-1,246 ft116 ft
Spike Jones Connector
1,071 ft-2 ft141 ft
Steer Ridge
1 mile-1,372 ft53 ft
The Narrows
1 mile-75 ft24 ft
Tie Down Trail
3 miles-847 ft1,469 ft
1 mile-624 ft111 ft
Tule Pond
3,268 ft-505 ft19 ft
Vasquez Trail
2 miles-263 ft1,130 ft
Walsh Peak Trail
3 miles-1,492 ft483 ft
Walsh Peak Trail to the Summit
881 ft66 ft
Walsh Trail
1 mile-738 ft503 ft
White Tank Spring Trail
2 miles-96 ft719 ft
Willow Ridge WRT
2 miles-15 ft1,204 ft
Wilson Peak
1 mile-793 ft35 ft
Yellowjacket Trail
1,657 ft-153 ft139 ft
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