segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Kamikazee Kamikazee1,865 ft81 ft401459418
2NEW Downhill Madness Downhill Madness2,146 ft82 ft397529520
3glass track Glass Trail1,907 ft50 ft387385815
4Up King Dix Sidewinder1,384 ft55 ft376586512
5KRANK SHARFT Krankshaft1,859 ft84 ft374292919
6Up Up the guts Up the Guts2,802 ft92 ft352416212
7nearly there Outer Limits2,506 ft36 ft30726138
8up out the back Outer Limits1,559 ft49 ft27821577
9This is relaxing Outer Limits2,794 ft86 ft26322348
10Snakes and Ladders up Snakes and Ladders3,931 ft55 ft257231411
11outter limits seg 2 Outer Limits3,611 ft80 ft23515207
12around the outside Outer Limits2 miles88 ft20798113
13rollacoaster Rollercoaster5,086 ft131 ft1528009
14The Funnelweb Funnel Web2,639 ft158 ft14910109
15Rocky River Bed AKA Hippy Lane Rocky River Bed3,292 ft158 ft145113712
16Around the outside Anti clockwise from trail head Outer Limits2 miles89 ft14159911
17Sik as Bro Sik as Bro1,228 ft54 ft13510908
18"Minced" Slippery Dip1,009 ft54 ft1257013
19run baby run Berm Track4,307 ft50 ft1215228
20Wagging Tails Wagging Tails2,455 ft134 ft11375510
21L'Alpe de Rocks Slippery Dip830 ft95 ft1126055
22Loose Goose Loose Goose1,257 ft49 ft1116107
23Crunchy Climb Towers Link Trail489 ft64 ft1106346
24up wagging Tails Wagging Tails2,471 ft102 ft1034145
25berm track! Berm Track4,504 ft49 ft1003994
26Spider Climb Spider Climb1,470 ft102 ft844156
27Rocky river bed up Rocky River Bed3,443 ft152 ft621336
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