segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Ancients Southbound Purgatory Hill Ancients1,359 ft123 ft1807632
2Junkyard Loop Junkyard Loop1,889 ft32 ft1778988
3Ancients Northbound Purgatory Hill Ancients1,359 ft138 ft1745541
4Willy's choice down Secret788 ft40 ft1739764
5Willy's choice up Secret589 ft33 ft17111413
6Dark Forest ↑ (Slab Section) Dark Forest1,345 ft70 ft1505821
7Water Tower Down Water Tower953 ft24 ft1497463
8Hawk ↑ Hawk3,432 ft226 ft1385827
9Ancients Southbound | Elf's Shelf Ancients1 miles223 ft1214361
10Ancients Northbound | Elf's Shelf Ancients1 miles223 ft1172952
11jack's trail (full downhill) Jack's4,299 ft152 ft1132834
12Kinky Turtle Head Skytop534 ft51 ft1123443
13Dark Forest ↑ (Entire Trail) Dark Forest3,461 ft215 ft1094317
14Cracked Foundation Down Cracked Foundation1,917 ft169 ft1084913
15The Great Escape Snakebite Ridge413 ft30 ft1085013
16Circleswitch ↑ Circleswitch2,482 ft126 ft1075175
17Circleswitch ↓ Circleswitch2,443 ft123 ft994666
18Deer Pen Lookout 2.0 Deer Pen Lookout 2.02,234 ft78 ft902093
19Grandma's Favorite ↑ (Upper: Rambler to Indians) Grandpa's Favorite2,706 ft114 ft862792
20Hawk ↓ Hawk3,402 ft219 ft812044
21WOLF reverse...FLOW Wolf Loop3,310 ft78 ft793454
22Wolf CW from Rock Wolf Loop3,718 ft79 ft743140
23Jack's Paw (full uphill) Jack's4,605 ft154 ft731794
24Bypass Southbound White Trail (Brookside Trail)1,926 ft32 ft53922
25WOLF Loop Wolf Loop3,143 ft68 ft41853
26Hm Yellow Climb 2 Orange Trail (Beech Mountain-Clove Trail)923 ft112 ft281610
27HM Yellow Climb 1 Orange Trail (Beech Mountain-Clove Trail)216 ft21 ft25980
28hi mtn blue trail climb to water tower Blue Trail (Pancake Hollow Trail)2,940 ft174 ft20570
29Double the Junk Junkyard Loop3,672 ft42 ft16360
30hi mtn end of blue counter clock Blue Trail (Pancake Hollow Trail)1,922 ft142 ft16300
31Urban Club Road Climb Orange Trail (Beech Mountain-Clove Trail)4,217 ft275 ft15930
32Escape to Berdan ave Berdan Ave / Blue [Link]857 ft17 ft13240
33The Back Door Corkscrew Double Track3,555 ft257 ft12180
34up to top of blue trail Blue Trail (Pancake Hollow Trail)1,540 ft102 ft12340
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